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I think the thing that everybody overlooks
is what is the real function of the hamstrings? When you’re running, when on your
feet, your hamstrings they don’t actually bend your knees, they don’t flex your knees,
so if you go and you do a whole bunch of hamstring curls and that’s all you do for your hamstrings,
you’re never gonna train them to be what they need to be, when you get out and try
to do anything. Because that what happens with the gravity
if all you do is just to succumb the gravity, your knees will bend, so it’s not your hamstrings
that are pulling you down or bending your knee. What they do more often is that they actually
extend the hips. Thy tie in with the gluts to extend your hips,
and if you can get your gluts and your hamstrings to work together, now you’ve got a good
exercise, now you’ve got something that’s gonna make them bulletproof. Too often people will rely on their, their
gluts to take over for, I mean, the hamstrings to take over for weak gluts, that’s when
they pull them , that’s when they get injuries , that’s why they struggle to come back
because they never really addressed the hamstrings the way it needs to be. So, without further ado guys, the legs, and
here we go. We’re gonna come in here and we’re gonna
demonstrate that. I don’t usually roll up my shorts up either;
it’s for the purpose of show this exercise. What we call this , like a glue hand raise
and we’re gonna do it with a physio-ball and just something under my knees and something
to ankle my feet on to the bench with. All I do is I come out here, try to let myself
slowly, you know…release….and then as I come up I’m pulling through the gluts
to the hamstring. You can see the hamstring is a bicep muscle
too. He’s got its own bicep, its got two parts
and it will flex just like the bicep does. I come back out again, as I pull up I’m
not pushing on the ball, I’m actually pulling through the hamstring all the way to the top. Get down, slow, and all the way up to the
hamstring at the top .You can see the calves are getting involved as well… here.. up…
pull all the way to the top and again, working the hamstrings. So, as you can see guys, you don’t want
to focus on exercises that don’t do the job the way that your body actually needs
them to be. You’ve gotta do things the way your body
works when you get out there, try to play sports, try to just get out and play some
rules with the boys, or whatever it is that you do, you want your body to be prepared
. This is what bulletproof is all about; this
is what AthleanX is all about. If you guys are using the wrong exercises,
if you suffered a hamstring strain, you can’t seem to get off that nagging hamstring strain
from years ago you gotta start training to bulletproof your body, you gotta start training
with AthleaX. Head to right now guys, get the
system, get the 90 days program filled with what I like to call bulletproof exercises,
bulletproofing your body, getting those joints to work the way they should, getting those
muscles to fire the way they should, and all get them to grow and burn fat at the same
time, so to win win win. Alright guys, I’ll see you back here next. We’ll keep the series going, keep the comments
coming guys, anything you wanna see leave those comments down bellow, we wanna see. I’ll bring it to you here as part of this
bulletproof series. Be back here again!.

Reader Comments

  1. I don't have a gym membership but i have two dumbbels only, so plz make some home workout videos for me and so many others like me…plz sir

  2. Coming up, I have to generate some momentum using my torso, back and shoulders, I try to keep it a minimum to make sure the hamstrings do most of the work. My question sensei, is basically, is this approach correct or should I just decrease the angle to which I decline ???

  3. Hi, sir , a have 3 mounth early ACL sergery …! Can i do this hamstring exercise plz tell us about ??

  4. I have an anterior pelvic tilt will this exercise hurt my lower back as every time I do a hamstring exercise my lower back gives out???
    I have very very skinny legs and it's driving me mad to the point of getting very upset every day

  5. Strained my hamstring. I can walk but I can't run. Been taking Ibuprofin and alternating heat & ice. Elevating when I can. How long till I feel better and can run again?

  6. Your exercise is flexing the knee, the hip stays in neutral position with the trunk throughout no hip extension or trunk extension, why is this considered the real function of the hamstring. You are flexing the knee concentrically and eccentrically. Can you explain your exercise further? I know this is a good hamstring exercise based on studies but your point was knee flexion vs hip extension. Thank you for response/and video.

  7. Hi Im in to a retail job where I have to stand the whole day for 10 to 12 hours which results in body pain specifically my lower back , what exercise do you recommend to get rid of this complication sir??

  8. Thank you so much this is perfect way for the gluts to contract the muscles and build. For ACL hamstring strength would type of equipment should I use??? would Great video keep it coming.

  9. I've performed this exercise before. You feel it in your hamstrings, calvrs and glutes. Its seems to be a compound exercise. I love it. You will be able to eliminate the ball after awhile.

  10. Hey jeff.I havent fully recovered from a hamstring strain from 7 months ago.should i start doing this exercise in order to recover faster;

  11. I've been having trouble in full knee flexion for a while now (sharp pain on the inside of my knee but not meniscus), is it possible that this is a hamstring problem? They are flexible but not very strong.

  12. I have a labral tear, ligamenteous teres injury and Gluteal tendinopathy!!!
    Need to strengthen the legs? I am a dancer so need strength, speed based exercises. Have you got anything to strengthen the Hips!!!!
    Many thanks

  13. Is it a good idea to work specifically the hamstrings, and the other muscles used to run to become faster at running? Or is it better just to run if I want to get better at it?

  14. Hi. How can I do hamstrings exercise without rest my knees in the floor? I was a knee surgery recently (acl replacement and meniscus reparation) and I can't yet put my knees on the floor. Thanks.

  15. I just tore my hamstring yesterday 🤦🏻‍♂️ how quickly can I start doing these exercises ?

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