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How I ACTUALLY Start My Morning | 2018 Morning Routine | Doctor Mike

How I ACTUALLY Start My Morning | 2018 Morning Routine | Doctor Mike

(upbeat music) – Good morning guys. The first video I ever
uploaded to YouTube, was my morning routine and you turned it into a smash hit. Now, a lot has changed in my life within the last year. I have my new puppy Bear, I finished my residency and I’m practicing as a
Board-Certified doctor. So I decided to give you
my updated morning routine with the help of my new
Lenovo Smart Display, with the Google Assistant. Shout out to Lenovo, for
sponsoring this video. Let’s get started. My mornings often start very early with the alarm clock ringing and really taking me out of a deep sleep. Don’t hit that snooze button. It’s gonna make you feel groggy and make it even harder
to wake up in the morning. The first thing that I
do once I get out of bed is open the shades. You want that natural light hitting you as soon as you wake up. Not only does it make it
easier for you to wake up but it also resets your circadian rhythms so you can fall asleep easier at night. Next, I make my bed. Now this hasn’t changed from
my previous morning routine and for good reason. Both psych and military experts alike recommend making your bed. It yields tremendous productivity and willpower benefits throughout the day. Once my bed is all done,
I go on to brush my teeth. You should be doing this twice a day, and not only is it important
for your dental health, but we’ve seen relationships
between heart disease and those who don’t take
care of their teeth. Something I know a lot of
people skip out on is flossing. Now I have braces in the back of my teeth, so it’s not so easy to floss, but I use a Waterpik flosser. It does the same job, shooting out a high speed stream of water, getting that gunk out
from in between my teeth. Hey Google, good morning. – [Google Assistant]
Good morning Doctor Mike. It is 7:02am. Today it’ll be cloudy with
a forecasted high of 69 and a low of 59. – Gonna be cold. – [Google Assistant] By the way, you need to film YouTube morning routine. Also, don’t forget to go to your meeting. – The Lenovo Smart Display
with Google Assistant has my entire schedule in it. It has my reminders, the weather
updates, traffic updates. In the morning when you’re tired, and you need your routine to be on point, this thing has it all in one place. Wait, where’s Bear? Hey, hey puppy. Good morning little Bear. I love you. Good morning, good boy. Yeah, good morning. I know Bear, I feel the same way. You ready to eat? Who’s ready to eat? This is my morning routine right here. Shower with the dog, and then shower in the
bathroom afterwards. Good boy. Yeah. (dog chewing) So, Bear ate, and clearly he’s happy, but I didn’t eat. Generally I’ll go for some oatmeal, but I’m not afraid of
doing intermittent fasting. Sometimes I wake up, I don’t
have much of an appetite, I do intermittent fast, but let’s get the Lenovo smart assistant, powered by Google, to
help us out this morning. Hey Google, show me a recipe for oatmeal. – [Google Assistant]
Here are some recipes. – Ah, hot. Smells good though. The reason you see me put so
many fruits into my oatmeal, is because I want it to taste good and instead of putting sweeteners in, I’d rather just put in more fruits because if fruits
vitamins, minerals, fiber so you don’t absorb as
readily all of the sugars, I think that’s the best way to do it. Mm, that’s really good. Want a bite? Bear wants a bite. But Bear wants a bite of anything. I take Bear on a walk every morning, somewhere around 15, 20 minutes. He needs a nice long walk, so that when he’s at home
during the day alone, he doesn’t destroy the entire house. That’s a mistake I see people make a lot. If you saw my previous
morning routine video, I was doing some
calisthenics in the morning. Now, I got this stationary bike, so I’m cycling pretty much every morning. Get to do like 20, 30 minutes
of solid interval training so my heart rate gets
better, burn some calories, keep the weight off, all
without losing muscle. I always tell my patients, you don’t need to spend
a lot of time exercising in order to lose weight. One thing I have to do
every morning is do my hair. As you saw earlier in the
video, my hair’s a mess when I wake up. The only way I can get it
normal is through blow drying. I use a little heat protecting spray just because I’m blow
drying my hair very often. And then, I let the blow
dryer let the magic happen. And a simple round brush. (hair dryer blowing) Keeping it simple, get
a little hair product, clay or pomade, whatever you like using and then let it work its magic. Every morning, before I set out to work, I like to sit right here on this couch for like five minutes, just focusing, and I know a lot of successful
people like to meditate, but this isn’t about sitting cross-legged with your fingers touching. This is about being mindful. Thinking about what’s in your unconscious. I know that sounds deep, but it’s really about thinking about what emotions are you feeling? What are you feeling them about? What’s bothering you? And when you connect those feelings and you’re true about how you feel, you can be so much more
productive throughout your day. I’ve definitely noticed a benefit, and it’s something I
recommend to you at home. Now I need to get dressed for work and depending on where
I’m working that day, I have to put on a different outfit. For example, if I’m going
on TV to do the news, I have to put on the full suit and tie. If I’m gonna be working
the hospital that day, I put on slacks, dress shirt, tie and then finally, if I’m
working the urgent care, I throw on my scrubs, ’cause I don’t want to
get my own clothes dirty. I think it’s really important
that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing because it shows. You become more comfortable and when you dress like a professional, you get treated like a professional. Time to go to the hospital, but first, let me check the traffic. Hey Google, what’s traffic
like going to work? – [Google Assistant] On your way to work, traffic is light as usual. It is 35 minutes by car. You can see the full
directions on your phone. – Thanks Google. So there you have it guys. My morning routine is
about to come to and end. I’m ready to get to the hospital. Don’t wanna be late,
because I have patients and I’m working til really late. Now the last thing in my morning routine is the drive into work, and ever since I was a
kid, I loved sports cars and driving, but now I’m
fortunate enough to have one. Now if you wanna share some
of your morning routine tips, or something you do
unusual in the morning, drop it down below in the comments. Huge thanks to Lenovo for
sponsoring this video, and letting me keep the Smart Display. The Lenovo Smart Display
allows you to navigate and command YouTube with
the power of your voice. So you can pull up my videos, even when you’ve got your hands full and the audio is fantastic, so you can listen to
music when you workout or meditate in the morning. Now don’t forget to send me comments and share your morning habits down below. You know I love responding to you guys both in the comments section and in my monthly responding
to comments video. Stay happy and healthy. You know, when you’re
feeling down sometimes, you just need a compliment. Hey Google, give me a compliment. – [Google Assistant]
You should write a book about how to be amazing. It would be a best seller. – Aw, that’s so sweet. (upbeat music)

