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Graduation at the Afghan National Army Officers Academy

Graduation at the Afghan National Army Officers Academy

[Loud cheering] Maj. Gen. Paul Nanson, Commandant, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst: We are starting to see a generation of young officers who have had 12 months of pretty intensive leadership training and education. So I think we will see that develop over the coming years. 1st Lieutenant Eichel (Danish Army mentor at ANAOA): I think it is really important because we are shaping the future leaders of Afghanistan. We only have one year with them, but just in that one year, we can shape them in the way that they will serve their country in the best possible way. Because when they leave here in six months, they will be fighting in Helmand, having responsibility for 30 young men, taking them into war, into battle. So the year they are here, I see the cadets, I’ve never seen that motivation nowhere else in the world. They really want to serve their country; they want to do their best for their country and they are really just sucking in all the experiences, all the things we teach them. They might come up to me and ask: ‘Oh you do this in the Danish Army, how can we do this in the Afghan Army? This is a young guy, 18 or 19 years old, so they really have the motivation. So in that sense, I think the future leadership for Afghanistan is in good hands from the Academy. Being charged with developing the next generation of leaders is a hugely important task, and one that we both relish and take extremely seriously. And secondly, how they are doing. I think the answer to that question is we need to look out across Afghanistan and see how the graduates of this academy are doing in the field, and the answer to that is they are building a hugely successful reputation for leadership particularly, in some pretty arduous combat experiences as we saw up in Kunduz or down in Helmand.

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  1. It's the senior military and civilian leadership of the AND that are corrupt and incompetent, so these young officers of the ANA in the field won't have the resources to do their job properly.

  2. wow now afghan army is ready. Im sure now taliban and Pakistan is jealous. I hope brave afghan army kill taliban and protect their country from cheatr Pakistan.
    but don't fight with India
    hahahahaha just joke
    Afghanistan zindabad.
    Hindustan zindabad.

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