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How Much Does Basic Training Pay? | Boot Camp

How Much Does Basic Training Pay? | Boot Camp

Basic training pay could be a confusing topic. Please consult your recruiter for the exact
pay that you’re going to be getting at basic training, but let’s go ahead and start with
the basics. Starting in 2012 the lowest enlisted rank,
which is an E1, is gonna have a base pay of $1,491 a month. Now you’re gonna be paid bi-monthly. So every two weeks you will have half that
amount be deposited automatically in your bank account. Set up auto pay before you go because it’s
mandatory. So if you don’t have a bank account, get one. Arrange for someone to pay your bills in your
civilian life. A lot of recruits forget about this. You have online bill pay, or auto pay with
your bank. Go ahead and get that set up before you even
leave. Pay will increase if you have a house, a child,
or a spouse. Don’t get married just for the extra money
guys. Uh, with the price of the engagement ring
you’re barely gonna break even, believe me. This pay varies widely depending on your situation
but can range from $400 to $1,100 per month. So consult your recruiter exactly for the
amount you’ll be getting because every situation is different. Even though you’re working for your government
training to serve your country, Uncle Sam still wants his piece of the action so you’re
gonna have to pay income tax on your base pay. But you will not have to pay on your housing
allowance. That’s gonna be tax free.

Reader Comments

  1. ya for real. there is more value in the work you would do training for the army than the work you would do at fast food. There is more value to becoming a soldier than the money. That's why I'm like fuck working these dead end jobs for the rest of my life

  2. Risking my life for a mere grand and some free food? And I can't even have the food I want? Free housing? But its not really free as you don't own it in the end. So a free apartment, right? No thanks. If you don't think our soldiers need a fat raise, you're either financially ignorant or not a real American.

    And don't throw in the signing bonus crap. Most straight out of high school kids blow it and have nothing to show for it in the end.

  3. not if you are getting meals and housing paid for separate from your actual pay, along with free medical, dental, etc.

  4. You also don't have to pay expensive ass bills while in basic, so you still end up with more money by the end of the 2 weeks, then a fast food job, which they don't even promise daily hours. And you don't get any real positive improvements to your mental health and physical health, unlike basic.

  5. when youre in the army you have a career that can serve you in the civilian world. when you work at a fast food retaurant you have nothing. your getting payed minimum wage from a guy who's making millions!!!! which at the end of the day you get fired or quit and all you can do is work at another fast food restaurant!!! JUST SHUT UP LOSER!!!

  6. So you're pro military, but anti-military raises. Makes sense…. not. Here's an example for you: Someone signs up, joins the army and signs for 4 years. They train him to be a gunner on the back of a truck or something. After the 4 years is up, he leaves and goes back to the civilian world. Where is he going to get a career as a gunner? Is there really that massive of a demand for gunners in the civilian world? No? I thought not. At the end of the day, the US military is underpaid. End of story

  7. i know this comment is 1 year ago but fast food is for chumps lol in the military you get free housing free food free schools and go see the world. now that beat working at fast food lol

  8. what about 4 yrs after ? u do all ur suppose to youll get promoted ,my instructors got payed over 100k before they retired pretty nice right?

  9. He definitely just said $1491 a month with free healthcare, free food and free housing your basically just saving money during basic everything is provided research my friend thats not $1.50 and hour sir.

  10. Actually there isn't a job for "military gunner" that would probably be infantry and infantry on an application for most things looks good like police work any government job. Ever job u take in the military looks good because just being signed up shows commitment as well as they see you have the ability to learn many things. and the military isnt under paid they maybe under paid for the sacrifices they have to make in the line of duty but materially speaking they do pretty good.

  11. That may be, but they pay for your other stuff like house, medical and other stuff things. Pay may suck, but they treat you good though.

  12. I work at McDonald's. $40 hours a week. I barely bring home $500 bi-monthly. I pay a arm and a leg whenever I NEED healthcare- only when I need it because that's all I can afford. I can't afford to live on my own. I have hungry days- I don't get free food. They are not helping me pay for school. And they don't give af about my fitness or health. I'm only a trainer ($7.75) (I'm 18 & I've worked there since I turned 16). There's very slim chance of promotion, even then $9 doesn't change much.

  13. If you have heart and want to contribute to something, then join the military. Gain some experience, travel, stay in shape, go to school (if you want) and serve your country. Yes, it's gonna be tough. No, you won't earn a bunch of money. No, there isn't a guarantee your job will transition well in the civilian sector, BUT there's also a lot of college graduates without jobs. I have college buddies that are soon to graduate, no jobs set up, barely any savings, and plenty of debt. Think about it.

  14. Getting paid to Workout, Eat, Shoot, Travel, and Serve the Country.. Getting paid to do all of that seems pretty good to me.

  15. ppl that join the military "just for money" shouldnt really join, thats going in the service for the wrong reason. Its about wanting to serve your country.

  16. you dont know what your talking about because you can always change jobs in the military i joined not to long ago posted my videos up also so cant say im lying plus take it from someone who signed there contract

  17. haha coming from the guy that uploads a hr and a half of there game play yea ur way better than me lmao instead of acting all high and mighty why dont you start planing your future cus retail isnt a career son bye.

  18. and you should stop playing games and go get laid and get a decent job son.. i could imagine your a overwieght virgin that still lives with ur parents hahaha

  19. i see your running out of smart ass comments well coming from you it wouldnt be considered smart, are you even in the military if not your not a factor anymore i bet not i could tell your still a kid

  20. haha i am a e-1 but about to be a e-2 after my friend enlist next week im going to fort benning oct 21 2013 my mos 11x i dont mean to insult u, its just funny how ppl react on youtube lmao

  21. Considering military pays for Housing, healthcare, food, gym, and discounts in a HELL of alot of places it's good pay.

