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How to Do a Push-Up | Boot Camp Workout

How to Do a Push-Up | Boot Camp Workout

I’m going to talk you through one of my favorite
exercises – the push-up. Push-ups are great because you don’t need
any equipment. You can do them anywhere. There’s a couple of different variations of
doing a push-up, and I’m going to give you some key tips to look out for so you can do
them most efficiently, most effectively. Let’s come on down. You can do a modified push-up which would
be on the knees. I’ve heard some people call these girl push-ups. There’s really no such thing as a girl push-up
because guys can do these too. It just depends on whether you need to modify
the push-up or not. They are just variations of each other. I’m going to start with the modified push-up. Your hands are probably going to be about
shoulder width apart. Just find something comfortable. The biggest mistakes people make here are
to internally rotate the hands and potentially put a lot of strain on the shoulder. You want to just get that shoulder into a
nice neutral position. You want to watch out that your butt is not
back here. It’s not wrong to do a push-up here. This is just a very modified version. You’re taking away a lot of the weight from
the upper body. The purpose is to bring the weight into the
upper body. That’s what you’re working against to make
you stronger. You’re going to inhale as you go down, just
bending at the elbow, and then exhale like you’re blowing the floor away. Inhale to come down, exhale like you’re blowing
the floor away. If you wanted to make it harder, you would
take it off of the knees. Same thing, bending the elbows, exhale, drawing
the abdominals in, and coming up. The wider your legs are here the easier it’s
going to be to balance. If you want to challenge the stability, you
could move the legs in. Starting with the knees, and maybe even doing
a one knee push up. That would be kind of intermediate, something
between the modified and the full push-up if you’re not ready to go immediately from
one to the other. When you’re in the push-up, let’s start with
the head, making sure that your head is not dropping. Sometimes we think we’re going further down
or not, just our head is. Keeping your head in line so the cervical
spine doesn’t take any stress, and then the rest of your back too. You want to make sure you’re not leading with
your hips and breaking. This means that you’re not really properly
engaging your core. Engage your core. Draw the belly muscles in. Keep your head in line. Inhale to take it down, exhale to come up. There’s your push-up, targeting all the major
muscle groups of the upper body, mostly the pecks, the chest muscles, the anterior delts,
the front of your shoulder, and as you go through elbow flexion and extension, you’re
working your triceps.

Reader Comments

  1. Just want to say this is one of the easiest push-up instruction video. You are very concise with words, show great examples of what is good and not good, and simple explanation on nagging jargons like "girl's push up". I would be very happy if I had you as my coach/trainer. I direct many people to this video when they are not training with me and asking for advice on how to do push up. Thank you.

  2. Start where ever you are, celebrate every step (even if it's just one pushup!) and then sloooowly add more.
    If you stick with it, don't push too fast too soon and celebrate, you'll reach your goals.
    Every journey of a 1000 miles is made up of a jillion single steps. πŸ™‚
    You can do it!

  3. This is too advanced. FIRST, wake up your upper body neuromuscular connections. You'll never make muscle fibres work until they're awake. If you're a woman who can't do one push up, it's because you've allowed most of the muscle fibres in your upper body to go dormant (or they were never awake in the first place). So… let's wake them up!

    Get into full push up position (as shown in this video). Body straight. Hold that position. When your arms begin to shake a little, allow yourself to very gradually lower to the floor (i.e., do the down portion of a push up). Keep your elbows tucked into your sides all the way. Rest for 2 minutes. Repeat. Do 5 a day.

    When you do them, pay attention to the different muscle groups being brought into play – arms, chest, shoulders, back, abs. The shaking signifies muscle fibres being called upon to work, but being found dormant. It's like a bad electrical connection that causes the power to go on and off and on and off… You're trying to make a better connection. Do this for 3 weeks and then try a push up. Always with the elbows tucked. When you can do 1 push up, do 4 of the above, and so on, until you can do five push ups. Then do push ups. Always controlled motion. Always good form. Always elbows tucked. You can use a similar technique to build up to doing a pull up.

    First awaken the dormant muscle fibres.

  4. This seems like a girl pushup in my PE class, literally all of the girls do those fake pushups where they don't even use their arms. I give credit to the girls who actually do good pushups, or use their arms at least a little.

  5. Thanks for this modified version. I have severe toe problems, so I can't do the standard, full-length, weight-on-the-toes version, This looks like an excellent alternative!

  6. I liked your video. Nice detailed instructions which I have not seen any other videos. Female instructors are much more into finer detailing where men instructors have missed. Like, keeping legs wide will give stability during pushup. Keeping palm turned inside will strain your shoulder. These little instructions also matter a lot. Thanks
    Only thing I want to tell is, let the subtitles come at the top, as it blocks some of the exercise view.

  7. Is it correct to do push up more than one time in one day, for example in the morning and in afternoon

  8. My mom used to be like that. Then she had less time and she lost her muscles. But man, this woman. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  9. What about one arm push-up? It usually involves one one hand put behind & legs spread wide. How to do it properly?

  10. First of all i want to tell you that your videos are very very informative , thanks a lot for these videos , Secondly please tell me in detail what is better scenario to build heavy mass muscle 1. 15 pushups sets (total 12 sets) but time difference between sets is only 20 seconds OR 2. 35 pushups sets (total 12 sets) but time difference between sets in 1min 45 seconds and also tell me can i put some bag of books on my back to gain more muscles during push ups?

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