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Gov’t, industry say uncertainties remain despite Japan’s 2nd shipment of photoresist to S. Korea

Gov’t, industry say uncertainties remain despite Japan’s 2nd shipment of photoresist to S. Korea

The Japanese government has given the second
authorization of South Korea-bound shipments of high-tech materials… since its export
curbs against South Korea took effect last month. The Korean government, however, says uncertainties
will remain until Japan completely retracts the curbs. Yoon Jung-min reports. The Japanese government has reportedly authorized
a second shipment of an industrial material covered by its export restrictions on South
Korea. According to industry and government sources,…
Japan has approved a request to export photoresist to South Korean chipmaker Samsung Electronics. This is the second such approval since Tokyo
announced export curbs on three key materials to Seoul in July. The latest batch, if shipped,… is said to
be a supply that’ll last for six months. “Photoresists are rarely used for military
purposes, so Japan may think it would be unreasonable to ban shipping those items. Rather than photoresists, Korean companies
would feel a more pressing need for hydrogen fluoride which has not been approved for shipping
yet.” “At this moment, to avoid unnecessary confrontation
between the two countries, it’s very important for the government and the bussiness community
to contain the current situation and to manage the current relationship.” The South Korean government and industry sources
say uncertainties will remain unless Tokyo completely withdraws its export curbs. Some say the Japanese move might be a message
ahead of a meeting between the two countries’ foreign ministers in Beijing,… which could
also affect the fate of the Seoul-Tokyo military information-sharing pact this week. In the meantime, a Korean media source said
on Tuesday that Japanese semiconductor component suppliers have been asking South Korean chipmakers
Samsung Electronics and SK hynix to continue their business. They reportedly have expressed a willingness
to produce high-quality materials or increase their production in South Korea because the
items produced overseas are not subject to Tokyo’s export curbs. Yoon Jung-min, Arirang News.

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  1. Are we supposed to safeguard you? You are not Japanese Foreigner(Korean) Dangerous leak hydrogen fluoride to China. (中国に横流した) Because samsung factory are mainly china.

  2. Exports to Korea are strictly controlled for export of semiconductor materials that can be used for military purposes unless we can keep our promises. That is the Japanese policy.

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