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Hike with a Polish Bread Bag, Chatting & Eating on Ashdown Forest

Hike with a Polish Bread Bag, Chatting & Eating on Ashdown Forest

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  1. Lovely little vid – FYI the red mushroom was fly agaric. Part of the aminata family. This one is poisionous but can be used to give hallucinations although i dont recommend it.

  2. Check out these Lee!

    The Polish Pantera Parka is a really great winter jacket with it's removable liner…
    really cheap too.. but of course you might be hit hard by postage… bet there are some in UK though and the cammo pattern works well for the UK!

    Another great vid Lee!


  3. Yep thats the same as mine;
    They're called bread bags as they were for holding rations so all infantry had them not just medics (who had additional med kit bags)

    Most continental armies had a version and they make excellent haversacks! I also have a Czech army one from Cold War era that is waterproof as it's PU coated

    Lovely day you had for your hike, great video and love your channel mate!

    All the best brother

  4. Loving that bag mate good wearing waxed up would be a great waterproof bag I think yes would make it heavyweight but worth it I think also lovely area ashdown forest

  5. 1st of August? That was a Tuesday lol. Great video as usual – good weather – and good tactics there – delegate your work out so you can off fuck to the great outdoors – good shout lol. Digging the mansack! Almost as sexy as my camera bag / fanny pack. I like the bombay bad boy and the chilli beef pot noodles – but probably not the best on a hot day. Thats not a bad shout having pain killers – you never know what youll have to endure. Good job on the rise in subscribers – keep at it and they will keep coming. Dont right yourself off just yet – 50 is the new 30 i hear! We started our channel because a) I love editing and b) I thought it would be good to track our rise from hapless inexperienced to slightly less inexperienced hikers – and look at all the places we've been since! Good luck mate! And keep it up!

  6. Nice one Lee bud. If you do a pot noodle review then get the bombay bad boy mate. I've got a few bits of army surplus kit and it's all a bit on the heavy side but bomb proof and built to last. Grow old gracefully mate, I'm bald and my beard is starting to go white, oh well so be it. Cheers Lee. Atb Sconja 👍

  7. Hey Lee Thanks for the shout out my friend!!! I created my channel for the exact same reason as you!! A way for my kids to always be able to see me, share my little adventures especially when I'm gone. I enjoy listening to you share your thoughts. By the way, I would enjoy your Pot Noodle for a quick lunch and I like your CRKT Minimalist. Get that dye in there when you're ready…does wonders for my beard lol. Looking forward to the next one Lee!! Take care, Doug

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