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why is your on there boy what's up how's that leg doing I'm just doing coming I've been worried about you something fearful so you're okay all right it's good to see you my friend what the hell are you people don't hear my words man no intruders ohhhh intruders start bleep with down the gun please put down the gun sir I understand your security guard let's go come on what are you doing and I want it there Geneo on the captain or whatever the hell you're talking about this is getting to be regard am diculous this line hasn't moved in an hour you know what is big boy in the corner oh you know what I love me some pancakes I think that night watchman had too much to drink this one minute how's your leg boy good night quietly this line took forever how much is this bus I'll be honest these prices are we got damn diculous hurry up haha you know I am this can't be happening this boy this can't be happening yeah how are you here you're supposed to be dead take my money just go away this is ridiculous hello finally good to be back at work put your eyes up now really you're gonna try this you're gonna try with that let's kill me pull this what kind of guns you got for sale here hey hey honey come on I need done I'm gonna drink some beer and go out shoot man it's ten o'clock well it's almost at least ah the night I know the Night Watch one's gonna be coming I better shut this down to its legs closed that's the last thing I need just got into work I hope everything slide around this place I'm trying to get in his gun store I know I could steal some stuff in here nobody around here Lou something over here wait at this time a night Oh units all units suspect 5 30 10 hose down

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