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HIKI NŌ #712: What I Learned | Aliamanu Middle School | Military Moms

HIKI NŌ #712: What I Learned | Aliamanu Middle School | Military Moms

In the Aliamanu Middle story on military moms
I was the reporter and the co-editor. My co-editor Renaecia Daleon-Guerrero she was pretty much
the main editor of the story, and it was about her
mom. During the process I would bring in a lot
of baby pictures of me or b-roll at home, and he would be like
‘oh it’s you when you were such a little girl’ and I’m just like ‘be quiet’. Jonny’s actually
respectful. He doesn’t tease me for it but he’ll make a comment,
like, funny, and then just drop it. With this story it was very stressful because
it was a lot of changes that happened. Like you’d be like,
‘we have a plan.’ And now we have a new plan, and then a new plan. Just over and over again
until finally you got something together.
There’s always room for improvement. When we do one set of editing and it comes back,
I automatically see I can fix that. Or even
when it’s the final product and I see something, I know I can
fix that. They learn how it really is to be in the real
world, getting the real world experiences. The experience was like walking for the first
time. You don’t have any experience in working with HIKI
NO, you fall several times, but in the end you’re able to walk perfectly fine. And you’ve
achieved victory.

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