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  1. I told my friend if she wanted anything for Christmas and she did. The link below are the results of that.

  2. I love it! Care packages are the best ideas for any occasion. It shows your love and care towards your loved ones. Nice Video 🙂

  3. This is super lovely.
    My friend is moving to Japan to get a degree soon, so I'm already planning on sending her a care package. Thanks for the inspiration. ^^

  4. Thank you so much for the ideas! I struggle with choosing what to buy people for presents because I'm very indecisive and second-guess myself a lot. I love the ideas in your video – the fact that they're small, cute things is perfect and it's hard to go wrong. I'll definitely be trying this out next time a friend moves or has a birthday. Thanks!

  5. when giving care packages as gifts I quite like to find a wooden box with a lock and key to hold the package so that I can then also give them a key ring to attach to the key for the box 🙂

  6. Hey! Just letting you know that my shop, CareMoreGifts is open and I would love for you to check it out! The packages can be sent anywhere for anyone (including yourself). Hand selected products and personalized.

  7. my best friend moved to a different country last month and this is an amazing idea ive been meaning to send her something okay im doing this

  8. This is so cute, I love it! I'd love to send out care packages to my friends, so these were very inspirational tips 🙂

  9. this is so sweet – your friend is lucky to have such a kind person in their life! I'm definitely going to make one of these for my best friend as I'm seeing her next week and we haven't met up in a while.

  10. wow, I never thought about making one of these care packages before! they would surely make great gifts, nice video!

  11. This is so great! I've always been a lover of gift giving and handwritten notes. Sometimes I worry that I get a little Leslie Knope-ish at times and go overboard……..but its cool to see from the comments on your video that so many people are in the pro-gifts camp. Thanks for the fun ideas!

  12. You are the most thoughtful person. I'm a huge fan of sending handwritten notes, but I think you've inspired me to start upgrading them to care packages status 🙂

  13. That looks like an absolutely lovely care package – your friend is going to be 1000% excited and happy when she opens it!
    My mum sometimes sends me seasonal care packages, and her one for last Autumn was the best because she gave me a packet of tiny chocolate vampires.

  14. Love this video and all the cute things you got! I'm definitely an expressing affection through gift giving kinda person and I get a weird high from making care packages so lots of great ideas here that I will incorporate into future boxes!

  15. This is awesome 🙂 Care packages are the best and it's clear you're really good at putting them together!

  16. This is adorable!! Sending a care package to one of my best friends soon so this was super helpful.

  17. This is adorable! I love this idea. I cannot wait to start getting money so I can start packaging care for all of you!

  18. I love care packages! Nothing says more, that you love them, than an effort.
    My go to things are: lip balm/lotion/face mask, favorite movie, home-baked anything, card with a note, something personal catered to their interest, other things are optional and depend on the occasion. The best thing about care packages is that they last longer, nobody will use up everything in it in a day 🙂

  19. Okay, I'm definitely making one for my girlfriend the next time I'm dying inside because lond distance relationships suck. Especially the food part spoke to me a lot… letting people know that you want them to sustain themselves in delicious ways they enjoy is really beautiful.

  20. Oh my god, the Gay is Ok soap is amazing. I'm planning on making a care package-style gift for my little sister's birthday and this has some amazing ideas. I want to make everyone care packages now.

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