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Happy Dave and his cash-covered boots surprise Amherst’s River Fest

Happy Dave and his cash-covered boots surprise Amherst’s River Fest

Dave is happy, because Dave banks at
CoVantage Credit Union. and when you bank at CoVantage, you
step into more cash. Dave shimmies, shakes, and skedaddles his way over to Amherst’s River Fest. (Laughing) Everyone’s favorite dad wearing socks
with sandals, jean shorts, and a fanny pack. Cool. Dave comes bearing gifts cash socks for the entire town of Amherst. Some kids are not too excited about socks. Dave’s such a silly purse-en. Get it?
Because there’s purses behind those ladies. Where’s Waldo? There he is. Fun fact, Santa’s got a little cottage in Amherst. These guys meet here every Thursday for a scoop of ice cream and a little chat in the middle of the street. Meet Dave and his cash wearing street crew. Looks like Dave bought ’em a keg of
Mountain Dew. Yahoo! Oh, Oh, Oh. You eyeing up my boots? Yup. Wanna do tradesies? Maybe. Straight outta Amherst and straight into cash. Pattycake pattycake bakers man,
bake me a cake as fast as you can. Hey! Dave turns into a little cheerleading girl. Co-Van-tage! Co-Van-tage! You want to step into cash and be a
happy guy like Dave? Maybe you should do your banking at
CoVantage Credit Union. And get a loan for a little trip to Amherst.

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