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  1. Lenovo google : he doctor hottnes u r late for u r fucking job which being in hospital to save ill people

  2. It does look a little forced. I'm pretty sure you feed your ego off the comment section about your looks and how perfect you look in the videos

  3. ‘Hey Google, give me a compliment’

    Let me try: ‘hey Siri, give me a compliment’

    Siri: ‘That is beyond my abilities at the moment’


  4. First thing i do when i wake up is pee and drink water,i drink a lot of water even at nigth.
    Breakfast? Not always.
    And i wake up at 5 am.

  5. Please don’t rub your face with the towel when you’re drying it. It’s better to pat dry. Sorry, skin care is really important to me and seeing people being rough with there skin hurts

  6. 15-20 minutes is not a long walk, haha. 😉 My dog would hate me if I only walked him for 20 minutes in the morning. We do like at least 1.5 hours once a day and then 2-3 more walks of about 45 minutes throughout the day.

  7. My morning routine:
    5am: Get up.
    5:10 Make my bed
    5:20 Shower time!
    5:50 (ish) Dry hair/makeup
    6:10 Get dressed
    6:20 Pour coffee, eat breakfast, and pack lunch
    6:45 Plan out day and take care of any leftover work from the night before. 7:00 Head in to work!

  8. Watching this video from Argentina thinking on all the stuff you have that almost imposible to buy here. With a 250 dollar a month

  9. The most realistic morning routine vid I've seen. None of that "I take a cold shower to activate beast mode" or "I gently wake up before the alarm and mediate for 2 minutes before listening to a podcast" type shit.

  10. My mom always told me to make the bed AFTER breakfast.
    First thing you do is pull back the covers and let the air breeze through and freshen up your bed. Then you make it 😁

  11. Not having breakfast while under the challenge of a day can potentially increase risk of light headed ness and fainting

  12. no more warm lemon water? that's like the only thing I can incorporate in my morning routine off your routine

  13. This man has a $400 blow driver for his 2 inch hair and I have one from Walmart that sucks for my 2 foot long hair. He’s winning lmao

  14. "you want that natural light hitting you as soon as you wake up" me, laughs, had to get up at 5am every school day in the pitch dark because I live in a winter hell and got home when it was dark again 🙁

  15. My morning routine:
    Wake up
    Drink coffee
    Wash face
    Brush teeth
    Whine some more
    Do hair and makeup
    Watch some show while I'm supposed to be getting dressed.
    Drink more coffee
    Whine some more
    Last 5 mins before running out the door: throw on the first clothes I see, run around getting all my stuff, twist an ankle in the process.
    Still whining..
    Go to work
    Come home and do everything I was suppose to do while I was whining this morning.
    Rinse and repeat.

  16. My father learn my this alsowhen i was a little girl, now iT is easy. This is realy importent when you are a docter.

  17. This guy bassicly does two days worth of activity in one morning. When I wake up I slump out of bed get changed and have like one snack for breakfast and it’s already time to go.

  18. How can u afford this kick ass appartment?! 🙈yes you are a doc but it is damn expensive in Manhattan😉💪👍😍🗽🇺🇸

  19. Watching this video and I forgot I have a Google phone and Google home so once he said "hey Google" my phone and Google home start going off about recipes lol

  20. I can't imagine that just because I take care of my teeth, I don't get heart disease. That sounds to me like a case of one fact only relating to one correlation. A correlation is not a causality. I rather believe that when people generally care about their bodies, they get less heart disease.

  21. He actually does waaaayyyyy too much shit before going to work, at that rate you’re going to be burned out half way through the day.

  22. Me when I open up the shades as soon as I wake up: Hey Stars…well the sun is a star, so basically the stars are sunlight right🤔

  23. If i'd want to do this routine I would have to wake up at like 4 am. Keep in mind I don't get back home before 11 pm somedays…

    Yayyy going to high school, having a job and being an athlete🙄👏👏😁

  24. My morning routine is exactly like him but I like to climb stairs instead of cycling and my breakfast is also more or less same like did he copied my morning routine with some little changes 😜

  25. Lenovo: Low of 59
    Mike: It’s gonna be cold
    Me in a t-shirt and shorts while the snow is falling and it’s -23: 😆 cold

  26. My change in my routine guys! I added this lenovo assistant and I just haaaad to share it with you. That’s all guys, that’s why I made this video def not to only get the money from lenovo

  27. Correction: water picks do not do the same thing as flossing, they are for people with deep pockets in there teeth. They are also great for irrigation with oral medications for said deep pockets.
    I am assuming you have a permanent retainer on the lingual side of your teeth, please please please get floss threaded to go under your wire!!!

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