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Guns of Glory: 2nd Anniversary!

Guns of Glory: 2nd Anniversary!

Hi guys, Guns of Glory is now celebrating their second anniversary! It’s been an amazing year thanks to you! More than 428 Kingdoms worldwide and an additional 72 Kingdoms in Guns of Glory Asia. 2210 players have upgraded their Castle to level 40 to this point. 5005 players have managed to upgrade their Airship to level 70! Tons of battles worldwide have occurred with over 1 billion kills! The Palace has been occupied more than 13,909 times! There have been more than 6091 Kings who have proven to be a worthy King. Many Red Guard Rallies have been launched since the beginning and until today with over 132 million Rallies! With the help from fellow members over 5 million Bounties have been raised! It’s very fascinating to see all these incredible numbers that you all have accomplished! Thanks for watching, bye!

Reader Comments

  1. So sad I had to quit Guns of Glory, it was my best game ever….. But was constantly playing it and started losing it time……. Happy Anniversary GoG.


    SMFH CEOs and Game writers must be having a blast with all those STDS running around the office 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  3. I am officially writing now. I am waiting for a response from the support for the Kingdom 411 . Mike Andres EUROPEAN Press Agency

  4. I'm still mad I couldn't get that airship castle…. was to late to do anything during the last day. Still mad now

  5. It's still being great with GOG. Happy Anniversary!
    Anyway, I am on behalf of many other players wish GOG would consider to transformate Killing Event with another constructive event which is phsycologically better as human being. Thanks in advance🙏

  6. This games is fun but not for my bank account, doh! Thanks for another year of some epic battles and wars! See you guys on the battle field. Happy 2nd year anniversary. This is my first strategy app game and I’m still hooked. 🎣🎣🎣

  7. Lets get rid of in kingdom killing. Lets see events that promote kingdoms working together. Also lets see more work on getting rid of bot accounts.

  8. This games got too expensive, moderators do nothing about complaints against players causing trouble and that’s because those same players are big money spenders!! This is causing good players to quit leaving dead castles in the wake! Kingdom 73 for example used to be a great kingdom but in recent months players like “snake freeman” are making peoples lives a misery in game. Yes we know it’s a war game but to have a minority decide how things will be and dominate others is wrong!
    Moderators need to get off their lazy backsides and help!!

  9. Anyone else notice that when the lady says over 1 billion kills? Uhm… The number is over 1 trillion 😂😂

  10. Really look at these comments GoG…….have a good hard long look! Without us, you have no game………please listen

  11. I laughed at the stats I thought yer I helped players for what…. Nuthing c30 and c40 lol now how many boosted off other players to be in them stats 🤔….

  12. Mi jueguito que me ayuda en la vida a no tener depresión feliz de ser parte de este mundo saludos de Chile 🇨🇱😁

  13. Its funny to see the next video being the top 5 reasons to quit the game. Maybe you guys shoudl think about an influencers kit like a normal company instead of using facebook and youtube in this manner where ou have zero positive control. contact me when you want to step up to a professional platform for influence.

  14. lol with all the money they make, they wouldn’t even pay 2 models, instead opted for a wig and awkwardness 😅

  15. You guy need to really look at what players are putting on your reviews… I have nothing nice to say about this game anymore….

  16. That Video is really badly made.. This girl is just appearing and disappearing. Not smooth in the slightest. And it's not presented very well

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