  22. As an E1(the lowest enlisted rank) in OSUT(one station unit training, for infantry) with max life insurance and g1 bill( ~$127/month i think) I made $511 in 2 weeks, which is $1022, every 28 days.

  23. When you're at basic training, you hate it. After you graduate, you love it. It's really strange, but worth it. I was just a lowly private and got payed minimum, but still have 2,600 dollars after taxes and other costs. Keep in mind, at BCT all your needs are met. You don't pay for food, healthcare, or rent. (Unless you got a spouse or a house) When you come back, you could do what I did and blow the money on a kick-ass computer, or do the smart thing and save it.

  24. I agree, I'm joining because it's what I want to do not because I'm like "I must serve my country". Even though I will take pride in helping and serving my country while enlisted.

  25. Considering you're getting paid to learn how to do a job, then getting paid when you go through college is a good deal. Also, if you don't re-enlist theres not many things that look as good as the military on the resume.

  26. Get a real job after you get exp at mcdonalds. I worked at best buy for close to mininum wage for a year and then moved onto a phone company. Now I rake in anywhere from 2800-3400 depending on my commission. Army seems fun to join. I'd do it for the workout.

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    I told you, everyone understands a quest.

  28. you are training to be a better YOU & you get paid for it. you are risking your life..depending on how you see it you are doing it for your country or for yourself. I want to be army strong

  29. 1,400 a month in 2012. Tha's like minimum wage. Shit out my ass. Basically saying we're equal to piss and shit with that 

  30. Military pay increases with owning a house? I'm looking that fact up, but I can't find any confirmation. 
    edit: Does owning a condo or apartment count?

  31. 1400 a month… 16,800 per year… wow.  E1 in Australia is paid at least 43000 a year.  The General/Air Chief Marshall/Admiral are paid 780 000 a year.  Are Australians overpaid or American underpaid?

  32. People don't look at the big picture the total package with benefits even for an E-1 is over 90k, let's break it down though. Sure you only make 1480 a month BUT you get FREE housing water electric travel Internet cable medical dental the military pension you get up to 4500 a year while enlisted to go to college not to mention 20k plus after you finish depending on your terms oh and if you're married you get Basic house income which now is usually more then what it costs to live in the area your stationed for example here in jersey BAH pay near fort dix is 1700 a month tax free. That 1480 a month is pure spending money not to mention all the other extra benefits like lower loan rates and discounts for being military oh and let's talk about jobs almost every state will recognize you as a vet just for serving so expect preference in any job you apply for…..with a 40k a year job after all the taxes taken and benefit and pension are taken out you're lucky to make 2600 a month after you subtract bills you're lucky and a mean lucky to have 400 to 600 a month left in spending so let's compare that to the 1480. Sounds a lot better now?

  33. So will my husband get BHA while he's in boot? I'm super nervous about that, and kind of confused on the whole thing..

  34. a few years ago (a few being 40) base pay was every bit of 305.00 a month. and we stood in line to get that. no direct deposit until out of bootcamp.

  35. How do soldier send money to family. Because i wanna join but my girl pregnant which is the part that worry me how can i give her money or how am i gonna get pay to be able to give her the money

  36. i read some where pple get payed 2 times a month an my husbands check was over 1900.00 on the 1st wondering if the 15th will be the same has anyone seen this happen?

  37. Lmao love that joke about the wedding ring he threw in. Because a lot of people after basic go out and marry a girl to get out of the barracks

  38. around 1100 a month after taxes, so around 550 every 2 weeks.. Yes it sucks.. did not count on it being so low, you get more at walmart, so if you do this.. your doing it for your country because it is around minimum salary if not less. This is an E1 of course but increases by very little going up in class.

  39. I thought every two months is bi-weekly( every two weeks) what is the difference with the military confusing this with bi-monthly, only scrubbing to get the truth. THanks

  40. Let's say I'm going to sign up for the National Guards, and I signed for the Split Training Option (STO). After the graduation from the Basic Training, am I considered a soldier yet or do I have to wait for the next summer for AIT training to become a soldier?

  41. Why I don't get married If I want to join the national guard? please explain because I want to join national guard for getting married

  42. Why I don't get married If I want to join the national guard? please explain because I want to join national guard for getting married.

  43. I'm shipping directly to AIT will I have to request to set up direct deposit at AIT or will it be set up for me? My recruiter gave me a 1199 to fill out and give back to him. Will this be pro actively done automatically or will I have to physically go to finance and set up direct deposit

  44. Why will the recruit be paid half the amount for one month
    if the get paid biweekly? What happens to the other half for that month? I'm confused!

  45. Questions I have 2 kids and not marry they said I can't join cuz of that or must be in child support. can you guys make a topic about that. Please

  46. What if you have an abnormally large bra size? Will the instructors help or tell you where to get sports bras?

  47. Going to basic in 8 days as an e1. How much should I get? Iam going in the army and iam 18 with litterally no bills to pay. How much will I come out with?

  48. I'm an E-2. I take home 1660 in base pay a month. 1515 in BAH. And 370 in BAS. So 3545 a month. Equals out to $42,540 a year after tax. Not bad when you factor in you work about 50 hours a week. Get your health insurance paid for. Multiple retirement options and get 30 paid leave days a year. Not many people have all that.

  49. So I have a car payment now and I’m leaving for basic soon so will I be getting paid during basic training so I can pay my bills? Sorry I’m slow and basically just need a yes/no

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