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Gun Gripes Episode 76: Milsurps Suck

Gun Gripes Episode 76: Milsurps Suck

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  1. I’m a big fan of historical or period based movies, Raiders of the lost ark, The mummy (1999), Quigley down under, Tombstone, Young guns 1 and 2. If I were to make movies like that, I would definitely be on the look out for milsurp guns.

  2. Alvin York had to trade in his 03 Springfield before he was shipped over seas. He was then issued an m1917 Enfield, but he did like his 03 better than his "British gun". It was more accurate.

  3. Ok so forgive me for being a big un informed but I am here to learn. Where do they come from? Where they used in the war? Did they just make to many and they came from factories? Id Love to know because I personally love military surplus guns especially the mosin due to it's price and reliability

  4. I recently bought a SMLE MK III* built in 1915, I just cleaned out the cosmoline and it fires like its brand new

  5. I own a Type 53 Mosin and I would put it up against any other bolt action rifle, milsurp or otherwise. I think the quality is better than the Russian.

  6. I’m a milsurp collector and appreciate them but that doesn’t mean that most milsurps are garbage especially the mosin

  7. This video is so true I have a Chinese sks made in 1956 and here we are in 2019 and that rifle may not look pretty it’s got some dings and whatever but it shoots great as good as any modern rifle it may not have the accuracy of a modern a.r15 but I’ll tell you what it’s just as reliable hell maybe more.and then you factor the history of these milsurps if these guns could talk kinda thing

  8. Barry's monologues always leave me thinking "that's so cool!" and I have to pause the video all the time to Google a cool weapon or person.

  9. AK's were designed with the help of the Germans. The Russians will not admit it. They liked the look and feel of the STG44 and improved the internals of the rifle. Most people who don't know much about guns will get the STG44 confused with the AK.

  10. The only regret I have for being a milsurp collector is that I did not start early enough. I started about 6 to 7 years ago. Even since then almost all the firearms I bought (rifles) have at least doubled in retail value, some tripled. Some of my treasures I have had to pay up for. Swiss K31 very good condition 895. jungle carbine #5 650.00 with matching bayonet, the rest were very good prices. Just one example I scored a SVT40 for about 300.00 about 3 years ago. Anyway love to watch the old gun vids and keep up the hard work.

  11. They seem like a whole lot of bang for your buck. And the cultural significance is undeniable. I'd buy one.

  12. Let's keep the prices down. I need a good price on a mosin m91/30. don't tell ppl they are awesome. lol. Great video and yeah knowing what was done with these guns really promotes respect for the sacrifice of the fallen.

  13. I really want a M1 Garand. I like the history behind them. Knowing someone who was fighting for your rights before you were even born with the rifle you are holding just means a LOT to me. They are just a little expensive for me at the moment. I do want one in decent condition. But the better condition rifles are still kinda pricey. I’m on the lookout for them though.

  14. The gun is just a's people that kill. Well a hammer is also a tool but there would be few nails banged in without that tool. If you were trying to stop nails being hammered in you'd ban the hammer. Why is it that gun advocates won't admit that more guns in society creates more gun crime? I think that it is an unsolvable problem in American culture and I am against banning guns but I still can admit that it's a big problem….with no workable solution.

  15. With milsurp rifles (like all used weapons), you got to check it for condition. But there are a lot of good military rifles that will give you great value.

  16. Just because a gun is old and beat up doesn't mean it's crap. If it can still throw lead down range, it's still an effective weapon.

  17. People love to make fun of my arisaka. Meanwhile i shoot a grape fruit sized group at 100 yards with hand loads.

  18. It's people that don't know anything about guns . That's why they don't like surplus. To me most surplus is better made that new guns.

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