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Haul VID: I hit up 3 Salvation Army Stores To Resale on Poshmark EBay Mercari

Haul VID: I hit up 3 Salvation Army Stores To Resale on Poshmark EBay Mercari

hi everyone my name is Samantha and I freestyle women's clothing on Poshmark that is my typical selling platform I also do other ones like Macari vented I sell locally eBay all those but I recently started an inventory system which I'm so excited I did I have over a thousand active listings on Poshmark alone and it was getting it so hard to go through inventory when it was hung up on hangers and put away nicely but having it bagged and numbered and ready to go in the poly mailer has helped so much especially for bundles you know you just pull them all out and you get it done typically able to do quite a few now so thankful really fast so I really have excited for this pack and ship is what it's called I stumbled upon it at Walmart and I'm gonna do a little bit of a video sometime about it where you just basically put in your title into the system on what you want to call it so I just literally did one two three four on each bag until I got to a thousand and then I put a zero in front of the one and started all over again and then so on so that's how I'm gonna do it it's trial and error for sure because I really wasn't sure how I was going to inventory this it all gets put in totes I put the tote on the app under what I have put into the bot of the tote or whatever and once I type in the number out say seven it goes tote one or you know twenty is in tote three you know I have 15 of them so far so now onto the video I have three separate locations that I went to over the weekend in Chicago three separate Salvation Army's I love loose aturday sales especially if you're able to get there early and even if you get there late you can still find quite a few deals but I really good ones pretty quickly I didn't want to spend all day because typically I do but I was good and I didn't so I could enjoy myself a little bit more that evening so let's get into it first is a Calvin Klein dress it's a gorgeous sequined dress I check it over pretty good when I was there but it's honestly really hard to be super accurate with sequin I feel like so I'm hoping I didn't miss anything major but it is a size 3x as well this is a Leopold sir size 6 I saw it I'm like Owens I'm really pretty green let me see what that is it's all the tag I'm like that's pretty awesome so I paid only 250 for this one because it was half off on the 4th of July really excited about that one oh yeah I should have mentioned that Saturday I went to two and then I heard they were gonna have a 50% off sale so I made sure the Saturday to hit up some Chicago locations and I ended up going to three different ones so in total this is a little girl dress I believe so Fran yeah it was just really cute I thought it would be perfect for my daughter honestly again I checked it over and I didn't see any missing sequins but it was just perfect for pictures or something alright this is a Columbia girls check it I haven't went through this yet so we're doing it together all right this was an anthropology piece new with tags Nate made it was really cute this is actually why I went back to this store on the half off day just because I saw it and full of tag and I know it does really well I'm just not sure what pieces sell for more so I guess it's trial and error this is a gap little girls jacket another amazed piece this one wasn't new at tags but it was just really pretty I love the royal blue color I usually do my nails in it if you check out other videos you'll see but really pretty dress this is an Alice and Olivia this is a hit-or-miss with these pieces I feel like but it was really cute I just feel like it needs steamed a little bit just show off a little bit better and I feel like it's gonna do really well all right jean jackets I love to pick up jean jackets I feel like no matter what they're gonna eventually do well but this one had some great tribal print detail there and just really a great new shape it's a mud size small this is Under Armour little girls the only thing that was wrong with this there was a little bit of healing right here other than that it's like new so what a great piece Under Armour's doesn't sell for a whole lot but it sells very quickly so that's a great thing to kick up pick up if you can get it in good shape and kind of a newer style definitely but honestly any will sell eventually all right this is they had this in the kids section but I'm honestly positive this is an adult's and the tag was tacked on there so figuring it was worth picking up 4i dollar so all of these that I'm showing you right now I paid forty eight dollars and twenty cents on this day cuz it was the half off day this is blue curl there's a really pretty ombre it just needs steamed a little bit at work this was another Under Armor keys I didn't see any stains so I'm pretty excited I hope I didn't miss anything I love the bright orange coral type color you can kind of see it and then against like a grey it is really pretty this is another under artis this is guess just like a Simpson another jean jacket this is just a plus size piece it's an a a the material is like a buttery soft it's stretchy it's flowy it ties up the waist which is