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How This DEAF Dancer HEARS the Music | The Happiness Stories

How This DEAF Dancer HEARS the Music | The Happiness Stories

(light hip hop music)

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  1. this is why you should never give up. he is strong and he believed he could do it so he did. i hope all your dreams come true. have a nice day :).

  2. Super crazy cool!! I loved his moves, so enjoyable to watch. Good for you!! Keep doing what you're doing!! I wish I could see it in person😀

  3. in plain sense yes we are all equal… but there are aspects to people that we are not all equal… and my personal belief towards deaf people dancing because they can't hear with their ears being equal to people who dance because they can hear with their ears… not equal. persoanlly I believe they deaf people would have the advantage and those who can hear with their ears are at a disadvantage.

    because….. most people take things for granted and in a sense, concerning hearing, people who can hear with their hears are creatures ore deaf than those who cant hear with their ears… think about it.

    this inspires me to be more in tune with each of my senses and not take any for granted. to feel sound not just with the ability to hear with my ears. concerning dancing, I feel music is more than the sound we hear, it is what we can feel. they say let the music move you…

  4. That just shows how you should never doubt yourself and let people's talk let you down and that no matter what you can do it no matter the condition you are in if you believe that you can do it you will definitely do it

  5. The power of perseverance is strong in this young man. Beautiful video. Mahalo for sharing! Wish I could give it a thumbs up a million times. 👍😊

  6. I love this video! My 3 year old nephew was born profoundly hard of hearing and my hearing family has embraced the deaf culture and are learning sign language. He gets speech therapy and asl classes and interacts with other deaf and HH kids and adults. It's I inspiring to see how hard this man works to fulfill his passion and do what he loves.

  7. Thank you for promoting accessibility by adding subtitles. It makes a world of difference to people who are hearing-impaired, and to other people that require subtitles.

  8. Who ever puts a thumbs down is a little bitch because this is amazing how he can dance without hearing music and could feel the groove while just feeling the vibrations of the music

  9. This is amazing. I have no idea why I forget that deaf people can literally feel the beat. My mind makes it seem like they're just unable. I'm so happy he's doing what he loves!

  10. i got a laugh when he said deaf people are no different….except they cant hear lol (yes i know he meant they can dance just as good)

  11. I really hope that he wasn't forced to speak in this video. It sounds like he's been forced to speak otherwise though. Which is a sad reality for many deaf folks.

    So commenting that "he speaks really well" its a back handed compliment because people are expecting him to meet them where they're at instead of meeting him where he's at.

  12. I am so happy for this young man, that he has found his passion and is living it to the best of his ability. How many of us can say the same?

  13. why wouldn't someone not be able to dance with out hearing the music? if you ever played and instrument or stood next to a loud object you can feel the music, and honestly that in some ways makes your dancing better, I think that it is awesome that he dances even though he is deaf and people shouldn't assume that he can do less because he is deaf

  14. I thought everyone could feel the music. I'm surprised to see that so many are surprised. Some people learn to speak by feeling the vibration of voices.

  15. I feel they should put Beethoven in this he MADE music while he was deaf. Big respect for him dancing deaf fricking amazing.

  16. c,est incroyable je te comprend moi meme je fait de la faible paralésie cérébrale depuis ma naissance j,ai quand meme danser et enseigné la danse est ma clé de continué a vivre,

  17. You are so graceful and natural in your dance. I never think deaf as I watch. I just think beauty. You have a gift from God has it for him. God bless you!

  18. He is amazing! And we should all learn from him how to (never give up on us cause there is a star sleeping in each one of us)

  19. if you ar a dancer like him ar like me you feel the music and not hear it.. if you ar deaf you also can dance or do other things, (im not deaf but i am only a dancer)

  20. I believe in him…..yoooo that should say alot just by how his speech is hes been deaf since for and he speaks very clear not many deaf people do it's hard since you cant hear but he made it possible like he's say they can do it too it's all about equality no matter what situation

  21. I’m partially deaf and people treat me like I’m four years old and I love to dance and then they keep on asking do u want me to turn the music up and it just frustrates me because I’m no different to them and there no different to me

  22. Nothing but big love for u my guy 💙 u r the best and yo lil brother definitely is inspired by you he has your whole swag

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