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Hello there gang, it’s Joel here aka Gallucks and welcome back to my YouTube channel. I am back. I had a bit of a break. I went to Bali in
Indonesia, which was insane. I’m finally back in London
and I have been thinking of doing this video
for a while, it’s kind of like a closet tour but with the added extra of how much
is your wardrobe worth. Everyone does those “how much is your outfit” videos and I did a little search and did “how much is your wardrobe” and literally no one has done one and I was like, this is actually, really interesting because the amount
that people spend on clothes, it’s quite interesting for like, resells and
stuff as well because some people will literally, like recycle the same outfit. They like, sell the expensive piece to buy a new one. So, the actual wardrobe
won’t have much worth. Not that it matters, it doesn’t matter, none of this
matters. It’s all clothes. This is just a bit of fun. I’m a full time fashion
blogger. I’ve been doing it for three years. So, a lot of my job revolves around
clothes and so I have amassed quite a collection. I also do get rid of stuff as
well like… I sell stuff that I no longer wear on ebloggers and so there is like a
recycling element to it as well because I want my clothes to go to places where
people will wear them. And if you are new to the Gallucks fam, don’t forget to
Subscribe and hit that bell for notifications, super, super important and give this video a
big thumbs up. But yeah, so I thought, I would take you through my wardrobe and
in the corner, down here, I’m going to total up how much each piece is;
registered retail price and so that we get just the full– no, no retail prices or
anything. Yeah I’m kind of scared. I have not done a full apartment tour yet either, so
if that’s something you are interested in as well then let me know in the comments
below. So, this is my bedroom. It’s– I really want to get some prints put there. If
anyone has any recommendations of places to get prints, then let me know. This is my wardrobe. When I moved in, actually, they gave me this and this is not enough
for me. So, I bought these all from IKEA and put
this up. I think I’m gonna attack this in like, accessories, clothes then sneakers
and go through that way so it’s more methodical for me in my little head. So, I pulled out some of the backpacks I have. So, the first thing is this Prada backpack. Next, oh! That’s a little change in there. Next up is this Saint Laurent backpack, the bad lieutenant one. Next up is the Dior roller bag and
finally, the Louis Vuitton soft trunk from Virgil Adler in summer 19. I also have this little off-white bag, which I wore a lot last summer but I’ve not really been
wearing that much anymore but I still really, really like it. That’s it in terms of bags. I really don’t have that many bags because I just need you know, my
backpacks and my little clutch bags, side bags and that’s kind of it. Next up, let’s go through the clothing rail. So we have the Represent Shearling
from this Season. I got this in Korea, this flannel in Korea, this Balenciaga tee, which I recently got from MatchesFashion and then this Balenciaga tee,
which I got a while ago also from Matches. This is from Men’s Official, and
I also have a really similar one in grey too and then I have two corduroy shirts that I got in Korea if you watched my Seoul Vlog. I then have my Prada shirt, my Helia and Neil shirt. Oh my god! I have switched my phone
off. This ISAIA suit, which I absolutely love. This Prada shirt, which I also love. Represent Bomber and a classic biker jacket. I’ve had this literally for years. Moving on up here, we have the Heliot Emil puffer jacket with the tactical vest as well, which– they came together like this one. The Adidas Yeezy sweatshirt… Heliot Emil beaded bomber jacket. The ADD trench, which I picked
up from ASOS, the Yeezy season five kind of varsity bomber jacket, you can see panther on the back. This MISBHV coat, from this season, which I absolutely love. This puffer jacket, which I picked up in Seoul as well. Oh! I got quite a few pieces out from my wardrobe,
which I thought I’d go through as well. I have these All Saints trousers,
which are amazing. This Balenciaga tee. My Fear Of God Essentials hoodie.
MISBHV’s turtleneck. Doesn’t look like it right now, don’t know, what that looks
like right now. Weekday hoodie, The Big Hawk hoodie and these
Hi Fi FNK denim as well. I thought it’d be good to note down as well, my ASOS denim that
I’m wearing and this Balenciaga sweatshirt, which I recently picked up
from MatchesFashion. Then, moving into my wardrobe, which is very dark. Now, these are all suits. I don’t actually wear suits all that often, so I didn’t
think that I’d include them in this video. I thought that I would include in
how much is your wardrobe… I would include things I wear all the time
like my core wardrobe collection. That way, it kind of avoids… because like, I
have some like, things in there as well I’ve not worn in years and it’s like
well, I wouldn’t really include that in my wardrobe. And so yeah, the suits I won’t
include. This vintage printed shirt, which I picked up in L.A., a flea market, which is amazing. This AMIRI sweatshirt, my Songkran shirt, black stars all over
it, another MISBHV coat. It’s a big plain black one. This ARCTIC ARMY puffer parka. Zara sweatshirt, REPRESENT jacket and then, yeah, I have like little bits of
stuff in here. I’m terrible at folding. Please do not judge my folding. I have little bits in here by… Oh! I could do these, I can move on to shoes and start
with these. So I have these Yeezy military boots and my Dr. Martens grasp boots with the steel toe-caps. My shoes are now sitting like along
underneath here and in the plastic boxes as well. The boxes, for anyone asking, are
from Boxxinc, that’s with two x’s. People always ask me where these are from. I guess we’ll start from the bottom. So, we have the Yeezy 500s. What color is that? I don’t remem… blush! Yeah, blush. Have the Gucci Rhyton sneakers. Valentino Creeper. We have some Zara brogues, which are really, really cute. Just plain converse, Pregis shoes, Yeezy 700. I wish I’d picked up the V2’s in white but
literally… I was away when they came out. So, just slip on vans from MrPorter and Balanciaga tracks in white and orange and Balenciaga triple s. These were my first pair of triple s, in black and red. Going down to here, so these were from Zara, last season, which I really, really like and my vans, which were custom. I made myself with
fearless on the back. These boots were from Seoul in Korea if you watch my Vlog. They have like a square toe. Another pair of track sneakers, this time in
black, which I picked up from Flannels. Old School vans because you kind of need them. These Allbirds sneakers, which are actually, the comfiest sneakers I’ve ever worn. Converse One Star, which I bought from my holiday in Bali because I just
wore them like, every day. And Isabel Marant high tops, which I just thought were a
really nice kind of design. Well, I almost forgot, they were in my bag for Mona’s
shooting the other day but I have my white Balenciaga sss with the nylon here and which I picked up recently, they look a bit like Eytys you
know, or “Eh-tees” however you want to say. Eytys. And of course, the Dior Oblique sneakers, which looks like converse, which I’ve been trying to wear more often because I’m obsessed with them, but
I– like when the weather is looking like this in London, I really, really don’t
want to wear those because it feels like it’s gonna rain, any second. And then, I have my black beanie as well, which was from Weekday, which is astounding, which I get asked a lot of questions about. I think that’s in my gym bag and I really don’t
know why I put it, but yeah that’s kind of like a really quick super fast
run through of my wardrobe and I don’t know, yeah, I don’t know what the amount
is in the corner but there you go. That’s how much my wardrobe is worth and if
you’re a YouTuber as well, I challenge you to do this video and see how much
your wardrobe is worth because it’d be really, really interesting to see
everyone’s kind of full wardrobe, and I love being nosy and look in
everyone’s wardrobe anyway. If you are new to my channel and
you do like this video, don’t forget to Subscribe. Don’t forget to click the bell for notifications and I’ll see you in my next video. Thanks for watching guys. Bye!

