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Gun Safety: Glock 31 : Gun Safety: Identify Glock 31 Ammunition Caliber

Gun Safety: Glock 31 : Gun Safety: Identify Glock 31 Ammunition Caliber

In this clip we’re going to talk about identifying
the caliber of ammunition. The one thing about several firearms is that you have the opportunity
or mis-opportunity to load improper ammunition into the firearm. What we’re going to do is
show you how to identify the caliber of ammunition. The glock31 is a 357sig caliber. The misconception
or the mistake that can be made often is that you can also have a 40 Smith and Wesson barrel
that could load into this firearm as well. One way to identify or the way I usually do
it to identify the caliber of ammunition to use, is if when you close the firearm one
thing you’ll have, and I’m going to show you real quick here. On the side of the slide
it will tell you, and let me just show you real quick, right on the side it says 357sig,
that doesn’t necessarily always mean that you are loading 357sig. However, the tell
tale sign of the caliber that you’re using would be right up here. Let me show you this.
The barrel itself and I’m going to put it right here for you to take a look, the barrel
says 357 on it. Now with this you know, and reason why I’m telling you this is that sometimes
you can load a get another barrel, and have a 40 Smith and Wesson barrel, or a 357sig
barrel, and have two calibers out of one firearm. That makes a lot of people that are in the
shooting trade or in the shooting sports enjoy this firearm more. Because they have more
than one caliber that they can go to. But in doing so you want to ensure what caliber
you’re shooting, and that is the tell tale way to identify the caliber of ammunition
you’re shooting.

Reader Comments

  1. well if you listen, its not confusing at all. he said if you read the barrel and it says 357, it can fire 357.. if it has a 40, you can shoot 40… im pretty sure he knows exactly what hes talking about and his message was very clear to me.

  2. He couldn't have said it more clearly. Maybe you just need to get an education so you can understand what's going on.

  3. So I can go buy a Glock .357 sig barrel and it will drop into my Glock 22 without any adjustments, except changing bullets in my mag.

    And if this is correct. I DO NOT have to buy a aftermarket barrel (lone wolf, bar sto, etc..). I can just go buy a Glock .357 sig barrel.

    What would you recommend — (aftermarket or factory for this conversion) and if aftermarket which kind is best for accuracy and reliability.

    Thanks — nice vid.

  4. @RoyalAlba1 No. You shoot .40cal and if you want to shoot .357sig in a G22 then swap out the barrels. You can still use the same mags and everything else.

  5. @SmithOfGear92 The FBI needed a new round and 10mm (monster round) was created. The bullet was too much so they cut it about in half. This created the 40cal bullet. SigSauer (Firearms manufacturer) decided to take a 40cal bullet and make it even better. So they necked down the casing (to increase velocity) and because the neck was shrunk a 9mm bullet head would fit. This was the birth of the .357sig

    10mm Grandfather
    40cal Son
    357sig Grandson

    The .357sig is accurate and deadly more than 45ACP

  6. @ScopedOUT2 – thanks. I went ahead and bought the LW barrel in .357 sig. I found on a forum – Love it. Of course ammo is a little more, but I knew this before buying.

  7. @ASSDECUBITUS Good job. I wish I could get to you earlier. I checked out Hicock45's video and he said he did the same a while back, but found that in order for the gun to be 100% realible, he had to change out the extractor and extractor springs or something. I would contact Glock and seek they're advice and see what they have to say.

    However, hes the only I've heard say such a thing about swapping out the extractor and extractor springs.

  8. @ScopedOUT2 – I have heard it was necessary to make those changes for a G22 to G17 (40 – 9mm) conversion. However, that is the first I have heard of this for the 40 to .357 sig. — I've also read the mag followers are slightly different in the G22 & G31 mags. Thanks for the info. I watch is video's on occassion, I will keep my eye out for it.
    Have you done the same conversion?

  9. @ASSDECUBITUS Not yet, I'm really considering it. However, Glock GEN 4 has introduced double springs on the G22 to really dampen the recoil and I'm considering swapping my current G22 for a GEN4 G22 and then make the upgrades. The new recoil dampening is much needed in those snappy, but great rounds.

  10. @ScopedOUT2 – I never really found the .357sig had anymore "snap" than a 9mm, but that just my opinion. I didn't know Glock Gen 4 had a double spring system. The double spring works very nice in the 50 DE.

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