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How to Clean Tactical or Hiking Boots for Military & Airsoft

How to Clean Tactical or Hiking Boots for Military & Airsoft

Hey, what’s up everyone Instinct here and first of all, thanks for tuning in on this video if you liked it Make sure to subscribe to our channel because that stuff helps us out. Alright, now changing seasons usually means more rain and mud. This means getting dirty especially for your boots. So in this video, we’ll show you guys how to clean and maintain them properly. To start off it’s important to clean your boots when they are dirty. This extends the lifespan of your boots and also sustains comfort. Now, the method we’re about to show you today works as well for leather boots as a combo of synthetic and suede boots. Before we start cleaning, it’s good to know that every time after usage you take out the inner soles to let them dry. When your boots are muddy, you want to clean up the mud with water. Whether they are dirty or not you always want to let them dry after usage. Now to extend the lifespan of your boots you want to use a wooden shoe tree. This will absorb the moisture inside of the boot. You will also keep it in shape. The wooden shoe tree will also make a nifty handle for cleaning your boots later. Now let’s get to the training process. The first step is taking out your laces. You can wash these either in a washing machine or you can just wash them with warm water. Next, you want to brush off all the superficial dirt. You want to do this with a clean brush. For leather boots you want to use a common leather brush and for suede boots you want to use a natural or a synthetic crepe brush. To remove the light stains on the suede parts of your boots. You can use a nubuck gum. To clean your boots you want to use a good high-tech cleaning foam or shampoo. Soak your brush with water and use it in combination with the cleaning foam. Do not rub too hard because then you will destroy the fabric of your boot. Wash down the cleaning foam and dirt with water and let your boots dry. Never put your boots near a heat source to speed up the drying process. This way you’ll destroy the material. To maintain your boots you can use a nourishing cream in order to maintain the flexibility and quality of the leather parts of your boot. Wipe off the extensive cream with some paper towels. When the cream has properly dried you want to use a brush or a cloth in order to make the leather shine. For nubuck or suede boots you want to use a crepe brush in order to maintain the textures of the suede of the boot. After that is done you can want to proof your boots to protect the outer layer. You can find the video link in the description down below. To wash your brush you can use water to clean it. For your nubuck gum and your crepe brush you want to use a fine piece of sandpaper. So now that your boots are clean, you have an excuse to wear them at your next date. All right, thanks for watching, make sure to like, subscribe, hit that bell button, put your remaining questions in the comment section down below. Also for the readers out there, make sure to visit our blog page at and we’ll see you guys next time. Also, let us know whether yours leather or synthetic boots in the comment section down below.

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  1. I use tan synthetic boots for indoor CQB with my desert camo, and black leather boots for outdoor skirms with my ABL camo.

  2. You guys are pro’s! I worked in the leather and shoe care industry for nearly 17 years. I couldn’t bring or explain it any better! 👍🏻✨🥾✨ fantastic job 👌🏻

  3. Great video… i still know my first pair of army boots… they lasted for 7 years…. the pairs i've had ever since only lasted about 1 to 1.5 years… so quality really took a step backwards… wich makes maintaining them more important

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