Reader Comments

  1. Wow, I loved this video. I guess I'm nosy too and like to see what everyone has. Your room looks really good. I like how your clothes are kind of on display. I thought of putting some of my fav shirts on hangers on the wall like a picture. I'm not a youtuber but I once counted all the shirts I have. Just shirts now, not including outerwear. I found I had 90 shirts. Judging by how packed my closet is, I think I have about that many still. Too bad a lot of my stuff is older, because I'm really easy on clothes. I once brought a bunch of stuff to Plato's closet and mine was in much better condition than what they were selling, but they didn't want it because it wasn't new enough. I think i need to focus on less quantity and more quality.

  2. I’ve been following him for so long and his pieces are still very neutral. Over time though I’ve seen him branching out and incorporating color. All of the pieces are not necessarily something I would wear but they definitely look amazing.

  3. This was cute ASF my mom sat and watched this with me and she looks at me and goes 'i swear to God if you spend that much money on clothes' and I cut her off saying I already have😭😭😭😭😂😂

  4. I love your videos and your style so much!!! Your such an inspiration!!! Also after this video I got really curious about the worth of my closet, I have so many clothes, damn, can’t wait to do this “tag” haha

  5. Cool idea. It would have been useful if you done two prices on the right, one for the actual piece so we can see easily how much each item costs, and then the running total like you did

  6. I know this is suppose to be a "bit of fun" – but this video reads so badly on you no matter how you try and sugar coat. It would of been okay without the price tag but otherwise its just arrogant flexing.

  7. 28050€ and thats mostly half zara and underwear/socks/belts/caps/sunglasses besides clothes, bags and shoes. Try beat that! ❤️🇷🇺🤗

  8. I thought your wardrobe would be more – but then again you sold off some of your stuff. I tallied mine ~ $18k to date

  9. That's half a decent years salary for a younger person. But, if it's what makes you happy then it's worth every dollar.

  10. Could you do another video on how you make your money from blogging and all your extras because I'm interested in fashion too.

  11. i was surprised i thought you would have more stuff cuz of the pieces i seen you show. i guess you do get rid of a lot of stuff.

  12. One time at the thrift shop I didn't buy jeans because they were 17$ canadian and I thought it was too expensive since they are usually 10$

  13. what brand are the shoes from that you compared to eytys? Because I‘m looking around for platform or chunky sneakers for a while now but it‘s so difficult to find affordable ones as a guy that look good

  14. And I thought my wardrobe was expensive…. probably half of yours lol. I have stuff I got because I liked it but have no idea how to wear.

  15. Well let’s see I’ve been buying designer since 2007 so probably around $500k lots of Burberry, MCqueen, YSL and Dior Homme

  16. hey i saw your misbhv deire denim jacket (the one with naked girl on a snake) in a video from last year and couldnt find it in the link you provided for farfetch, how much did that cost?

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