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How fast fashion adds to the world's clothing waste problem (Marketplace)

How fast fashion adds to the world's clothing waste problem (Marketplace)

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  1. Check the marketplace website for more tips on what do with your old clothes here: ^nr

  2. That’s why when I’ve had clothes that were too small (from growing) or too big (from losing 50lbs) I usually give them to friends who are smaller or larger than me
    I also try to buy clothes at charity shops.
    And if the flash fashion clothes I do own break I usually fix them because I have experience with making garments.

  3. I tried donaring mine to 10 orphanages in my area. Even they decluned bc they sd they already have more than enough clothes.

  4. I get cheap clothing from Primark and wear it till it's practically falling off me with rips and wear. One shirt would last me 3 years and I'm a growing kid!

  5. My mom gives every old jusy grown out clothing we have to our relatives no matter how far away we live from them. Up until now, we still wear clothes that are 10 years old or more. When there's holes, we just sew them. My parents havent even thrown their old 90s jeans yet, I even asked her to give me those that will fit me. For clothes that are so tattered and shrinked they can no longer be worn, she tears them and sew it together to wipe tables, floors etc. All of those do shrink the textiles so when we do have no more choice but to throw them, there's not much left to the textile. Even I have grown out of shopping and the last time i bought retail store clothes were 2 years ago. I bought just a few clothes from second hand clothes stores. The problem is my little sister though. She's addicted to those clothing haul vlogs and now own a lot of clothes she rarely use herself. I hope she'll stop wanting more clothes after I make her watch this.

  6. Guys, your old clothes that said to be "DONATED" are being in an UKAY-UKAY the Philippine version of a thrift shop..

  7. Humans by nature wants material things to make them feel better or beautiful but let us remember that not everyone earns a minimum wage there are needy people who needs to be cloth for free. I like the idea of donating clothes to the poor people from third world country. The purpose of out reach program is to help those below minimum wage workers to meet both ends by giving them clothes that are in good condition. Worn out clothes can be recycled by those manufacturers who are making this fast fashion.

  8. This is alarming. I tend to buy used clothes if I buy clothes in the year. I have shirts that are at LEAST 16 years old…stuff I had in High School…and I still wear it. I also buy damaged used clothes and pop them on a sewing machine. Heck. I sewed on a new belt loop on a pair of used shorts from good will using a needle, thread, and an adhesive patch…while in a moving car. For $1 and my sewing abilities…Why not? Fashion never thrilled me and people laugh at my clothing, but I am comfy and can get crafty, so they can kiss my entire…..left foot.

  9. Cloth moth's babies eat clothes, And there are other bugs as well which can eat clothes, so instead of killing them, use them for good in the landfills

  10. VERY well done documentary. I am working on buying less and aways donate to Goodwill. I don't like how much they charge for resale, but at least I know my clothes will have a second chance to be reused.

  11. Thank you, CBC for doing such thorough research and putting it on display for the world to see.
    I am a fashion student who has made her own clothing for years. I am currently starting a brand that will ultimately take old donated and thrown away clothes which will be cut up, altered, or otherwise redesigned to create custom new fashionable items that can be sold on the fashion stage. My aim is to take these stories, learn from them and hopefully make a change that will impact the fashion world over time. I hope to make problems like these better by raising awareness and changing the culture in fashion.

  12. After watching this, I am so glad that I am not one of these people who has to constantly keep up with trends. My eldest sister and her family has tons of clothes and doesn't even wear most of it. I only buy clothes when I need them.

  13. A LOT of old clothes from such countries end up in large haul markets in Africa for cheap. Ie I live in Kenya and I once bought a super cute fluffy sweater for just 50Kshs which is 50 cents converted to dollars. It's Amazing, huge business but other than that an enlightening video.

  14. Wow wow wow, so they clean Canada and America up to dirty Africa , oh my continent Africa, that’s why people have malaria, typhoid and many other coz of pollution everywhere..: am so so devastated actually getting to know this is what happens to clothes ..

  15. Wow, as An African originally from Cameroon 🇨🇲 and currently living in the United States , seeing these clothes go to Africa all makes sense to me now , wow am so so shocked ..
    Wow , wow, wow

  16. Am glad I watched this video, wow, I’ll learn to buy what I need not what I want… … can’t believe we’re polluting the world ..

  17. Why can’t they donate it? Charities? Shelters..? I’m sure tons of families (and even single adults obviously) would love the opportunity to go though all that

  18. Am I the only one that buys from fast fashion companies but doesn’t think the clothes are disposable? I mean I’ve had clothes from fast fashion companies for years and it’s still with me. The quality is still fine so I don’t get how other people immediately dispose of their fast fashion clothes. Maybe it also depends on how people take care of their clothes? Like istg I still have my clothes from middle school and I’m now a graduate from high school.

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