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Got seeds? Just add bleach, acid and sandpaper – Mary Koga

Got seeds? Just add bleach, acid and sandpaper – Mary Koga

So, the apocalypse has happened. The zombies have come and gone, and all plant life
on Earth has died somehow. All you have are some basic supplies and some seeds of a few types
of essential plants. So, what should you do to make absolutely sure they grow, seeing how rebuilding human civilization absolutely depends on it? Well, you’d probably think the last thing you should do with these crucially important seeds is something like poking holes in them, or grinding them with sandpaper, or throwing them in acid or hot water. But, in fact, all of these are methods that are commonly used to help seeds start growing. A typical seed consists of a plant embryo encased in a hard seed coat. To start growing, it needs to emerge or sprout from inside this shell. This process is called germination. But just as it would be hard for you to get out of a jail cell with no windows and no doors, the embryo might need a little help escaping from its seed prison, and any process that makes this easier by wearing down the seed coat is called scarification. This lets moisture and nutrients get through the seed coat, making the embryo start growing until it breaks through. Now, you might be wondering why it is that plants would need humans to do all these weird
things to their seeds in order to grow, and, in fact, they don’t. In natural environments, seed coats are worn
down by cold temperatures, bacteria, or even animal digestion. Our scarification methods just mimick and accelerate these natural processes to increase the chances
of successful germination. One technique we can
use is called nicking. To do this, we make a small cut or scratch into the seed coat. Be careful not to cut too deep! You don’t want to damage
the plant embryo inside. Another way is to file down the seed coat using sandpaper or a nail file. Once again, you don’t
want to file too much, just enough to wear
down some of the seed coat. After applying either of these methods, you’ll want to spray the seeds with bleach to prevent mold. Seeds can also be soaked in water to soften the coat. One way to do this is to place the seeds in a nylon bag, then place the bag into hot water. Turn off the heat immediately and allow the water to cool
to room temperature before removing the seeds. It’s important not to heat
the seed for too long as this will kill the embryo. Again, you’ll want to spray them with bleach afterwards. Finally, you can try immersing the seeds in a sulfuric acid solution. Make sure you’re wearing
protective goggles and gloves any time you work with such
a dangerous substance. Place the seeds into a wire mesh pouch and immerse the pouch
in the solution for ten minutes. Then take out the pouch and rinse it with clean water. Take out the seeds and, as before, spray them with bleach
so they don’t get moldy. If you try all of these methods, you will see that some of them are more effective than others, and some work best
for different types of plants that have harder or thicker coats. So, knowing what seed scarification
techniques work best will be useful if you ever
need to survive a cataclysm, start a farm, or just want to plant in your own garden.

Reader Comments

  1. um no u don't need to do all this ~ u can hold them in your mouth for much better easier cheaper and longer lasting working results

  2. Yea… So don't do this with all seeds. Lots of seeds don't need such drastic action. In fact some of them are very fragile and will die if you do this.

  3. -"I combined the whitening power of bleach with the cleaning power of ammonia"
    -"peggy that's the recepie for mustard gas!"

  4. i like how they used sunflowers as their plant example but literally you could just crack open a sunflower seed shell and plant it easily

  5. I see you were recommended this video by YouTube as well! Carry on. I'm just another what one of the many people on the internet with abnormally wrinkly brains that commented, "who carries casually carries sulfuric acid on them?" And "where do you find fresh water during a zombie apocalypse?" As if it were a relevant topic.

  6. So if I ate a seed and pooped be it out in the grass would the embryo still grow or does it not exist

  7. This sounds like a video made by skynet to trick humans into killing off their food supply.

  8. We'll need
    -sunflower (important)
    -pea shooter (important)
    -shroom (any, not that important)
    -lily pads, pots
    -cattail (good one, expensive)
    -wallnut (to protect the plants)


  10. Do not mess with any kind of base (like bleach) and acid, the reactions are violent and toxic. Depending on the acid, gloves will actually react with the combination and catch fire.

  11. I know nothing of botany or chemistry, but why on God's green earth would you ever think of spraying bleach on sulfuric acid. That is an acid/base reaction and if Google is correct, that makes chlorine gas! Why then would it be the good idea to use this during the supposed apocalypse? Gas yourself while using up expensive chemicals you could be using for other things? Then what? Look outside, it's quite peachy isn't it. What do you do if the apocalypse has an alien bacterium of some sort? You'd have moldy zombie seeds, that what I would think.

    I'd think it more practical to show methods of cleaning soil, alternative sources of sunlight, and potential safe pesticides to save said plants.

    Or we could stick some seeds in acid…

  12. who else thought "scarification" sounded like such a super scientific word? wasn't that a song by the red hot chili peppers?

  13. No, don't do this. If you have a seed that will not germinate at 2 weeks which is rare, lightly scratch it to loosen the shell. Nature doesn't need that much help.

  14. 2:31 Plastic will get into your seed if you do that and later you're basically eating nano bits of plastic if you eat that. Cool video otherwise

  15. It's the end of the world and all life has vanished, but bleach and sulfuric acid are in supply and the last man standing knows the proper dilutions and safety precautions.

  16. What happens if you use all of the methods and without bleach after everyone of then and then after the last one spray the seeds with bleach

  17. “Be careful, you don’t want to damage the embryo inside.”

    shows the embryo on the other side

  18. Note
    Sulfuric Acid is in car batteries. If it was a truly cataclysmic scenario then the best way to get acid is via car batteries because (considering the environment) there would be little to no gas transfers and cars will become dead weight.

  19. I like how they're just like "Just get your sulfuric acid that you have causally around the house"

  20. TED: heres a bunch of super smart things you can do to improve yield!

    ME with a handful of seeds: happy birthday TO THE GROUND

  21. Person 1: “alright, we need to make sure these seeds grow. What do we have?”
    Person 2: “well we have no food or water, but luckily i brought my wire mesh pouch and sulfuric acid”

  22. No one
    YouTube: Wanna see a video from two years ago about using bleach acid and sandpaper on seeds?

  23. I'm good on the beach and acid.
    I prefer just soaking my seeds in room temperature water and just keep the dirt condition where Mold won't grow

  24. 3:13 why tf is he planting sunflowers on his farm are they going to live off sunflower seeds or something

  25. Pretty heavy — it sounds like you think some break-down of agriculture is actually going to happen.

  26. I'm no botanist but I'm pretty sure that this "Brando" is killing the crops, so I have an idea; why don't we use water? (From the movie Idiocracy) by Matt Judge.

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