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Camo Dudes. Camo dude, dude (laughter) Those are for sure camo dudes. (more laughter) Full on camo dudes. that was crazy Oh that was crazy that was insane They were eye-balling us, man. Guess what camo dudes? we’re back That is sniper hill, up there. That is sniper hill I can’t believe we had actual camo dudes looking right at us. I’m turning mine off That was crazy *inaudible* because of our video OK OK OK OK guys Oh, your cameras off. Really? Yeah, is mine? No Okay here we go. Okay alright guys, you ready? When we were here last time, it was about 4 months ago. We put a video up. *inaudible* Your camera’s still off. Wow. Wow. Uh oh, we got things happening. I need you to step over there. Yeah Let me see your hands. Let me see your hands Put your hands up, Put your f***** hands up I’m not going to tell you again Turn around You got anything on you? No Do you have any weapons No Spread your feet What you doing all the way out here? We’re just adventure travellers What? We’re just adventure travellers *inaudible* turn around *inaudible* Listen, we’re going to give you guys a chance OK Get on your bikes, get the f*** out of here Or we’ll call Lincoln County and they’ll write you each a $750 ticket OK Sorry for the hassle guys We’re just travellers my bad Wow. You got it? maybe a little more You out? I got you. I got you. I got you. Alright, ready? There we go. *laughter* Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. I hope your camera was on. I think so. Oh my gosh. Keep it in 1st gear You totally smiled at me; when they told you to turn around. That was the most, that was the most daring thing I’ve ever been in That was crazy! He was like so aggressive, he like kicked my legs open. Kicked your legs open Oh my gosh, that was crazy Woooooow Oh my god No one has ever been at gunpoint Camo dudes I’ve looked all over the.. What is the odds of that happening?

Reader Comments

  1. Couple of pussies talking mad game before they were addressed in person. Then they go to "I'm sorry, my mommy didn't have any sons". As soon as he starts with that $750 ticket shit, you should have said you wipe your ass with thousand dollar bills and called his bluff. The closest thing to combat that fat fuck has ever seen is fighting over the last rib eye at the golden corral buffet.

  2. What a cuck the fat camo dude was. What an a hole.

    Getting all mad swearing at them. For what? There not breaking any laws. If i was them at that moment id be like im sorry, call Licoln County and write us a 700 dollar tickey for what? What exactly did we do wrong?


  3. A magician's favourite trick is misdirection ? Your all looking in the wrong place, all of the time ?

  4. So the last vid they post is Area 51 shit and then they go ghost. Lil fishy. We need scooby doo and the gang to investigate this shit.

  5. So fucking fake… You are in Area 51 and the dont ask for ID? The dont have a rifle? Just that shitty gun? Lame AF.
    En el are 51 y no le piden identificacion? Alla que te meten en cana por cualquier cosa. No tienen rifles, son solo el enano y un gordo pelado con una pistola de juguete? Falso Falso.

  6. Hay que ser estúpido para pasar ahí yo digo , espero que más inútiles no hagan por que allí tienen permiso a abrir fuego

  7. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I got clickbaited
    And so did you
    But my question
    is where did these
    Guys go? Its been
    3 almost 4 years..

  8. Lets be clear. These are not federal employees. They're not military personnel. They are private contractors. They are basically civilians drawing weapons on other civilians who crossed No Boundaries and broke No Laws. If these two bikers felt their lives were in danger and they decided to pull weapons on these contractors and shoot them and kill them, they would have had every right to do so in self-defense. The Nevada Test Site needs to get more strict with their hiring practices instead of hiring loose cannons like this that are going to get someone killed.

  9. How is that one super fat mustache dude even allowed in camo or near a gun. What a fat sack of American shit LOL

  10. Wtf do they think they’re doing, apparently the guards or just military people at and or near Area 51 are stupid and don’t know what they are doing

  11. Damn its shitty that now all these dumbasses off of social media are here commenting on all the area 51 videos…. I remember watching this when it came out

  12. If that base is so important they should send a tactical team with a fucking tank , not a fat guy and midget with hand gun , anyone with Ak 47 can take them both down

  13. Hope yall continue to make videos those f***ers can suck a d**k they losers don't listen to them haters

  14. Lmao they have the comments set to recent so people won't see all the comments that have likes and are making fun of these retards

  15. The dude that is recording what we watching he sounds scared. I live like 30 hours from Naveda k live in Tx

  16. There not called camo dudes idiot they work for the us military you should actually respect them you should not have been there you go there again you will get shoot.

  17. Them camo dudes really know how to do their stuff.

    If you reply saying that they arent camo dudes and they are the U.S Military, your a…..lets just say you arent that smart. Just sayin.

  18. Why why and why im Puertorican I dont spike to much English bot Ammmm What happend to thos gais?? I want to now

  19. /|DON’T BLOCK ME YET/| My dudes! There is a problem. You have disappeared!!! We know something happened you know what happened. I have an idea of what happened, I know you got threatened by them. You got fdc for 6 months but there’s something else isn’t there. They forced you to stop, they forced you to not reveal anything.

    I remember you, I remember who you were, you were nice, you were amazing, you said your waiting for the men in Black, and it happened.

    You need to talk, we need to know what is happening with the world

    You are trying to protect us? Your trying to protect yourself.

    I’m sorry that this happened to you. You don’t need to talk. You don’t need to read this, but at least think about it. Do what’s best, not for us, maybe not for you, but for “them”

  20. What the fuck why you not posting videos fucking aliens toke over fbi military area 51 has been taken over by aliens and transformed to humans

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