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Green Mountain Rangers : Loadout Video

Green Mountain Rangers :  Loadout Video

what's going on everybody it's rolling from the Green Mountain Rangers back again give you another little video about some of our best and second line setups I'm going to go through the finer points of our gear how we set it up what products we use and why we use them so you know it's going to be a good summarization of all the different stuff that we have on our kit so let's get into it all right so let's get into our vest the vest that we're currently running is the LBT 1694 a it's in coyote brown if it's small and medium plates we're going to just go over some basic components on how we set it up so let's take a look we chosen they'll be t69 for a because it's a very shooter friendly best it has nice high cuts hugging your upper arm so you can punch the gun out very slim mission profile so you carry just what you need right up in front one thing that we added right away is the Eagle Industries shoulder pads they're a little bit wider than the standard 1694 AAS they're definitely more comfortable they don't feel the weight bearing on your traps as much and they have a flip open with Velcro so you can run your accessories room another thing that we added I personally deleted the cover blown I don't like having anything under my shoulders like having my my arms being right against my chest so I can tuck in I we had the sk d tactical this is the pig elastic plate carrier strap so it's even when you're running it's very comfortable and can wear it for a long period of time and not feel the stress the play carrier crushin on your chest we also started utilizing the kangaroo pouch we have a Greenmount Ranger gear kangaroo insert that's holding three and four magazines we also added the blue force gear triple on the outside the elastic kind we run this because it allows each magazine to have its own pouch for attention so when you get one magazine out you don't have another loose magazine in a double pouch that you can lose on the run it also allows you to get a magazine back into your vest very easily if you look at the way that we have our magazine set up I have these four magazines set up for my strong side reload I have these two for my we can reload when I reload with my left hand my weapons on my left shoulder these magazines allow me to have immediate action reloads for my reaction side this is the LBT small admin pouch great little pouch or just put anything you want to keep safe when you run around playing got my parky my iphone in here but you can put chem-lights or any other documents that you need to hold these the Eagle Industries shoulder pads they allow you to have these det-cord elastic loops so they give the opportunity to run chem-lights or any type of electronic cord that you want to organize on my shoulder you see I have the adventure light VIP stroke its visible and IR so allows me to have an IR strobe as well as a light to indicated it some of the guys on the crew rock the red V light for their their dead call you'll see them go have them on their right shoulders I have the original bag pull ms2 sling this is a sling that I'm currently using I chose the sling because it allows for easy transition of left to right shoulder and a quick disconnect to go from one point to a two point I utilize my Eagle industry shoulder pads to run my sling my comms and my hydration tube through so I don't feel anything probably on my neck this is the new OMS 3 sling very similar setup same features but it allows a look acquire since all the hardware is made out of polymer now little bit thicker of a strap a little more comfortable this is my comm set up very simple low pro using the surveillance ear wrap type with the ambidextrous PTT place behind my admin pouch I added a surefire earbud so it floats in my ear is very multiple this is our back panel setup for our 1694 a the Eagle Industries module assault pack or map and to Green Mountain Ranger gear bag reducers these are our custom Kydex products Green Mountain Ranger gear bag our holsters compatible with impact grenade thunder these smoke canisters as well as I'm a teens this is the green mountain range or modified Eagle mini-map this is an unmodified version it's a little bit longer about 2 or 3 inches when you start putting a lot of weight in it everything is going to gravitate towards the bottom you get that fluffy map syndrome when you're running swing back and forth with our modified version hold everything you need nice and tight and extremely balanced and fits quite nice and neat in the back profile of your bust our callsign tags or from AWS they're visible glow-in-the-dark and reverse ir we rock them on the back of the map so you can see directly who's in front of you identify our crew and we also run them on the left side of our helmet so we can see scan quickly and ID our guys on the inside of our vest we have the eschaton cake plate carrier pontoons they're more for comfort than anything else they sit on the inside your plate carrier so that your plate isn't sitting directly against your spot I threw on my second line real fast this is how we have it set up as our see Tom's M harness we carry two dominant side pistol reloads two dominant side rifle reloads this is the CSM mini dump pouch I see Tom's pouch concealing my leg loops for my harness a cream wrapper Ranger gear gunfighter holster for safe 2 to 6 I don't carry a weak sock reload on my belt that's why I have my magazine set up for my left-hand reload for my rifle on my vest as you can see we don't have anything on our legs we stopped running a drop leg holster because we found very cumbersome very annoying for a long period of time we like everything hit mounted directly on our belt right fast access so we can get to it quickly this is my helmet setup this is a Mitch 2000 in 10 this is my pvs-14 with my neuro dos I nvg mount to my contour HD helmet cam I run my contour HD with velcro because it's very streamline sits nice into my helmet and if I was ever to knock it off it's not going to damage my camera I'm currently running to strobe systems I have our survival strobe which is our brighter and s2000 then I also have our V light which is great for inside rooms or you know moving through a bunch of different buildings because it does not wash out the knowledge because it's not as bright and it has two settings constant on pen stroke these standard mich goggle retention straps are great just for allowing to have my PI downs nice and neat and QD as you can see all my accessories are dummy corded down to my gear loop so just for retention purposes so I don't lose anything these are the ESS goggles that we modified to operate or cut easy to put on and off we're going to get into another video how you can modify your own but a great setup for just keeping them stowed and then put them on wick is my heavy chief counterweight pouch I have some batteries a weight and a vis 17 panel in there I have the counterweight pouch just to have a little bit of weight in the back of my helmet so when running the goggles keeps everything nice and balanced and just so I have a couple batteries about or need them and then as we discussed before this is our AWS call-sign patch visible NIR on the inside of my helmet I have the sky vex pad set and the ops core head lock system chinstrap the ops core chinstrap is a great upgrade especially when you're running nods very comfortable bunch of fine adjustment points I'm wearing the edge configuration and it's extremely comfortable deathly recommended we upgraded to the sky Dex pad set it's very comfortable doesn't retain as much moisture great wicking away so you don't have ice cubes sitting on the top of your head when you you know run around in the winter very comfortable when you're running knobs for extended period time unlike the gel set these are hard foam they are trimly comfortable and they will not freeze the way the gel ones will when they're cold and wet so that's a great upgrade so this is how we have our LBT 1694 setup as we said it's it's very high up on our chest small mission profile this is operator cut so I get in my fighting stance show with my weapon very comfortably and allows me to have a free range of motion as you can see our mini-map so knocks it off the back panel not hitting anything went on rolling out and is extremely comfortable in streamline the deletion of the cummerbund allows me to get everything that I have on my second line very easy allows me to index mags very very quickly as well as my pistol nothing on my side allows me to drop my secondary weapon very easily and again we have our left side magazines so when the weapon is on my reaction side I can index my magazine and do a reload and we're also wearing the Blackhawk industries hpf use very slim athletic cut in a or one this is a combat shirt and we've been wearing these for a while held up great and a very unique uniform they also have these nice abrasion resistant pads on your elbows and your knees as well as the added insert these are the most comfortable pants that I've ever worn and we took out the tourniquets from them just they make them more that much more lightweight this is Rowan from the Green Mountain Rangers we just went over our vest in our second line setup it's a gunfighter setup low profile carries just what we need and we're ready to go you

