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GSA Dealer Auto Auction Car Truck Surplus and Dealers Trade ins

GSA Dealer Auto Auction Car Truck Surplus and Dealers Trade ins

one owner car guy one owner car guy calm had an SS San Diego Auto oxen stinkin tied me up at the front desk for so long I wasn't able to get the cars I wanted trucks and I have been looking at these sucker don't run very good seriously don't come to adesso San Diego you can't avoid it unfortunately it's the one that's in my town I did come specifically to look at this one though he's certainly sorry now they had all kinds of stuff back there the pictures that pieces miss them too this could go cheap I don't know why they've gotta the other thing about this one is it's a government truck it's a GTV fuck super sports kind of cool city was smashed on the front one of them not that one huh okay well I'm actually gonna shoot right back up watch them chargers I think I see him coming through the hell is that stinking Maas there something maybe is there massa Wow nice vet nice Mustang whoo nice challenger over there I don't know how far you can see all I see is this little thing in my eye Chargers are coming up pretty quick could even be on the Block right now one of them I just a little bit over it because well I that skirt made in our cars here I think 250 it went through that time I walk in the door so I just totally missed most of my fucking my auction you need Jemison Diesel's go through for them ones on the block and one coming up [Applause] [Applause] by the thing 392 Jimmy see that's to the five thousand dollar highway runner I'm looking at fourteen to twenty thousand dollars supercar I wouldn't say that that's not as close okay it's getting close to get into them bets and Mustangs nowadays with four to six hundred horse okay well I'm gonna do a little bit of looking around I actually might go back in and catch that little calendar thing that was cool Exodus quite a few then I was supposed to have here but they were actually totally ruined my entire auction trip here today it's just 100% ruined sitting there arguing with people over fees that had already been paid three years three years and they held me up and wouldn't let me in until I so you see what I deal with yeah yeah yeah now these usually they read unsticking room from this side daddy still got the light bars and everything somebody sprayed up the wheels are tired yeah they'll take the light bars off and stuff this caddy I guess they didn't get it it was supposed to be here today in this auction it still will be see what I mean how am I gonna use this motor on just again Wow holy Wow yeah I'm like a mess man seriously the windows work wow you have to have a break on a no yet to the ignition on this year and a break on I gotta get a picture just gotta get a picture getting a little 14 or 15 is on that one owner car guy one owner car guy home if you haven't subscribed or added me here whatever the heck you do on Instagram you should all kinds of cool pictures and stuff thanks for watching have a great day or night whatever it is wherever you are one owner car guy for ya that paint job man it's in great shape I don't think it's original it's pretty darn old yeah it looks good Rosen starting there this is a clean classic black plate tags way out stupid something newer and stupider ye 182 do you realize how far out that is they might even run them Border Patrol things through no they're not dinner yeah we'll just start here and go down well we don't miss the Challenger so we'll check out this here SUV with a tire on top of it I guess work in the suspension and the gears Wow dry rock all that extra oxen stuff oh yeah it's had some work done in government cars they all had full things – gasps it's your money give it away now right there's a difference on Mustangs and stuff like that to me it's like that's one that is a project for someone that's a cool car neat little weekend Cruiser something somebody wants to fix up it's not the most beautifully perfectly maintained Mustang in the world it's just a nice little GT and for a muscle car honestly somebody into some kind of someone else I mean if that makes any sense I mean you can't try and sell somebody a 66 Chevelle that's all rusted out and can't use it for in big 12 grand and you just can drive a thing this is the resting beast here somebody just put hell of paint they paint this with a paint roller when you hear

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  1. That caddy is clean I like watching this guy's videos pretty cool Chicago Illinois like that Mercedes S600 with a peanut butter leather interior that is gorgeous thinking about buying that

  2. GTV on the Caddy? Drug seizure. The USMS will grab them in one region, move them and use them for field work in another area then auction them once finished with them. Not weird

  3. Fun video with tons of cool cars but I kept thinking, I'll take any of the newer Corollas, change the oil regularly, and drive it for the next 20 years. 

  4. I'm thinking about going to one of these to get a car in the near future but I have a few questions. Will I get some good deals? Also how do you actually bid on the car do you just raise your hand or something? Sorry if these are dumb questions I've never been to any of these. 

  5. The 69 Cadillac looked nice at a glance but the roof was rough under the vinyl.  The roof had already been replaced once, so there could have been a bondo/rust nightmare under the vinyl.  It is a high option car though.  

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