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Hands-On with the newest Luminox – XL.1003

Hands-On with the newest Luminox – XL.1003

Welcome to 10past10 watch reviews and today we have got the new launch from Luminox which is called the ICE-SAR Arctic 1000 series so what’s new what’s special with this particular reference Let’s do a quick unboxing and review after this So as you know Luminox watches are part of the military-grade essential gear watches and we’ve got a nice military-grade box With the Luminox logo and it’s of course Swiss made so let’s open this up.. And within that you get the watch a Nice blue dial there are four variants in this particular collection of Luminox, which i’ll show you right now so This is the variant that we’ll be reviewing today Which is the XL.1003 So first of all let me give you an explanation as to why Luminox is Associated and what is ICE-SAR is all about… So ICE-Sar, as you can see the logo here is basically the abrevation for Icelandic Search-and-rescue So they are a search-and-rescue team Formed by volunteers who are trained for any of the search and rescue activities in Iceland And this is their logo if you see in the center there is a cross symbol which is also the symbol that you find in that Iceland’s flag next these four symbols are in the form of a circle which is similar to the life buoy that you find which is in lines with the search-and-rescue efforts that you find.. Alright, so what other Speciality that this watch has so basically Iceland is a land of Ice and Fire is what they call their a volcanoes they have very harsh winters so during winters there they have more than 10 12 hours of complete darkness and there and as you know with volcanoes and rough Terrain they have a lot of adventure enthusiasts who come into the country and unfortunately they get lost and they require search and rescue efforts and that particular team wanted high-class Quality watch which will you know have the easy visibility of the light which Luminox provides with each of these light tubes Secondly they needed a rough and tough watch which I will explain further and so they’ve Icelandic search-and-rescue ICE-SAR really found that Luminox is a good partner as as their time partner to have and since 2018 Luminox are the official time partners for the Icelandic search and rescue so coming to the design First off let’s cover the dial the dial if you can see right at 12 o’clock You’ve got something unique it’s not just number 12 it is numbered 1 1 2 That is a special emergency number which you find in many of the European Countries as well as in America and that is a special emergency number for Iceland as well so they have incorporated that you’ve got your Luminox logo You’ve got your regular numbers 1 to 12 and of course 13 to 24, 23 which is your? 24-hour time your railway time so that’s that next if you see the hands which is on the second hand, the hour hand and the minute hand the shape within it is something unique so we call this Luminox calls this the carabiner shape So it’s a pear. Shape so carabiner as I’ll just attach up via photo of that so carabiner is basically a adventure Equipment that you use for locking So they have incorporated that because many of your adventure seekers who go on trekking and mountain climbing they use this so that’s Also a nice touch.. it comes with a nice blue dial And the other variants comes in black and black and red and another one is with blue and blue strap Coming to the case overall the size of the case is a nice large 46 mm so for your adventure enthusiasts yes you need some big chunky watch and this is right it fits right 46 I’ll just wear it and show it to you in sometime next material of the case is made of carbonox which is Luminox patented technology it’s made of carbon So it is very lightweight Overall the watch weighs just 75 gms so this has carbon gives you a lightweight three times lighter than titanium And six times lighter than stainless steel it’s also scratch Resistant and shock resistant as well coming to the glass this particular Luminox comes with a sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating, also So that’s good to see if you can see there’s nice bright lighting here it’s not Reflecting and glaring as much so that’s a nice touch coming to the crown Again the crown has nice knurlings, which is again you find it in many of the safety equipments and Yeah, there’s the Luminox logo here That’s the Luminox logo on the on the crown so for the crown there’s no screw and crowd it’s a regular It’s a regular crown so one pull changes your date as you can see Ii put you can set your time so the reason this comes with double layered o Gasket, which is inside so that gives the watch a 200 meter water resistance so you can go swimming and dive regular in fold any of your regular activities you can with this watch Okay, then if you look at the shape of the case it is quite unique if you see these four lugs that’s something very nice and this is incorporated with the ice our logo basically So that’s a nice touch it comes with a screw in case back This is titanium titanium case back so it gives you nice water resistance It’s a 24 mm strap and this is a nice threaded pattern Like the tire treads and it is made of silicon PU rubber polyurethane rubber If you can come to the other end yes it is as you can see it is genuine rubber It has a carbon ox Buckle Coming to the other end of the strap if you see it hasn’t a slightly or textile texture on the other end the outer end of the strap So that’s good and another fine detailing is you’ve got the branding Luminox also on the end of the strap so overall a good looking watch Something that many of the consumers will like because it smoke it’s very practical it’s got good texture does good leather strap and in a rubber strap it’s got a black case it has a lot of Meaning towards the design of the watch it’s something of a very unique shape So there’s a lot of meaning behind this so this is the size of the watch on the list I’m an average build person 46 mm looks nice and good on the wrist So that’s about new new variant of Luminox which is part of the Icelandic Search-and-rescue optic series so go ahead and make your purchase it’s exclusively available at the Helios the watch store in India price really competitively And don’t forget it’s a Swiss maid movement with sapphire crystal glass

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  1. You stated that the case back is titanium. It is actually made of 316L stainless steel. Other than that, great job. I didn't realize that the shape of the hands was meant to be a carabiner. I just wish the bezel rotated on it.

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