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How China Is Framing the Hong Kong Protests | NYT News

How China Is Framing the Hong Kong Protests | NYT News

Foreign influence, terrorism, possible intervention. This is how China is trying
to shape the story of what’s happening
in Hong Kong. For weeks,
antigovernment protests have gripped
Hong Kong, with anger rising over
China’s growing influence. The Chinese have
responded by trying to control the narrative. Here’s how. This is Junius Ho,
a lawmaker in Hong Kong with strong ties to Beijing. At this press conference,
he shows off pictures of foreigners
seen at the protest. It’s an attempt to tie
them to some kind of outside influence. Foreign influence and
antigovernment sentiment are also common
themes in posts by CGTN, China’s international
media outlet. This post shows a tweet from
former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is
voicing support for the Hong Kong protests. The tweet is used
as proof that the U.S. is interfering in Hong Kong. Clinton’s tweets were
also part of a music video that CGTN published featuring
Chinese mainland rappers. “And Mrs Clinton, you know
nothing about Chinese citizens. Now I got some words
from your president.” “Something is probably
happening with Hong Kong.” “Somebody wanna split
Hong Kong from us.” One story in the
People’s Daily, the official paper of
China’s Communist Party, was blunt in its reporting on foreign influence. “There is no question
that the United States has its hand in what’s
going on in Hong Kong, though to what extent
is hard to measure.” Chinese officials
are increasingly framing the protests as
threats to national security. There’s also a
pattern of focusing on protesters being violent. The media labels these demonstrations
as organized by a small group
of rogue actors. Video of simulated military
exercises carried out by police in mainland China
show the protesters as dangerous rioters. And when protests at Hong
Kong’s International Airport escalated, CGTN
emphasized an incident in which a reporter
from the mainland was tied up and beaten
by protesters. The next day, many
demonstrators apologized for their actions
at the airport. CGTN did not report this. Chinese media put out this video about its
police in Shenzhen. It shows the People’s
Armed Police Force stationed in a city
that borders Hong Kong. The video says the
People’s Armed Police Force “shall participate in
handling riots, disturbances, severe violent crimes,
terrorist attacks, and other incidents
disturbing social peace.” China also released this video
of antiprotestor drills being carried out by the
Hong Kong Garrison of the People’s
Liberation Army. Satellite images and video confirm China’s show
of force in the region. It’s unclear if China’s
uniformed police will actually be deployed
in Hong Kong. And the People’s
Liberation Army already has a troop presence there. Instead, these videos are more
likely a show of nationalism to prevent the movement from
spreading to mainland China. They also act as a reminder
that military intervention in Hong Kong
remains an option. But what’s noticeably absent
from Chinese reports on Hong Kong? People are kept in the
dark about the real reasons for the protests.

Reader Comments

  1. Dear New York Times, pls end your anti-China Propaganda, end the Western colonialism mindset and report some real and meaningful news!! Let's see what others describe you:

  2. Why would anyone want the masses to vote? When the masses vote, the ruthless "blackadder" types (courtiers) simply get more power, since the courtiers are expert 'virtue signaling' (manipulative deceitful) demagogues and the masses are gullible simpletons congenitally.

    Death to democracy.

    Eugenics now!

    China should suppress what ever is happening there before it leads to rampant dysgenia there.

    The world's nations shouldn't let anglos or jews into their cultures.

    The chinese protesters (ignorant juveniles and genetic spiteful mutants) are on the side of duhmerican elites (jews etc), you fools.

  3. really china dont know ho is bihing this riots? and she whants to rulle the world?? i know allready one leader of the riots they know him all there too! und ho is bihind him they know him all there too! is a neighbor of China that China has been suppressing for decades! there may be other factors but I don't know them except for the Jewish finger too! this leader has already interviewed on a major overseas channel! for more non is not my business! this issue is interchinese!

  4. Don't sleep now, because China will be your problem, not Russia. The west is already overrun by China products. And the more money they have, the more we are forced to work for their money, to invest in our Knowhow, so later on they steal and reverse it.

  5. On a genetic level one is just forced to consider the obvious genetic deficiencies of the Chinese leadership. They make Trump look like a sane statesman. Primitive primates peering thru their eye slits maintaining a prison disguised as a country, all while pointing fingers at FREE humans while they economically and literally imprison their own……morons.


  7. Communists want to stay in power and keep enriching themselves and their clans. The people want to be free and get rid of the Maoists.

  8. Hong Kong really needs our prayers right now guys. May God be with the protesters and the people who get hurt everyday.
    Keep fighting Hong Kong till you get freedom.

  9. Look a USA flag in HK. Wtf. Who is farming who. Why is US flag doing in HK. Should be more Chinese flag and tanks. But where. USA is dictating hard. If this was in USA imagine it would stop in less then a week. This has gone more then 11 straight weeks. So no China hasnt enforce anything yet!!

  10. Lol… NYT is becoming a double standard trashy news. Where is the Yellow Vest protest in France? Yemenis or Palestinians coverage?

