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*spooky music* What the fuck are you dude? *makes monster noise* What is that? What? What is that? What? What is that? What do you mean what is that? Are you a zombie? What is that, what are you for Halloween? What? What is that? You don’t — you don’t know who I am? No. Sludge monster? This smells weird whatever it is, is it sludge? No I’m from Minecraft What? I’m a — I’m a zombie Hey, what happened to your hat? Mine? Yeah. Oh should I put that back on? Yeah. Oh, it didn’t come with it didn’t come with – that’s fine – face paint Like that. There you go That’s my skeleton. Alright, I’m the Macho Man OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAH I can do that. No he does it like this OOHHHHHH YEAHHH! SLAP INTO-slap? SLAP INTO A SLIM JIM! Slap into a- slap- SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM What the fuck….Look at this. Yo what the fuck dude What kind of bullshit is this? I elbow dropped that bitch earlier OOOHHHH- OOOOHHHH YEAHH…… DIG IT! Hey, you know DIG IT [smack] DIG IT Do I go first you want me to go first no I want to go first DIG IT Funky like a monkey Too cold to hold Too hot to handle Why do you keep fucking slapping me I don’t know I’m a macho man, dude, I’m sorry I can’t see very well Ohh Yeahh Hey, you know something that’s a good outfit Damn straight I paid good money for this Sorry, my wrist tape is a little caught up in the webbing on the set look up David Blaine Where’s my gift Come on man. Give me some of that sweet, sweet slim jim Look are you okay yeah, this is part one of your spooky gift ooooh yeah Macho Man loves gifts. Mmmmm. Loves gifts Macho man loves gifts. Stop doing that Look at that that’s not me no well you know you like wrestling huh. this isn’t this isn’t the macho man, that’s Stone Cold Steve Austin yeahh And the Rock [reverse secret message] Yeah, Snap Into A Slim Jim. I don’t know why you keep saying that that’s his catchphrase dude They just keep saying that’s the only thing well yeah, I mean I already just remember his WCW is slim-jim commercials And that’s what he did Joe would you like to wear this uh? I’ll wear it. Stone Cold versus the Rock Yeah Stone cold versus The Rock One of the greatest of all times me the Macho Man and Randy Savage I’m from Dark Soul that’s who I am, I’m from Dark Soul nice dude Where’s part two That shirts about the size of an average wrestling fan. That’s just a large dude they run large Here’s the part two *super intense fighting sounds* What’s this all about It’s your favorite wrestler mister JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHN CENNNNA The Macho Man has been wanting to 1v1 with John cena for a long time Why do you keep doing that fucking voice? oooh I see you looking at the
Macho man in the wrong way, John Cena It’s a heavy weight what do you call it? Heavy weight couch match no elimination, ladder only, money in the bank your opponent John Cena weighing in at 100-200 pounds. its John Cena The Macho Man was in the very first ladder match he actually knows what to do here Macho Man ready for his signature move Oohhh Yeahh Dig It! Now the Macho Man knows that a creepy monster such as yourself, there’s a little bit of nasal drip Yeah he has a little bit of nasal drip… I got just the thing Take it wow a neti pot amazing comes with premium neti salt.. Mmm yeah neti salt. Premium neti salt Of like I’ve Ironically used this before so I don’t understand how this is a- Oh really?Yeah, Oh really? Yeah. Yeah, you get put in the the residue think you have to mix that with water do it I don’t know man might be quite potent. Yeah, just go ahead and do it, dude oh Yeah, what the fuck did you? Forgot some of that in any salt right how could I forget the nutty salt? Well, I’ll get this besides of many causes wow That’s a whole lot of Neddie so what you’re gonna want to do if you have bad nasal drip Or what’s the word mucinex and want to put yeah? fucker did you see well put that in unit Holy fuck holy shit It’s like I just fucking drowned in the salt sea Oh See Wow James, thanks, this really helped clear up my sinuses Wow, I feel so refreshed after that aromatic use of the neti pot as well as this Nutty salt that came with it No problem now Hey episode is sponsored by Valero it’s how you say that how do you say this hey this episode is sponsored by Vince arrow? It’s how you say it Bret. Hey this episode is sponsored Let’s hear a word about that Oh shit, hey this episode is sponsored. Let’s take a look at that ah My uber pool right on time right on top what Oh? Fred what are the odds my man? I thought this was a lyft line. Do you know this is awkward? This is actually a stranger’s car however it is right on time And you know how I know how do you know because I’m wearing my new van Cerro collective watch Whoa it looks just like this one. I mean I’ve learned looks a little different well They’re definitely different, but it’s it’s the van cero brand we went for a different style Julius I have metal band, yeah a little bit Dead body rear, and oh yeah. This is this is a great watch. You know high quality I will