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Historic Military Vehicles On Display In Plymouth

Historic Military Vehicles On Display In Plymouth

thoth historic military vehicles are on display in Plymouth this Easter weekend CBS 13s Angela angel Cardenas got to check out the show for himself since 1977 the military vehicle collectors of California have been putting on these events where it is just everything military you can think of including the main thing the vehicles and collectors from all over the world bring their vehicles out to display and show them off and talk to others who have the same hobby this is a great event Curt and tell us about the Jeep show that's a happy like-minded people we hold showcases at all our events and we'll pick a particular series of vehicles this today's happens to be jeeps from all eras World War two to to present there's actually no Hummers here but there could be there because the the evolution of the Jeep we could have half-ton dodges we could have wreckers we could have ambulances it's a wide variety of vehicles that will showcase what a show and then on the rest of the Amador County Fairgrounds you have a military equipment and other things that people are swapping out basically anything that's out there in the military will have it it'll it'll be out here on a table somewhere with the exception of live ammunition that's one thing that we do not allow that's a good idea it is it's a safety issue for us in the public yeah and we've we love to have the public come in so anybody that wants to come there's no charge for admission come in and walk around and see what we do people from all over the country come out pitch tents and hang out for a week that's it all over the country all over the world Thank You Curt you're welcome hey you could be a part of it at the Amador County Fairgrounds all day set up Friday and most of Saturday come on in like Kurt said it's free it's free back to you

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