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GTA Online Heists – All you need to know – Hot Topic #7

GTA Online Heists – All you need to know – Hot Topic #7

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  1. The yacht is exactly the same one from Max Payne 3. Check out 10:31, then search "yacht max Payne 3" on Google image . They even didn't change the position of the sofas . The good thing is that I like that yacht :/

  2. Now the real question is….

    Will people actually join the heists missions? Because every time I start a mission that requires two or more people, not shit joins. 


    I wish to buy GTA5 for PC. My only question is, will I get the Pre-purchase bonuses that you would get for pre-purchasing the game for PS4/Xbox1 if I pre-purchase it.

    I would have ordered it now, but non of my local game stores seems to have it. Heck the only one that did openly sell pre-orders closed down recently. So I'm afraid that if I want it now, I'm going to have to order it online. So I'm just wondering if it is worth the fuzz? or if I should just wait until it comes to stores at the 27th.

  4. Can i just take this time to say Happy New Year
    And thanx you so much for all your hard work you do – i love all you video and cant get enough of them
    Mayb when your bored one day you could do "GTA:london-1979" 
    Bring on 2015 #heists  

  5. Imagine if after succeeding in a few Online heists, you can select your online character as a crew member in the singleplayer campaign.

  6. If the heists are gonna take more then 1 IRL hour then the take May be more then the max we can take per heist most likely it could be 2500000$ as rockstar said

  7. Have you noticed that the area on the board were the total money is shown has a circle surrounding it showing what portion will go to each. It seems the leader gets about half of the cut where the rest divide the other half in three.

  8. I reckon this looks good for the pay.

    $350,000 Total
    Leader: 35%
    Hacker: 20%
    Gunman: 25%
    Driver: 20%

    About $80,000-$120,000 for 40-60 minutes (depending on role). (missions would give around $84,000 every 50 minutes, one mission, if you take about 15 minutes (or 10 minutes idk) and will give about $28,000). (or 35 minutes instead of 50 minutes for other thing).

  9. Good Job Rockstar – release dlc for a game that should have been available at launch a whole year and a half after it's relevant. Take notes Bungie, you're gonna need this for your super successful TEN YEAR Destiny Plan

  10. Probably too early to ask, but I need two people with microphones on ps3 who would do these heists with me and a friend. I promise we wont screw you over. At least I wont   

  11. Good Job Rockstar – release dlc for a game that should have been available at launch a whole year and a half after it's relevant. Take notes Bungie, you're gonna need this for your super successful TEN YEAR Destiny Plan

  12. I spent 500 thousand dollars to buy the highlife apartment (it didn't take alot of time to get that money, I never understood why people have trouble getting cash). Should have gone cheaper but its too late now. I bought the house to use for heists. I don't know if my old 250k house would be suitable for that type of work but I'm going to guess the highlife is the apartment considering that it has a big empty wall in the studio room where I'm guessing most of the planning will be done. I like the house, I look like someone out of level 100 but I am only level 76. I would have bought the home in Del Perro, but I wanted to show how much of a wealthy prick I am. I am going to take full advantage of the place and be a heist leader risking my cash on 250k (Thats half of the 500k, I assume the leader gets about half while the crew members get to split the other 250k equally). I will run my own operations I hope it will be fun but I only have three friends I play with and one is way below my level he is a level 45 and doesn't have much just a cheap home and two garages a Comet that set him back pretty far. But none the less I will think about including him. I'm really excited for the heists and have prepared myself. Hope all the preparation was worth it.

  13. The guy people think is "Geoff" that isn't him! Geoff (doms pilot from SM) is Australian, but when you here that guy's voice in the trailer he's american. Just saying.

  14. Gtaseries chill the fuck out. You should already expect rockstar and there sence of humor. To be honest though we kinda weren't ready, we barely are now because u could go to a heist set up and play with randoms and they will all die instantly

  15. I need really loyal friends who are really great at shooting for the heists so if you have Gta v then please add me.
    My Gamertag is : AmroJenius360

  16. I love this channel….. And yes, I know I'm a bit late…lol! Better late than never, eh?….
    I'm new (sort of). I'm gripping up my second PS3. I had one back in 2007-8 (when they only had about 75-100 games for the console…lol) but I had to sell it when times got hard and it took this long for things to get sort of good enough for me to get back into gaming. I used to be a hardcore gamer and have always loved the GTA series (Vice City is my favorite). So I'm very happy that I now have this game coming to me tomorrow. I can't wait to do all this stuff(getting part 4 as well.)… When I'm done playing catch-up on PS3, then I'll leap to the 4. Feels good to be back, especially seeing what I've missed. I purposely stayed away from watching stuff like this because it depressed me. But now I'm actually amazed at what I've missed…. Hopefully within about a year I'm back to where I was headed when I left. Sort of back on top of it all. Anyhow, I love these videos. They've definitely caught me up some and helped in terms of what I'll be coming upon in terms of online gameplay.(and yes, I know they stopped anything new in terms of updates for PS3, I still need to play catch up. PS4 will come soon enough).

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