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How to Be Goth

How to Be Goth

How to Be Goth. Though people tend to judge them, goths are
all about acceptance. And a preoccupation with death. You will need Goth music Hair dye Black clothing
Military boots White foundation and powder Black eyeliner Blood-red or black lipstick
Black nail polish Gel Goth accessories, like spikes and silver chains and piercings. Step 1. Buy some gothic music. Goth rock bands include Siouxsie & The Banshees,
The Cure, and Bauhaus. Step 2. Dye your hair. Black is traditional, but any unusual color
will do. Create spikes with gel if you like. Step 3. Dress all in black to express your belief
in the meaninglessness of life, to make the statement that everything eventually decays
and spirals into chaos, and to signify your contempt for “pretty” colors. Goth girls wear a lot of black corsets and
fishnet or mesh tops. Step 4. Accessorize to taste with silver chains and
jewelry, spiked collars, black leather glovelettes, skull belt buckles, studded bootstraps, and
so on. Consider getting your lip, tongue, nose, and/or
an eyebrow pierced. Step 5. Put on black military boots. Step 6. Cover your face in white foundation and powder. Go heavy on the black eyeliner, and finish
it off with black or blood-red lipstick. Paint your nails black. To learn what goth looks like, check out album
covers or stop by a goth nightclub. Step 7. Go to the library. Most goths are well read in philosophy, classic
literature, history, religion, history, and politics. In fact, psychologists have noted that goths
tend to be more intelligent and creative than the average person. Did you know The term “goth” was coined
by the manager of Joy Division, who described the band as “gothic compared with the pop

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  2. I am Goth and kust the beginning is BULL SHIY! Us Goths have are own unique style… there is no such thing as "Goth music" okay. maybe there is, but anyone can lisen to it… that doesn't make them GOTH! I'm Hoth because I enjoy the subculture and the beauty the darkness has mr.

  3. omg this could not offend me more goths don't always wear just black they are allowed to wear colour too goths don't have to have dark hair and certainly don't think about death all the time this video is rude and offensive it makes out being a goth as not being a person its a whole subculture

  4. I'm not goth, but I know how big the sub culture is And how much it means to people…if you're ever wanting to educate people on things, make it respectful. If you cared or had a pastion for something you wouldn't want someone to make fun of it. Even if it's a joke.

  5. offensive plus goths dont listen to goth music like damn my goth friend listens to green day taylor swift and hollywood undead and shes cool and GOTH

  6. Offensive to me because I'm gothic yet I don't have black makeup I have no makeup or any of these you don't nead this stuff to be goth

  7. Do I have to dye my hair black to be a goth? I have blonde hair and my parents won't let me dye it 😕

  8. I found this video offensive and to " normal " people, this video is how they see us. I also thought that this video was stereotypical.

  9. i want to be goth, but this video is hard for me to understand because its for the women to know how to dress goth, is there a video that has a list of steps for Men to Dress Goth anywhere? the goth style i prefer to dress is: Black Shirt with Weeping Angels, Death Angels, Vampires and Exorcists and for jewlery: Black Crosses such As (Iron Cross the kind they had for the teutonic knights) and Crosses with skulls on them, pointed up pentacles with angels on it (Because christians in the celtic times adopted the pentacle to represent 5 Holy wounds of christ) and Black Military Boots. what else could i find for Gothic Culture for the christian appeals?

  10. I'm goth and I find this video funny, the comments are cancer, fellow goths grow up it's a parody it's supposed to make fun of goths

  11. I'm surprised cause they said listen to The Cure or Siouxsie and don't said Marilyn Manson,Nine Inch Nails,etc, all people think thats we listen to

  12. hehe…what if you are um……10 years old…..I need advise on how to be a goth and also, why do you need white stuff on your face?

  13. I mean… He got the music part right. Most parodies and silly videos like this can't even get that much correct… even though it's the most important, if not the only essential step.

  14. LMAO I don't need black lipstick…wearing all black and my hair is black and i listen to goth music so..that can also be goth not all the products in this vid. lol

  15. OK just stop as a goth nun of this is true im mean alot of goths such as pastel goths wear color and theres so much more

  16. Can I Ask? How Do You Feel Being Goth I Like Sometimes Goth Because For Me They Are Scary And Cute No Offense But It's True💜💜💜

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