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How a Navy SEAL sets up his Body Armor | Navy SEAL Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

How a Navy SEAL sets up his Body Armor | Navy SEAL Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

hey guys how’s it going this is Jason with tactical riflemen today I’m gonna talk to you about a body armor setup in a typical seal platoon guys will have their body armor set up in different ways depending on the mission environment and their role in the platoon and a 16:18 man platoon you could have different body armor setups across the board what I’m gonna go over today is a body armor setup that I typically run for assaults and low visibility operations what I got here is my London Bridge trading 60 94 alpha it’s a great Universal setup I like it cause it fits real it fits really good and its modular and I can use it for a majority of the missions I can find myself in I’ll take you on a little tour from the front around the side to back and then around the other side like I said this isn’t a a 1 all be all of body armor setups it’s just something that I’ve used giving you guys some tips and tricks on maybe something you guys can use as well coming to the front here I’ve got a three magazine pouch set up with your basic rubber retention band holding three m4 mags a lot of you guys are gonna have a minimum magazine requirement I have three on the front and I can place different magnet magazines around my body and around my kit too to get that minimum mag requirement of your individual platoon I like to stay relatively flat in the front I know a lot of guys like to put pistol mags or admin pouches up here every once in a while if the mission suggests I need something administrative up here on the on the top I’ll do it but overall I like to stay pretty slick in the front reason being is anybody’s better than in a firefight you just can’t get low enough to the ground I don’t want anything impeding me from that micro terrain so I keep my front relatively slick I’ve got a little IR chem light for a friendly force identification nothing sexy just something I can crack and been putting in a side pocket to distinguish me from whoever needs to get shot coming around the side here I don’t like to take up every single Molly with with a with a Pisa with a with a bag on it councils equal pounds and for some reason operators like to to add extra space with extra about extra pouches if this this rap in particular has plenty of space on the side for any pouch you need additionally it has extra pouches on the inside here if you can see for radios and side plates I have a tourniquet on my left side but with a just basic Molly retention as we come around I’ve got a seat belt cutter cutter here for emergencies it takes up very little space and serves as a cutting tool for for multiple things but I like to keep that thing on there coming around the side continuing around I just got a basic utility pouch this thing can hold anything from smoke grenades an extra flashbang I got a couple chem-lights in here you can put night vision in here if you’re not using it or need at the particular moment but it’s just a basically basic left-side utility pouch for anything that you might need additionally on the side I like to use weapons retention I got two types of weapons retention this particular one is I’m sure everybody’s seen it before you can stow your m4 in there for personal handling or climbing or any time you need to purposely retain your rifle on this particular setup I have kind of an old school an old school setup I like to use from back in the proverbial day I have a an unused carabiner this thing’s been exposed to seawater so I don’t use it for any kind of weight bearing as as we all know if you expose your carabiners of seawater they’re no good for that particular weight limit so I taped I taped the Bale down slit a piece of one inch nut tubular nylon along the bundy to protect it tied a knot on the end and it just serves as a real quick weapons retention that doesn’t take up much Molly space the way it’s utilize is you you sling your rifle to your to your side take this take this ball sling it around the rifle obviously it demonstrates a little bit better when I’m wearing it so I got it and then you retain the ball into this carabiner it’s quick it’s simple and it’s made in the USA so coming back around I’ve got a drop pouch here it could be used for sensitive site exploitation stuff extra mags anything that your little heart desires to drop in your drop pouch I like to keep it wrapped up because if I don’t the guys gonna put rocks and stuff in here to mess with me so any kind of drop pouch I like to store that stuff up so I can have full control the crap that’s put in my drop ouch I’ll talk about the the side pouch here for a moment I like this wrap because the greet the radios that we use can be stored inside of the pouch now granted when these radios start to get get hop and they get a little bit warm so there’s there’s a set up that we can sometimes use with the PRC 1:52 green radios that we use to put half the radio in here I can run a little quarter on the side to a to a battery just to keep that profile the radio a little bit lower because it does tend to get a little bit high up into my side so additionally I’ve got a pouch for side plates some guys run without side plates some people do personally I like the the protection it adds to that side region and it really doesn’t