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camouflaging a backpack it's pretty much this building a ghillie suit for a backpack take the backpack you're gonna use you're going to take two measurements off of it you're gonna measure from the base where it touches your back all the way around the very top where it touches the back of your neck I've got three feet as my measurement but I'm gonna add an extra say four inches so I've got now 40 inches that's wise I'm measuring around the tire backpack and you can see that I've loaded the backpack up already you don't want to measure your backpack when it's empty or you're not gonna get the right measurement so around the width I've got about 38 inches and once again I'm going to add say four inches so I have 42 inches so for this Alice pack I've got 40 by 42 and to be safe you might instead of adding four inches you might add eight inches so then I have 44 by 46 as my measurement Richards already cut this netting and this is about a 40 by 48 inch piece of netting it's cinched up because he's already threaded through this elastic material and you're gonna need to get about three feet four feet of elastic material for this once again we have the shock cord that we can use and you can get this black or we have this half inch elastic band and you can also get this in black and use this as well make sure and tie off one end yeah I don't go around five ten tie one end and then just spread it through right along the edge I like to cheat in one two so that in case it breaks at some point you don't tie off all of a sudden this end is gonna start following you through and you're gonna lose your thread you've kind of got now this kind of uh this bag type effect so that this is gonna go around next to your backpack and then you're gonna cinch down ring around the back of it all the way around it over the lip we can see that it's a real nice fit now with backpacks if you've got like a backpacking backpack one that has a high upper mound then this is gonna fit over nicely however these that have the straps right here at the top you've got the problem that this is gonna slip off so what you do is you get a bungee cord we've used this shock cord and we've tied it into these two these two hooks to have a little custom bungee but you can get a regular bungee cord you're gonna thread underneath the straps and hook in and this will keep it from going over and this is what we call a camel pack so now we're gonna start tying in the burlap and we're gonna tie the burlap in with it on the backpack reason being camouflage is gonna hang down and so we're gonna need to add more to the top and less on the bottom because the stuff will drape down you might want to use a loose knot because if you get out in the field and when we get out in the field we're gonna see if this stuff works if it's a tight knot and we want to do any adjustments if we want to move the camouflage from point to point or if we want to just get rid of the camouflage it won't be so hard so initially we're just going to use a kind of a loose overhand knot also when you're tying in your burlap it's nice to tie in a third the way of your burlap so that way you've got a smaller piece that kind of hangs out more and then a longer piece that drapes down or what you can do is cut your burlap in half and tie in a smaller piece say a six to eight inch piece what you do is it since it's smaller it sticks up farther we like to use that smaller pieces on the top portion this gives kind of more of a mounting quality of the top whereas on the bottom you can just drape it down get more coverage so Richards done a stand-up job over here haven't you thank you he's kind of got this light green with a tan mixed in now he's gonna take his darker Browns and blacks gonna start tying them into general areas so you'll probably take blacks and Browns tie here here here here make a big black area and Brown area over here and then maybe one over here so kind of breaks up this general coloration you got going but he's got it you can see that this string is a bit straight in time the string is gonna curl if you want more cruel right away you can just take some a spritzer bottle little spray bottle or some water and just put some water on the stuff and these fibers are gonna get a little larger and they're going to swell and they're gonna uncurl a bit and as they uncurl they're gonna start making all these weird shapes that are quite nice [Applause] rolling [Applause] [Applause]

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