  11. If China wants to be in other countries???? Then we're coming to China????
    Freedom rings true in all mens hearts…… Love wins in Jesus name

  12. What do you mean framing NYT? It is all the facts. Stop being biased when things happen to China. Stop brainwashing your people.

  13. Western propaganda! I only finished watching this to see a photo of a US diplomat in meeting with the leaders of so called freedom fighters but I was not disappointed to not see it b/c it proved my initial statement was right…lol

  14. The US media just fools US people. The reputation of western media in China has been deteriorated a lot since 2008. In recent years, the so called "democracy:, "freedom" and "freedom of speech" are no longer "good" words in China, thanks to the Western media and bad model of Hongkong and Taiwan.

  15. I love both country I friend with both country, please stop beating and killing!. Discuss and solve the problem! please! please! please!.😚🤗

  16. Ha, ha, Nathan Rich tears The New York Times logics, or No logic into pieces.
    Very entertaining. Please watch.

  17. I find out that the more biased the news , the more subscribers there are. Look at the millions of subscribers Fox and this snake has.

  18. Its very interesting how they report parts where cgtn did report to fit their narrative but nyt foes the same to fit their narrative

  19. The outrage of Hong Kong polices use of force is ridiculous. There is literally zero outrage when US police departments use the same force, the protests at standing rock were as peaceful as they get, yet American police used tear gas projectiles to fire directly at protests causing serious injuries, they used rubber bullets which seriously hurt people, and they also used military tactics similarly to how China is using them. Yet the media was silent.

    This whole thing seems very similar to the Arab spring protests, which is worrying to say the least.

  20. It’s never difficult to distinguish cheap despicable commie 50 cents from true patriots who love a free China than a brutal authoritarian regime.

  21. NYT,
    you are spreading dis information too, you are not telling the truth about the protests in hk. The majority of hk people do not support the protestors.
    Why don't you talk about the violence of the protestors? Police attacked, fingers bitten off, policemens teeth knocked to pieces, police station attacked and petrol bombed, public and governmental buildings destroyed. Tell the truth to the whole world instead of working to a script!

  22. Recommend watching this video along with NYT's one.  
    New York Times Hong Kong Propaganda

  23. People do things for reasons. Blaming protesters for what they did but how would you know what HK people are suffering from the long influence from the HK government. Which is manipulated by Beijing right now to deprive our resources and human rights, try to make HK as one of their little puppet country.

  24. What kind of story are you trying to shape through a prolonged series of one-sided content in multiple formats? If the video content is about violence, why there is only one side of violence? Police uses force, excessive on some occasions. But how about protesters (for neutrality, I am not even picking the word "rioters") who vandalize public facilities? Arson? Beating up innocent bystanders? Destroying shops? Ganging up on citizens or Mainlanders who hold opposite opinions? Some might be allegedly or proved to be undercover cops (or event triad members) but, who are the media, LEGCO members and social leaders trying to fool by implying (even going on camera saying) ALL OF THE EXTREME protesters are "actors" or "actresses", seriously? The list could go on for violence by both clans.

    In my first communications class, the professor said, "Media selectively articulates", but to this degree? Is there any proof to your narrative about the tactics used by the Chinese government? Recently, on Netflix, I saw The Great Hack, a documentary produced by Western Media that uncover HOW THE US FRAMES NARRATIVES to influence international politics agenda in their favour WITH HARD SOLID PROOF AND REAL INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM. How about you? Where is your journalistic conscious? Also, this piece of video looks exactly like the examples used by the lead journalist to illustrate HOW US FRAMES STORIES!!! New York Times, SHAME ON YOU! BIG TIME.

  25. I am a 4th gen HK, just a normal citizen, I am all for democracy, I love the freedom of speech.PLEASE LOOK AT THE FACTS, THE ACTIONS.These are rioter if not terrorist, is there any government influence I don't know.But what I have seen is that these so called protestors, are setting fires, throwing petrol bombs, destroying public facilities, throwing steel spears at police, forcing others to conform to their values and actions.Beating, mentally and physically torturing anyone who do not welcome them.Take and of the above action to New York, NYPD would have arrest / shot them on the spot.

  26. Mother F#ck the New York Times. They're the same group of people running CHina. Dirty Red F#Cking Commies!! They're spying on us here just the same. Same fight over here.

  27. NYT is talking about bias by CGTN? NYT is the example of propaganda and bias. US media criticize trump for everything but when it comes to foreign policy, they all become the mouthpiece of any US regime.

  28. You want to talk about bias? Where is NYT reporting on protest leaders meeting with US politicians? Where is US media reporting on protester violence, beating police, waving US flags and UK flags? NYT just showed US flags but they never bothered to report and ask WHY are there imperial US and colonial UK flags. US media is 100 times more bias than CGTN. US media is a joke, a propaganda machine.

  29. If NYT is not stupid, then definitely mean! I start to feel sorry for the Americans, the situation is no better than North Korea.

  30. 企图压制和分裂中国的任何势力都是徒劳的,你们真的不了解中国,中国远比你们想象中更加强大!!总是用一些下三滥的招式来压制中国,宛如一个跳梁小丑,丑态百出!你们自己家里一大堆烂事解决不了还来指责我们的国家,送你们三个字:没资格!

