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How To Get Into West Point (USMA)

How To Get Into West Point (USMA)

Hey guys EJ here And I will be talking to you about how to get into West Point Action! To get in a West Point you have to meet certain requirements and those basic requirements are you have to be between the ages of 17 and 22 from the day that you actually start at West Point So that’s called R-day Actually it usually starts in July! You’ll go through your summer basic training and then you’ll start academics in the fall and when you start at West Point you need to be between the ages of 17 and 22 because They don’t want anyone who’s too young or too old Additionally you can’t be married. So if you’re thinking about marrying your high school sweetheart You’re gonna have to hold off for a little while If you want to get into West Point you cannot be married while you’re at West Point Additionally, you can’t be pregnant and you cannot be legally responsible for children while you’re at West Point Obviously you’re gonna be doing a lot of physical training and military training While you’re at West Point and especially that first day when you start you’re doing basic training and you cannot be pregnant while you do those physical activities And then they don’t want you to be legally responsible for a child You really want have the time to be responsible for our children and your children won’t be able to come to West Point So you need to have another legal guardian take care of your children if you have children And then also you need to pick a physical or medical Examination to check your physical and mental health and you’ll do that at a military medical facility near where you live and then part of your application is they’ll require you to take a physical fitness assessment and that has a number of events including push-ups sit-ups running and really you want to maximize your score in all those events to be competitive with all the Physical fitness studs that will be applying to West Point One of the first things you want to do is really just go to the West Point or United States Military Academy Website and apply online and start the application process So they have you on file and you’ll be answering questions and submitting while your application documents through that website Okay one of the other requirements to get a West Point is to get a nomination from your Congressman or a senator or the vice president for the average applicant Your best bet is going to be getting a nomination from your congressman Definitely apply to both your congressmen and senators and each of them will have their own requirements to get their nomination But most likely you will have to do an essay about why you want to get into West Point And you will have to get letters of recommendation and for myself I got my letters of recommendation from my English teacher and from my wrestling coach And really I think those are the kinds of people you want to get your letter recommendation from. You want to get from people that close to you and really will put you in the best light and Know you really well and that’s who you want nominating you and can write a good letter of recommendation okay, so when you’re applying the West Point, West Point is really looking at about three areas, and it’s academics your physical fitness and your leadership so for academics I think their average GPA was three point seven four So really a majority of the students applying or gonna be A and B students, obviously The more competitive will be closer to the 4.0 but you can certainly get into West Point if you are an A and B student, I think that was my situation for sure I was an A and B student but West Point is really looking at the whole picture You’re looking for well-rounded people that are not only academically smart but also physically fit and have leadership qualities with that to be Demonstrate your physical fitness. Not only you’re going to take the fitness test but they want to see that you’re physically active in your extracurriculars that You must definitely want to be doing a sport My situation was a little unusual and I was a ballet dancer from third grade to the end of high school And so when I approached a West Point alumni that I got in contact with through my coach When I was talking to him, he told me how important it was to be in a team sport Really they want to see the team sports and that you worked Well on a team the only one I could really get into with my experience I went into wrestling because I had also done martial arts and other things in the past and I really wasn’t good at a lot of other team sports, so so I approached the wrestling coach who happened to be my marine biology teacher and That was the beginning of my junior year and I was on varsity wrestling for last two years of high school That’s not ideal Really you want to get into sports sooner than that and you really want to demonstrate your leadership while on the sports by being a team captain and Competing at the varsity level. Okay. So other than being academically strong and physically fit they’re really looking at your leadership and your extracurriculars and demonstrating that in your application so With that they really like to see not only team captains on varsity sports, but also Any other leadership or extracurriculars such as other clubs you’re participating in or being a leader in and also being student body president or other leadership positions within your class or anything outside of that that you might do and really contribute community volunteer service all your Extracurriculars is really what they want to see that you’re very active in other areas outside of academics and sports And they really want to see and get to know you as an applicant So in my case outside of school in sports I had been doing ballet For a long time and putting on sports now that probably wasn’t that Beneficial to my West Point application if it did show that I gained valuable experience outside of school Participating in that. Also, I helped volunteer with Red Cross and other clubs. Alright guys I hope you enjoyed this video and I wish you the best of luck as you’re applying to schools I will say as you’re applying to West Point. Really do your and think about why you want to go to West Point and Make sure it’s a good fit for you Okay babe. You done? Say goodbye Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed this int… arggh Alright guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please subscribe and like

