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H3 Podcast #38 – Hila Klein

H3 Podcast #38 – Hila Klein

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  1. I'm way too late, but the women gave consent to Louis CK. Ethan and Hila should read about the situation before they say he's dead and paint him as a sexual assaulter. The reason why it's still bad is that he had "power" over them. Does that mean they couldn't say no? Idk.

  2. Hila sure does add her own kind of element! She is quite intriguing to hear and she is pretty cool on this show ^_^

  3. The minute I have extra money I'm buying the teddy fresh dog hoodie for my cat. And one of the pullovers. Ive looked through the teddy fresh line a few times and just LOVE it. The coolest thing about the line is that the whole thing has a cohesive aesthetic, which isn't true of urban outfitters or h&m really. Maybe a little bit, but Teddy has the coolest aesthetic that I feel really fits my taste, and the taste of many in this generation :). I cant wait to one day have a few pieces

  4. now do one with Hila interviewing Ethan, at least for a cupple of minuts, would be a great change in dinamics i think, and to see hila pusshing her self to the extreme 🙂

  5. I’m Israeli and it is amazing all the innovation we have “made?” “Progresses?” Not sure how to put it. But yeah Americans like to think they know everything about Israel but until you’ve been there and know the ins and outs, you don’t really know. Even I don’t completely know. My parents do for sure. Buts it’s not black or white like Hila said.

  6. לא יאמן שפאקינג הילה מh3h3 היא ישראלית
    וואו זה פשוט מדהים

  7. Israel is a violent apartheid state. Israel for the Jews and only Jews. We built them a wall and won't build ourselves one. We also go to war for them and they are a giant welfare baby of ours. It needs to change. I can't remember who said it but he was alarmed at the idea of multi-culturalism for Israel but he was concerned that perhaps Israel could become only 75% Jewish. Not to mention French Jews lobbied HARD for Muslism migration then 5K of then fled to Israel because of rising Anti-Semitism. Also, 109 countries, guys? Sometimes it's not everyone else.

    Saying all that…most Jews, despite being as tribal as many of us are, are fine and I don't hate Jews. In fact, you two are some of my favorites along with Shapiro. There is however, dangerous Zionism among the powerful to contend with and any Congresspeople with dual citizenship should be disqualified to serve in the US.

  8. Ethan is 30 looks homeless and like he hasn't taken a shower in weeks. Breh you look rough for 33. Boring ass monotone voice non entertaining.

  9. Israel's beef with their neighbors is none of my business but the billions in welfare the US sends them using my tax money kind of is. Especially considering that Israel has universal health care and no crippling student loan debt.

  10. I am genuinely jealous of your love for one another. Congratulations on all your success and your new baby! Much love, and jealously, but mostly love. PEACE!

  11. I relate with hila on the art scene and whenever I hear music or read a book I am blown away with, I run away as fast as possible because I know It will rub off on me. It is completely exhausting, I agree.

  12. Listen, I love these peeps,. but defending Israel's actions against their own people based on their ethnicity/religion is fucked up.

  13. hey i know its not great to subtitle a whole podcast but come the fuck on dude my argentinian niece could do a better job. i mean i dont want to hate at all but do it fine or dont do it i mean u for real take it out of all context its really clear that it is done like by a translator and u put it out to listen and write but idk check it if is ok or makes any sense at all.

  14. I really like Hila, she’s so interesting and sweet and smart. I respect her personality and personally I love and appreciate when she opens up.

  15. Hila, you are beautiful through and through! Nice to find out a little of the back story for the “H” in H3! Love You!

  16. Hey guys, I'm a big fan and have been for a while… I do gotta say though, I don't think the criticism towards Israel is necessarily about the status of Jerusalem or the division of a potential collective between Israel and Palestine… I think it has more to do with (1) the genocide of Palestinians that has both directly and indirectly resulted from Israeli military action and (2) the very corrupt relationship between the US and Israel that has started and funded many wars to benefit the world's 1%. With that said, I don't agree either that someone's origen and/or socio-economic background should inhibit their opinion from being valid or a well informed one. I'm from the US but haven't lived there for a while- even if the people around me have never stepped foot in my country, I respect that their own experiences and social education may have given them a different but equally important perspective when considering the implications of my government's political actions. Obviously being an American has come to inform a large part of my own individual identity (in both good and bad ways), but not so much that it would make me think that, as an American, only my opinion is valid when discussing the effects my country has had and continues to have on world affairs, which is kind of what I'm hearing from ya'll right now… I get it’s complicated, and I get it sucks to have people coming at you just for being from somewhere (I'm from the world's most hated country and am reminded of it almost daily)… But there are people who have educated themselves on the issues as well as people who have dedicated their entire lives and careers to just that. Anyways, I really love you guys and I hope you don't hate me for this rant. I love hearing from you Hila and think you are a totally badass woman that I have lots of respect for as a listener and a viewer.

  17. I love Hila!!!! This interview just made me love her even more. You’re amazing Hila and I love how smart and levelheaded you are. You have a ton of empathy and always have something great to say. I know it’s hard having the spotlight on you but you deserve it and deserve to be heard! ❤️❤️

  18. You know whats really fuckin CRAZY. I was just thinking about the podcast and you guys and i have recently become a fan and wondered what you guys thought of louie ck and then this is the FIRST video on youtube recommended. Now that is wacky

  19. She wont say it but…muslims be fucking crazy and they hate Jews. And wall worled for them we need one here. To cut down on drugs, crime, gangs, and human trafficking.

  20. No Palestinian view lol poor Israelis you occupied land , now crocodile tears , get used to it , if my land would be occupied I’ll fight too !!

  21. Our history is the most fucked up thing, and people get taught to keep remembering it!

    We need to start teaching the younger generations that the phuture is what it's all about!!!!!!!!!

    LIKE come on people, this world has the potential to be utopia and if we don't try to take this at one point in time. THIS CHANCE WILL BE WASTED ONE DAY!!!!

    (sorry for the emotional comment but it fucking hurts)

  22. I’m so happy that I’m not the only other person that can’t pronounce brother

    But English is also my first language

    And I say brother a lot
    And mess up a lot

  23. 2nd comment
    This entire podcast I was smiling because of how happy I am for y’all

    The segment where y’all talked about people talking about having a baby was so fun and talking about your parents

    I can’t explain how happy I am y’all and what you’ve done
    Hila is the CEO of a company and they both have fun with their other job YouTube
    Keep on doing what y’all love because me and many others will always support

    This probably isn’t the best place to write this on a year old video

  24. I always feel nervous for Hila like she doesn’t know what to say sometimes. She’s so cute and and smart and just great all along I’m glad she’s more confident now.

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