perfect I love when things tie at the waist gives it some definition but it was an amazing shave and the closure is so pretty all right I found this Free People piece some countries they were in like new shape I just love a little bit detail to em we gather basically like new all right I feel like that's it for that store I'm pretty sure except I got three dresses for my daughter but I already washed those and put those away so that's not in here and I think might be something else that I did but that's it for that bag so Aqua Net all right this is line and dot Ellen Tracy just the Blazer really pulling it pretty royal blue and I wonder it in the store like if that was made like that or what but I honestly didn't notice there wasn't one brie anywhere else so whatever you want some you wouldn't lose some that was only 69 cents so that's okay if it was a few dollars I'd be kind of mad but I'm gonna try and get whatever that is out if it even is a stain instead of just like a bleach spot but more than likely its bleach this is Casson just a cute pink polka dot sweater can't go wrong with polka dot that's for sure somebody loves polka dots little girls jeans this is a shadow figure this is gonna be perfect for windfall head so if some of this is not gonna get listed until then this is a forever 21 plus sized piece again more than likely I'll wait til is those really focus on the summer and spring items a really pretty royal blue dress kind of washing it out right now but just gorgeous detail to it yeah that come off it loved it Oh what's upper Inlet see the brand is Juno dress collection all right another Under Armour piece again you can't go wrong with Under Armour kids or adults typically gonna do 10 to 20 per item and if you can get a bundle deal that's amazing this one's like new check the tag right here to make sure there's no peeling as well it'll do a lot better it's all like if it is peeling but better if it's like this is candies extra small I love the print I wish it was just a little bit bigger coat see tiny but it's gonna hug the body just right and the red is just stunning a free people piece I'm at some little girls jeans another sweater and pink Nick ends oh I love this okay it's not showing how pretty it is but um it's a little bit bluer than it's showing in the picture and it's just gorgeous it's sheer lightweight the perfect work cardigan that's for sure there's just a little bit smaller size so that was what it was think about it I like bigger sizes and cardigans all right this is another under armour piece again check the tag this was new at tags it was a cute dress I saw the tags I'm like oh it's not gonna be the 69 cents but it actually was it's just gap but it flows a little bit at the hip area it's got straps to it where the tag is yeah it's attached to the tags here so that's a great deal all right this was really pretty I know it's missing like the lining but that's okay I have no idea on the brand I've never saw this tag before yeah it's like sheer I mean it's perfect to wear like a strappy bralette or something underneath it and it ties out the waist ruffles flowy it's everything perfect that my little girls piece Tommy Hilfiger loved the design there another little girl's coat okay this is kind of like a retro vintage Chico's design the material is a thicker jacket but I just love the frame and then just a little girls purple leather jacket it was new the tags figured it would do pretty well if not I can definitely donate it and that would be great for somebody all right so this is here we go a STR it was just really pretty it's flowy kind of the hi-low design cuffed wrist they're really pretty bra blouse and check out like kind of the lower end things that I'm going to more than likely just take to plato's when they have their summer clearance a whore style encore but I think they'll do well there's though are you so comes out I'm gonna go there probably next week or something in that place for all the clearance items that I pick up and basically I save on sales tax and I get rid of some things quick and triple my profit but really don't do anything but bring it there alright some little girls jackets another little girl is jacket or coat whatever forever 21 aqua this makes it beautiful I wish it was just based one size bigger another little girls piece is Ralph Lauren and this is um Mari I think I've seen that brand a few times I'm just not familiar with where you buy it it was a really really cute tank top yeah so I gotta say as well I was like 20 pairs of shoes they had multiples of new little girls and new little boy shoes so I picked up like two of each size at 69 since I'm being new even though it's not like this most stylish ten box is great and those are super easy to take pictures of so expand your brand any way you want just do some research before you list and make sure you take that time be social on Poshmark ship things on time follow people you know best customer service possible and you're really gonna make some sales don't give up ever everyone has this as long as you put in that time you can't just expect to do it every other day and be like yay I'm making lots of stuff you should do every day so some time and be consistent the sales will come you've got this have a great day guys

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