  31. What is the truth of the matter? what is America's stake in this? It's obvious what is at stake for China and Hong Kong citizens, in fact i do not believe ordinary protestors would behave so violently, what is at stake? what is the truth? will peace return? who is pushing for such violence? when everyone knows such violence will not lead to a peaceful solution for anyone, would you want your family and friends to get hur? there are some bad actors involved, who are these bad actors? who is funding the protestors? Why are they using antifa tactics? whonare training them in these tactics? who are these black journalist? qui bono?

  32. When will people realize the US involvement in any country turns into mass destruction and a war zone biggest example the Middle East Iraq Libya Syria Yemen any country the United States gets involved in becomes destroyed If the United States really needs democracy and freedom they should start with the Palestinian the one that being slaughtered by Israel Zionist government

  33. NYT is so biased, why don't you report on how these violent revolutions brought death and crisis to ordinary people? How are ukraine and iraque doing after their noble "democratic" revolutions???Shame on you NYT.

  34. The West media have enough wrong commentary about the reality. Why shouldn’t we common people listen to the other side of
    real story? Enough is enough. The West, particularly USA stirred and instigated the Color Revolution in Middle East, and as a result,
    you see so many refugees are coming from Middle East.

  35. China want's more control of Hong Kong too early and is breaking a treaty that is NOT meant to be broken till a later period… so the people are rising against China's Control…. How could the Chinese Gov blame any outside influence or blame US involvement when there are MILLIONS of Hong Kong's citizens protesting? From LOW to HIGH Income the people are rising from all walks of life. Chinese government is ready to deploy it's troops because it WORKS in THEIR favor. Full Government Control… Stand for the PEOPLE… History will repeat itself…. They just want Independence from China, To form their own way of life.. We The People.

  36. Yoyoyo,来自纽约的垃圾新闻,没有一句事实,敢给我在这弄斧班门。就这鸡巴智商还来带节奏,赶快撒泡尿照照自己脸,真他妈的丑陋!AAA~这里是来自广西的烂仔,AKA哔啵车神。草泥马的纽约时报!

  37. Should be alright with the NYT, They are ok with censorship.
    As long as it's agreeing with them of course. 😉

  38. If those folks doing this kind of protest, I'm pretty sure some of them are already being shot dead twice by the Boston PD. lol

  39. New York times is part of US effort to disrupt Hong Kong under China's control…..Easy said than done….Even US pouring tnes of $Millions in their subversive activities in Hong Kong !!!

  40. Just what do you expect from New York Times? The Yankees have been funding the Hong Kong riots all these time. The title should read: "How American media are framing the Hong Kong & China governments".

  41. When a bystander was being beaten up by protestors, NYT did not report this.
    When groups of protestors stoned a policeman (like literally stoned, not throwing stones), NYT did not report this.
    When a protestor used corrosive chemicals at police, NYT did not report this.
    When protestors have started leaking out personal information about police (address, phone number), NYT did not report this.
    When protestors threw a brick at police and started begging police not to shoot, NYT created a false narrative.
    When protestors tied up a journalist for supporting the minority, NYT reported this lightly and in a biased manner.

    Yes, police have done many lethal acts. But on the same line as CGTN, protestors aren't some holy freedom loving gods being tear-gassed by rats. The protestors have done many bad things as well.

  42. fellows, children are dying for gunshots, American citizens should all stand up and breaking in the white house, cut off trump's head! 美国抗议人群能不能涨点志气,砍了川普老头的脑袋啊!

  43. NYT you and the rest of Western media are also misleading the world into thinking HK protests are peaceful with the reasonable demand for democracy. What you did not tell the viewers are these protesters are violent lawless individuals, well funded and organized for their destruction of HK economy and eventual goal to undermine HK and China governments. Before the first protest, HK people enjoyed the same freedom as your Americans and even now these rioters are acting above all laws. Their demands are unreasonable and one failed, they create another unreasonable demand to keep the riots going. The extradition bill that started the first rally has since been withdrawn and the protestors are continued to use other tactics to drag the unrest. If the same happened in USA, your police and national guards would be deployed and you call the police action justified. However, you and the rest of biased media would call HK Police acting violently against rioters. You and the American government truly have biased agenda.

  44. Xi, Jinping is EVIL. Land grabber of other nations territory. Chinese steals and abuse marine resources of other countries. Chinese fishermen just sail on other nations territory . They stole giant clams that were planted by our marine biologist in the Philippines. They went to Palawan Island and started stealing giant sea turtles in our waters, killed the endangered turtles to be used as their STUPID MEDICINAL ingredients. CHINESE & THEIR GOV'T. ARE SOOOOOO GREEDY!!!!!

  45. this is how us media is faming how china is faming hk protests, which says us is intervening. 🤔very interesting , and a very debatable philosophical situation.

  46. NOT INTERESTED in teenage tools of the CIA rioting for no good reason. How on earth are they being "oppressed"? I have yet to see a rioter over the age of 25.

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