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  1. I don't really get the point in running the Gucci gear for airsoft. Especially when it's not even the good stuff. I've never seen anyone with a ten speed pouch, or running an LBT carrier. If they wanna really wanna blow money they need some Patagucci AOR2s

  2. When he said, the vest is shooter friendly. I was like, sooo, the vest make friends with the bullet or the shooter? Lol

  3. People attacking saying this is stupid to spend money, clearly don't have a hobby. Also, do you really expect them to play with real guns and bullets? Come on ppl, use that thing between your ears, unless it's filled with air….

  4. No one seems to have picked up on this. He’s got gucci kit and no one can deny that. But he talks like he’s an operator. THAT is the bit that gets people’s backs up. Nothing to do with his kit.

  5. Need to know some good like clothing brands and specifics mostly like bdus, combat shirts and soft Shell jackets

  6. Hey man, good on your gear. Dunno why people are so critical about your stuff. I mean if you can afford it, then what's the big deal?

    It's kind of like being in a band. If you're serious about being the best band you can be and you have the cash, then go ahead and buy a Fender Stratocast. If the rest of the dudes in your neighborhood just want to jam out as a garage band, then let them sit around at the garage band level.

  7. I thought this was for real applications. Spend all that money on shooting 13 year olds. And anyone who knows, carrying 6 mags on your front is stupid heavy when you carry REAL ammo.

  8. This is incredibly funny. Good thing you’ve got those IR strobes so your AS can id you on those airsoft battlefields

  9. Shut the fuck up you are a fucking airsoft player. And your acting like your a fucking seal or something

  10. dude…….this is disgusting, you have more highspeed gear then anyone i know in the sof com would use…….fuckin stupid airsoft bullshit. fake as fuck.

  11. Hey GMR I AM A HUGE FAN!!!

    I am part of an airsoft team and I love how you guys train and work together
    I have one question, so I put a red dot sight on my G&g cm16 raider and I don’t know how to sight it in and make it accurate any help would be appreciated

  12. Hey, was wondering if you could take a look at my product: it's the first on and only clip designed to attach your helmet to your kit.  let me know if you'd be interested in a sample.thank you in advance.

  13. how the fuck do you access grenades on the back your plate carrier? Do you take it off and set it on the ground just to get the grenade?

  14. Why are your mags stacked backwards? Why is your vest so light? Why is your collar popped? WTF are your car keys doing with you in combat??!!

  15. I can drop my gear and still have armour andca side arm im sorry weight on your hips is the last thing you want its cuts circulation and causes massive lactic acid build up obviously this dude hasnt humped that gear nonstop for about 12 hours. Ranger my fucking ass

  16. I like a belt with an h harness cant stand that shit stacked up on my chest plate carrier with belt and h harness.

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