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Green 532nm Chinese Military Laser Pointer Review

Green 532nm Chinese Military Laser Pointer Review

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  1. UPDATE: Testing this laser with my LPM showed an average power of 35mw. Back when I made this video, I didn't really do a good enough job explaining safety. You MUST wear laser safety glasses with these lasers, and never point them at another person, animal, vehicle, etc. Links to glasses can be found in the video description.

  2. I only want a laser to toy with lol.But not scare people to the point where they have a heart attack or think it’s an alien.Just have fun

  3. What happens if you put in a lower mAh battery with a higher amp output?…. Also, these cheap green lasers don't have an IR filter. You need glasses that cover both green and red

  4. OK I bought mine for nine dollars and it is exact one that you have in your hands but the problem is that I don’t have a charger and I don’t even have a Battery

  5. I want to put this on a hunting rifle along with a scope. That way I can see the laser on my target even if its 1000 meters away

  6. I got mine. Dosnt work. Charged the battery. Still no beam. Any help?

    nvm battery was flipped upside down lol

  7. I bought the same laser three years after this review was published and the power of it has increased.I was stag—-
    how bright it was indoors in daylight not just the dot but the beam.I have yet to test it outdoors at night for fear of
    spooking the neighbours.

  8. I have this laser and do like it. However, I would really like to get another green (532nm) laser that is considerably more powerful than this one, with a wider beam and greater distance capability, plus with the ability to focus/burn. Any recommendations?

  9. Is it mandatory to have glasses when you are using the laser or is it just for safety reasons? For example if I shine a light from 3 feet away will it damage my eyes with no glasses

  10. I have a Chinese red 1mw laser, a 5mw laser mounted on scope that I have on a rifle and a IR 500mw laser.

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