weigh that much additionally it kind of helps form fit this body armor on the back here nothing unfamiliar I’ve got one antenna here that room is remotely coax to the radio that’s in the side pouch I never have never had any problems getting reception every once in a while I might have to turn my back to the bird my job in the platoon was to control close air support so fortunately I got to carry two radios around want to talk to aircraft and one to talk inner squad or the ground force commander to let him know what’s going on and in my security position or wherever I find myself the end the white antenna in here I have laced it in particular the the only reason I haven’t taken out is because it’s this little ass pain – unweave it but I like it in here because it’s a singer’s antenna if I ever needed to deconflict with the regular army they talk on a different channel than we do and this is a great innit this is the antenna – that I use to do that on the other side I with it with a coax on the other side here I put another another antenna another broadband antenna for my personal radio the coax we’ve through here is just to necessitate that this coax goes into the radio obviously it’s a sensitive items so I don’t have it actually in my kit but it’ll go on the other side and then the radio pouch the other side it’s got a button retainer I’ve never had any issues with it falling out or being uncomfortable but like I said after a while those things get pretty hot so you’re gonna feel that radio heat on your side another set of side plates that I keep in and on the side here I got my other tourniquet I have it upside down for easy access I got two tourniquets on both sides so I can reach them from from either from either hand I have I know there’s a lot of open space here but like I said I just don’t want to if I if I had to put something on this I could but if I don’t need it I’m taking it off I don’t need extra crap on my kit wearing it down then gentleman ounce is equal pounds and after about 10 click offset infill this thing can get pretty heavy so I like to stay pretty light a carabiner that hasn’t been exposed to salt water is always something good to keep on the kit I can put it anywhere hang anything on it but it like I said it has not been exposed to salt water it’s clean and it will hold the weight that it’s supposed to hold without any any any any issues this particular body armor has a little bit of space and for for medical pouch purposes they they give us this nifty little medical kit that slides right up into your body armor yeah it can get a little bit bulky but uh you know we’re gonna we’re gonna want that medical pouch this slides up right into the body armor fits really nice it’s a little it’s a little snug but obviously worth it so if any of us are wondering my third lung or my second line medical pouch is it sits up in my body armor there’s the the other side of this medical kit is obviously in the back here and it’s just a good little addition to this body armor for maritime operations I’ve run swimmer plates that uh that have a little bit more flotation than your regular level levelled plates if I have to wear any more additional kit or if my stuff starts getting a little heavy and I’m doing maritime operations I will add some flotation to it like I said in the SEAL Teams we have to consider the maritime element it’s a pain in the ass get enough flotation in but you’re gonna want it if you ever take a take a dip in the drink that’s about it gentlemen the quick review of my London Bridge 1694 I love this wrap I can wear it like pajamas and thanks for watching any any questions or comments go ahead and leave them below thanks thanks for 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    Iam someone considering a job as Gunner's mate and want to know what to study for. And what skills do I need.

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    Keep it light, travel light.
    Be faster than lightning.
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  15. hey jason. can you comment on the value of placing extra pouches towards the back of your cummerbund for team use (obviously you cant really get to them on your own if they're behind your armpit)? i know that'd be dependent on what you guys are doing and what the mission is, but it seems reasonable to add some storage there, if needed. secondly, as a jtac, what was your solution to the admin requirements of generating and passing 9lines to air players? any good techniques? lastly, for a shorter op, what did you run in your 3rd line/pack? i'd assume a small pack to carry some smoke grenades and other marking equipment would make sense. thanks for the video.

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    The "Special Forces"..White Tiger Units of the Goryeo Dynasty/Korea only were used at night to harass, confuse, misinformation.,assassinations, prevent the enemy from setting up camp. Genghis Khan conquered the world in 20 yrs., without ever losing a Field Marshall. Koreas Defeated Genghis and his nephew, Kublai Khan in a 40 yr. War , consisting of 9 full scale invasions.
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  33. I am a retired USAF SPECOPs IDMT ….. would have loved to have a 30 min lecture on kit set up like this. I'm still here for my kids but the next gen warrior is out there keep it up gentlemen keep it the fuck up…. we are one gen away from oblivion!

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