Reader Comments

  1. Hello Leo! I’m a Junior in High School. I was wondering, because I haven’t seen it anywhere on the internet, but when is the earliest time you can open a candidate file with the USMA? Alternatively, when did you open a candidate file?

  2. I’m in 8th when should I start my application and what clubs and after school activities should I do to round out my application in the future I play hockey already

  3. Hi EJ i was wondering if West Point accepts Active Duty Army soldiers, and was wondering if after i have completed Infantry schooling and graduated Army Ranger School, do you think i will have a likelyhood of me increasing my odds of getting accepted into West Point? Thanks for your videos Thomas love the work your doing!! Keep it up👌#GoArmy

  4. Hello Leo, I just started 8th grade and am think of going to the USMA…. I go to a small school of around 40 in Iowa… will this affect my ability to get into West Point??

  5. Hi i am thinking of applying to West Point but I am confused on where you go after graduation. I know that you are enlisted but where do you go and what do you do? Sorry i know this may be a dumb question

  6. Hi, since the application for class of 2024 is opening next Tuesday, I wanted to ask you what your motivation to West Point was.

  7. What if you will have above a 4.0 (due to a.p. classes) but not in the top ten percent of your class? This is my situation.

  8. I’m in middle school and want to be able to apply for the USMA… as of now I am doing scouting and plan to make it to Eagle Scout, and participate in cross country and wrestling. I have all A’s and two B’s. How would this change my ability to enter West Point?

  9. Is it possible to get in with a fairly low GPA, but a high SAT score?

    I have a fairly low 3.25 gpa, my weighted GPA however is closer to 4.0. My SAT score is also very high, a 1500. I also rank in the middle 50%…. I've done a lot of advanced classes, and I'm in IB. Also been involved in extracurriculars. It is low, but is there a remote possibly to get accepted?

  10. I'm 13 and I'm not strong and I'm small. Is it possible to get to West Point. I have good grades. Also I'm not good at sports because of my size.

  11. Since I’m in high school and I’m planning to join JROTC to train myself mentally and physically to actually go to West Point. Is it necessary to join JROTC and will it have an impact if I apply to West Point and will there be a difference?

  12. I'm a HS freshman, do you have a packing list for plebes and some rules and regulations?
    oh and a few tips for basic training

  13. Hey EJ, I’m a sophomore in HS, looking to apply for the USMA. My mom is always on my ass saying how I need to do volunteer hours in order to get into it, if I have the minimum to graduate is this okay? Or does West Point genuinely care about the community service hours?

  14. So I’m currently a freshman in high school and West Point is one of the collages that I have a strong feeling about going to. I feel good on the physical and leadership parts of this. My Academics are all As and Bs and I’m not taking many honors or AP classes. Do you think I should try to change it and challenge myself more?

  15. I’m a sophomore right now. I have above a 4.0 GPA and taking AP classes. My weakest spot would definitely be sports. Right now I do swimming and the JROTC raider A team year round. I am wondering if the raider A team is enough to be recognized as varsity and could be a good thing to get into West Point?