say even though this isn’t that I have enjoyed wearing this yeah I mean I can safely say that I’m not just phoning it in You know I haven’t worn a watch regularly since I was in like first grade I ever stood a little Mickey Mouse watch and his little hands pointed and eventually one of his arms came off And I haven’t really worn a watch regularly since but I got this one and I’ve been wearing it everyday I think these actually get marked up – Or could be marked up to almost $500 but you can get them for as cheap as a 100 you can have a nice quality watch around your hand just showing it up Yeah, people will compliment the right people couple mcgerr watch jugo compliment Apple comments at Lindsey you know Lindsey and Trevor each got a watch to listen of their stories I Picked out a beautiful rose gold with a gray band VIN Sarah brand watch, and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it I was out of the bar, and so I some of my girlfriends were like oh hey guys check out my new watch It’s a nice leather design matches my eyes quite well I like to think so matches my arm hair as well a swatch it really reminds me of my dad’s watch I Just really miss my dad Wow what a great story those two how is such a crazy story you can keep going I think there’s a there’s a you can just drive us into the landfill That’s where we’re trying to go today to just be buried with these watches and the landfill then Sarah They’ve got like over three thousand five star reviews Wow 24 month warranty Wow shipping Anyways use the what you’re going to do 15 percent off your first watch go to fencerow collective dot-com /tao chop yes That’s ten Sarah collected calm cow shop start your legacy today with this fucking brand spanking new fence arrow collective watch I guess what they’re keeping us on YouTube so that’s networking Thank You Vince Sarah. Thank you One star rating for you, let me have the car unlock the door. There’s a thing I mocked up about what a great mad read Thanks guys for keep keeping this For keeping us going I was actually bit. Oh, I think these are coming up my nose. I didn’t know existed let’s Present the present oh my god Sorry that was just really bad shut up hold on oh Oh, so I can’t so this isn’t a bit this is Was like concentrated salt in the back of my nostrils, I’m saying Are you filming you’re not talking me just filming me. It’s fucked up That was actually that was some fella Now there’s some legit though. Hey I Don’t one thing that ladies savage love, so do follow me Yeah lady sandwich I Challenge you to a one-on-one So men don’t play basketball, that’s why I guess the fuck you wanna play basketball for the sake of this video pitch Cited the best balls Dropping baskets like I drop the ratings To man as your last gift already Is ready for the second gift I think I want *COUGH* *MORE COUGH* *SPIT* *Aleks dying* *knock knock* Hey jimmy kimmel stand up I gotta get ready Hold on, Jimmy. I’m almost ready Here’s know if you’re ready Hello, Jimmy. I’m almost ready You better you have this you have What we have here Don’t ruin it up. We have here is called a Liana Oh Liquid which is a wit you now get to special insight in the pinata is great a alcohol Pushes the value this gift will take you to new heights as it shows first-class innovation in smuggling innovation I Put the other one over there and Huff it up toss it oh Look at this Happy birthday Kate, why does it say Kate? They fuck up, but it wasn’t supposed to say Kate. Yeah, wasn’t it was it wasn’t even supposed to say happy birthday It’s Kate Did I get someone else’s? The fuck is Kate oh How the birthday Kate yes The fuck is Kate sunwell hours Thank you so much. This is where best gifts I’ve ever gotten oh This one says make Kate’s birthday free again It’s the macho man here telling you, thank you for watching our video, and thank you Kate Happy birthday, Kate. This wasn’t supposed to say Kate if you want to watch some other videos You can check Those out you want to check out our patreon check out our Twitter check out our reddit check out our mercs we got merch oh Yeah, monsoons ice get it sleep Slim Jim

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  1. Hold up….. Having the flag touching the ground is disrespectful, having I️t shortened/changed to be put somewhere also is. So they put I️t on a piñata and smash I️t for candy. Some vets finna fuck u up.

  2. Hey you guys at cow chop are probably never going to read this but I started watching you guys ever since the beginning. My dog bam just recently broke his leg and we cannot fix it the best option we have is to put him down. I just wanna say thanks for all the laughs as always.

  3. I did not think they could top the last year's haloween episode. Boy was i fucking wrong. This might be my favorite cow chop video ever.

  4. 5:40 confused me, I saw buffering and paused and saw my video was already loaded ahead, confused, I unpause it and get jumped.

  5. All the edits are amazing and that shadow in the background actually scared me for a second. Oh, and also Trevor got a nice ass watch

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