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He Sings For His Dead Brother… Don’t Cry

He Sings For His Dead Brother… Don’t Cry

Been singing you know on and off like as a little child, but couple years back went to an Ed Sheeran gig yeah I saw him just standing there on the stage just with his guitar I just wanted to be like that I wanted to be him and do what he’s doing, but you know with him It’s all about the songs you know that I mean I write songs myself so could we hear one of your songs? You can, yeah I’ve got I’ve got um song I wrote for my brother who passed away when I was when I was only young and it’s just a song that you know means everything to me and only only my moms ever heard it, so Do you want to perform it? um I can do I’m i feel like I’m ready. It’s entirely your choice Christian. I feel like I’m ready to be perform it. you sure? yes. Alright, take your time. You good? Yeah I Would do anything just to be two years old again Imagine what we could have done Imagine what we could have been Making paper planes till the sun goes down i’d be holding your hand as you squeezing onto mine Hold on tight. You said never let go Remember building castles out of old lego. Just to knock ’em down. See it’s changed, now you’re not around I’m not the same But I hope you proud I wish your little face was still around with that cheesy smile and them little chubby cheeks imagine all the mischief we’d get up to Imagine us, tag team, 1+2, Imagine all the good, bad, sad and happy times Imagine all the timeout, naughty step crimes stay up late watch TV We couldn’t watch we’d go to school break the Rules play Hopscotch and climb trees Chase bees just to act tough and fight fight fight fight over Brother stuff and sneak out late, play football ’till the sun goes my thunder buddy. I will keep you safe as you doze off to sleep bath bombs and counting sheep off to sleep night night baby brother sleep until we meet again Stay safe my friend, and I will keep you in my thoughts ’till the very end my little Teletubby in the sky with a smile my little thunder buddy. I will see you in a while I miss you like the sun on a rainy day, when the stars come out to play oh I miss you and I Miss you and I want to be with you my friend. I just wish we could be two again Thank you for sharing that with us Christian Nick, oh Honestly Christian on the first song I didn’t know if I got you and then you wrote that second song and I was right there all the way and You got me. so thank you for that Louie you know Christian. It was a very honest audition. I think you were very I think you bared yourself yeah, very beautiful song very beautiful I like you a lot You’re very pure and what you do. It has a great charm to it You know what Christian. It was very brave to share that song with us because it is so personal I Don’t know how you did that but I think it was important that you did do it actually because it told me and and us who you were as an artist and actually as a person and you’ve got a real talent I think you’re great with lyrics yeah And I like you Louie Christian, I’m saying yes, jared It’s a yes from me Nick, I’m so happy to say yes Christian Guess what? You got four yeses I like you now thank you man thank you so much. You’re Gonna get attacked He did great Where’s mum and Dad mum dad beautiful, you should be very proud congratulations go on guys nice to meet you. Take Chris nice to meet you

Reader Comments

  1. I will never judge someone. I will always love her/him forever.
    Even if I don't know you. Kisses for all, from everywhere. 😍😘🙏💓

  2. I’m so happy I still have mine but me and my brother both lost are older brother and he was only 10 he hang himself RIP in I love you ❤️

  3. I lost my brother when i was 4 he got shot in the head he was 7 and this is great song and i will hope to see my little brother again in a while but yet again this helps me get through my day and i cry n cry i wish i was there when it happened and had the time to spend with him i wish i could of seen him for the last time but it doesnt happen sometimes 💘💘 nity nite my sweet sour baby dont let the monsters bite i shall see you soon hurry up now sleep nity nite

  4. Me and my brother were playing in a parking lot and a car ran him over he spend 100 on me I was there and I saw him bleeding and I was pulling him inside to help him and then he said "stop let it be"

  5. I heard this at school and saved it as a book mark but my principal made it so I couldn’t watch it and now I found it again

  6. I have no siblings but if I had one and they passed away I would be devastated. Also those people that disliked this video have no heart and probably is living a sad life if they are I’m here for you. Love from ya girl❤️

  7. I’m crying irl this is so sad. It reminds me of how lucky I am to still have my granddad who is battling cancer❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. When I was 6 I watched my brother get mowed down by a tractor when we were playing hide and seek in a field

  9. My mom was pregnant and when she found out it was a boy we were so happy, few days later the baby died😭 basically my mom had a misscarage😭

  10. They disliked by an accident cos there eyes were so blurry with tears they couldn’t tell which button was which ❤️❤️

  11. I cried because id remind me of my dead Daddy😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  12. I don’t cry aloud. I cry from the heart outward
    I need this song it’s so catchy and great 👍 and remarkable
    I guess nobody will read this but who cares it not about me it’s about the bloke who lost his bro

  13. I can't stop crying omg 😭😭😭😭 why ( when he said " body I will see you in a while " I just couldn't hold my tears and when he said I "miss you " I was just expose ( I just thing if me will happen the same thing and I'm like 😭😭😭😭😭

  14. The 11k people who disliked this is really mean…. He’s sharing something really personal here and they are really disrespecting this man. 1like =1prayer.

  15. This reminds me so much of my friend. She passed away in 2017 from cancer. I miss her everyday. She was only 12. 💜💜

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