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How to Earn Newtonian Order of Military Merit – Battlefield 1

How to Earn Newtonian Order of Military Merit – Battlefield 1

Hey guys, this is Eidolon Mirage with some
Battlefield 1 gameplay on PS4. Today, we’re earning a medal called the
Newtonian Order of Military Merit, with an emphasis on vehicle combat tasks. The first objective is to do 75 vehicle damage. This just means you need to damage a vehicle
75 times. You can obviously do this with the Assault
class, but I decided to use K Bullets instead so I could keep my distance and not be right
in the action. I just wanted to play a little reserved as
opposed to running in kamikaze style with A.T. Grenades. I’m using the Lebel Model 1886 Infantry,
and I do NOT recommend it. I don’t what is up with this reload, but
he racks it back twice like it is jammed or something and it just takes forever! There are other rifles that can fire K bullets
much quicker. I’m just working towards my Service Star
with it, which is why you see me with the sniper variant in these clips. Just aim for armored cars, tanks, and planes. Speaking of planes, I got to hop in the gunner
seat and got over 30 damages in just a few passes. You could also just run as Support and hit
‘em from the ground and probably fly right through this part. The second objective is to disable 10 vehicles. I tried with landmines, but I kept straight
up destroying them without getting the disables. I switched over to the trusty Rocket Gun and
A.T. Grenades with plenty of luck. I love playing close to the action and going
up against tanks, especially if there are teammates helping me out. It’s just more likely that you’ll be killed
in the process. Another sure way to get disables is with the
tank of your choice. You can get vehicle disables all day but keep
in mind, after a couple of kills, the enemy is gonna be fed up and will come after you
with a vengeance. Last but not least is to destroy 10 vehicles. This is pretty much the same tactic and may
just come down to whoever was lucky enough to get the finishing shot. Just be sure to help out your teammates if
you see them fighting one or sneak up on them and chuck both A.T. Grenades if they’re distracted by friendly
armor. One other thing I tried here is the AA gun
in the Dreadnaught. It’s pretty brutal and will take out a patrol
boat pretty easily if they are within range. If you’re a good pilot, have at it. Even if the enemy bails out, you can still
destroy the plane for a vehicle destroy. I’m not that great of a pilot, and honestly
don’t really like tanking as much as I did in Battlefield 4, so I just stick to infantry
and do what I do best; blowing shit up. Well there it is guys, the Newtonian Order
of Military Merit. I enjoyed earning this medal and found that
my least used class is actually Assault, so it was nice to rank it up a little bit. Like if you like, and subscribe if you like. Have a good one, and I’ll see you on the

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  1. nice video bro !!! as always enjoy everyone of your tutorial videos even if on a challenge already did or have no problem with because you have a great narration style . true to that good ol' American vibe of a great buddy who walks you through bit by bit in a way that entertains and stimulates the senses. hands down you the best in tutorial videos I wish u more subscribers and viewers bro . only con is this video lasted 2:40 min . wish it lasted longer ! your fan from England

  2. hiii.. it has been stated that the Lebel's reload model sucks.. i reload cancel once i see the ammo count shows it's loaded

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