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chef’s you can put the new cars into
your personal garage oh that’s awesome that’s awesome alright I think this one
here because this isn’t you oh what’s that
is there any difference on all of these other than just being a two million
dollar banker guys we gonna get the most expensive alright I don’t care about
nothing like peace out homey and all that stuff let’s see what the comments
is they’re all the same okay Dustin I saw that I saw that so it’s a matter of
location right it’s just a matter of location then why do I get the one near
Trevor’s airfield bunker style what are we going
to go for are we going for that yellow look that was in this looks a little bit
like the warehouses in the division I don’t know reminds me of that or not
this is a blue look and this is the crappy look if you don’t have any money
banker style three will go for the yellow because it relates a little bit
to the channel look at the difference on prices to 215 to 90 damn alright
personal quarters yeah we need that we need that we got the money 260 G now you
guys are looking at the money at the top because I want you guys to see how much
money we’re going to spend I want you to see our then people are saying blue
alright I’ll listen to you I’ll take blue I’ll think oh I’m looking at the
comments in between I’m looking at the comments there you go we’ll go for the
blue there everybody says blue keep keep the comments coming okay keep the
comments coming cuz I’m doing what you guys are saying shooting range we need
we need a shooting range alright you Sheriff sucks at shooting so which one
are we taking black or white give me some votes in the chat right now white
is going for 849 black is going for 740 of course you’re probably going to have
better visibility here but we’ll see somebody say Oscar is saying yellow
everybody wooded blue let’s see oh we’re putting everything shame everything
Oscar saying black top I saying white we got black versus white one on one we got
another white white everybody’s staying white the most
expensive all right let’s go for white all right all right keep the votes
coming how about the gun locker we’re putting the gun locker we want our guns
in here even though it doesn’t make any difference at the end we’re putting the
gun locker here how about transportation this is my transportation dude come on
come on with the big-ass truck I want a mobile truck too – stupid golf
carts with one of them that’s got the vamper 120,000 dollars which one are we
taking which one are we taking we think the one with a bumper so we can run
people over we might as well go full expensive here guys transportation I
thought there’s gonna be like a big-ass truck all right so here is that you guys
want to caddy – yeah we got the Caddy to three million point eight down the drain
booyah baby give me my bunker all right we went for blue like you guys wanted
buy that shit joint we need we need to check out the clothes we need to check
out the masks look lip and anyway I’m me and you’re
you and that’s that funny we’re selling this silly old place not that it’s ever
been used for anything inappropriate of course it wasn’t just routine business
that needs a bunker you know it is don’t you
anyway we’re just moving this somewhere else equally routine yeah hurry the fuck
up we have to leave come on destroy anything you can’t carry Oh
anyway if I were you I can make it a nice boutique hotel or some such it’d be
great is that microbrewery record deck hog roast perfect hello yes yes we’re
almost done no no we’ve destroyed everything more or less what are you
talking about do it but don’t do it what are you a
fucking fortune cookie pig I will call you back so listen I’ve how
would you like to make some money good money you know there’s no money in hog
row but there is in this work right stop destroying things some of you are
staying let’s go for a little ride Shelly it’s really lovely to meet you as you can see we got ample room for
parking here’s a space for a mobile operation Center you want to buy one on
war stock got it anyway we’re on a strict schedule and this is your shooting range for
target practice team bonding I can’t hear myself say hey hey hey leave the
range up when you’re done we’re keeping the equipment get the point mr. exit give me a sec shit just
reversed not gonna miss these corridors okay here we go here we are the heart of the place
research and manufacturing you want to make real money dirty little secret for
you it’s in arms log into the network requests to
resupply and bring the hardware back here
eggheads will take it apart cook up new exciting ways of terminating people or
just give them a copy existing designs then you sell your weaponry to state
sanctioned actors on the global stage make a tidy profit and do the country
proud I got medals for this I promise you come
look at this I saw people we need this out of here
five minutes ago you run a good operation you fill the whole place up
enough arms to effect regime change in two thirds of the world’s democracies
according to the stat out of that sound and tastic is house down Jesus gotta get out of here the bombing
coming tomorrow I mean I don’t know doesn’t matter
it’s been wonderful remember we never met you never saw me I don’t know you
and anything you think I said I didn’t say and you were delusional remember
that I’ll be in touch you’re a hero

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  1. Sup YaSquad👊🏼👍🏼👌🏼 Yo sherif what was the warning screen you said you got when you got on GTA, i tried to ask you in the stream but you didn't see my comment😂

  2. I could really use some help getting money! I used a lot of mine on a motorcycle club. you ROCK on your videos dude!! man if you can help in any way it would be greatly appreciated. #bocephus1322

  3. 🔴Expensive !!! I Spent all 10mil in about 2 minuets. Now I don't even have enough $ to get a haircut. 🤣

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