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Honoring Veterans by Restoring Military Vehicles from

Honoring Veterans by Restoring Military Vehicles from

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  1. Today on Surplus TV: Meet Adam Lipka. Adam restores and preserves military vehicles he bought from GovLiquidation and uses the vehicles for special events that honor our nation’s veterans. Watch now!

  2. The radioactive elements are removed prior to the sale of these trucks on our website. Thank you for your concern over the safety protocols of selling these vehicles though.

  3. Hi B3 – I'm afraid we don't receive the WWII era planes. But I always tell folks looking for WWI or WWII jeeps or other vehicles to check Military Vehicles Magazine. Folks run ads in the magazine when they're selling older vehicles. There may even be a magazine for old military aircraft. Best of luck!

  4. Can I have some advise? Say I was looking into buying and restoring a WWII era b-24 liberator and using it as my own personal plane; how exactly would I go about doing this?

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