  16. Mr. Leo
    I know this a hard question to answer but I was wondering what my chances are for getting into Westpoint. It has been my dream since I was a kid. I have above a 4.0 gpa and the counselor says that at this rate I will graduate in the top 5% of my class. Based off my psat scores( I have yet to take the actual scores) I would be in the top percentiles of West Point applicants (based off a 2012 census). I play football and run track. I have been awarded a national leadership award and am trying for boys state next year. I am on the executive board for my student government and I am applying for a position in my schools beta club. I also intend on applying for the schools national honors society. I am on the verge of attaining my Eagle Scout rank. I am in concert and marching and band and intend on applying for leadership positions in band. I know this is a hard question but what do you think of my odds of getting in are. Thank you.

  17. My SAT is 1020. My GPA (4.0 scale, so unwieghted?) is 2.9. I have not taken the ACT. My GPA (6.0 scale )is 3.2. I have taken a total of 2 AP courses. I am a Junior in high school age 17. What are possible chances that I can get into West Point if I up my SAT score by 300 points and score a 23 on ACT and take more AP courses senior year?

    I also have not accomplished much when it comes to extracurricular activities. The only thing I do is JROTC and stuff with my Church’s Youth Ministry.

  18. So I am like 13 so I have a long way to go but I want to be milatary police but I want to go to west point i know iys hard to get into buy if I do get in when I graduate can I become milatary police from graduation

  19. Academic 60%
    Leadership 30%
    Physical fitness 10%
    You MUST have a nomination letter so they will consider to accept you.

  20. When im done with highschool i would be 17 but where im from my school ends till jully so could i still aply?

  21. Hey, I have a question. If you are in National Guard your senior year, can you get appointed from there to West Point?

  22. Hello!
    I am going to be a senior this up-and-coming school year and have to begin my application process for the service academies. I plan on applying to USMA as my first choice as well as USNA and USAFA. I attended the USNA Summer Seminar because I got rejected from the SLE (I think it's because I applied late, but who knows heh). I'm from California and a school where my graduating class consists of approximately 1,200 students, so the class rank is not applicable for me. However, I do hold a 3.82/4.15 GPA, which according to my counselor who was enlisted in the army, puts me at the top 5% in my class. I have mostly A's with a couple of B's, but one C in my first semester of AP Euro. Because of that, I've been questionable if the academic aspect of my overall application is strong because a lot of people I know or met at the summer seminar hold higher GPAs ;-;. Additionally, I take dual enrollment classes at a nearby community college and hold a 4.0 GPA there.

    As per my extracurriculars, I also am in wrestling and started since my freshman year, so I hold a leadership position there, but my accolades aren't all that good. I've placed in most of the tournaments I've been in (1st in two of them), but never in the city section competitions. I have been wrestling at 85-90 lbs in the 101 weight class, so weight gaining tips from you would be appreciated too hehe. As well as tips for being in bottom position because I suck at escapes. Also, I am section leader for the electric/upright bass section in my school's jazz band since freshman year. Furthermore for my leadership experience, I am a tutor at my school and partake in both NHS & CSF as a volunteer. I am going to be an eagle scout for this youth marine program known as Devil Pups because I won a national "enthusiastic leader" award back when I was just a camper last summer. As for other awards, I won was the ACLU's Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. essay scholarship. Plus, I even had the privilege to be an intern for Senator Bob Hertzberg that same summer and was recognized with a signed certificate.

    Though, I do have a weak SAT score since I only took it once. I got a 1210 ;-; I'm planning to retake it this August with SAT II Subject Tests for Spanish, Literature, and possibly Math 2? As for my AP exams, I passed with 4s and 5s. I also still need to work on my CFA because the first and olny

    Having compared with other candidates, I feel like I'm just wasting my time pursuing the application process because everyone's accolades seem to be better than mine. I'm also starting relatively late on the application if we were to compare to the posted timeline on the service academies' websites. What are your thoughts and tips? Sorry for the really long message, but I just woke up and am going through those lovely existential crisis episodes 😀 )._.(

  23. I have been a member of the American Communist party since I was 15.
    Should I mention this ?
    Or keep it to myself.

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