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Gordon Cooks Steak For A Vegetarian – Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Cooks Steak For A Vegetarian – Gordon Ramsay

the London Zoo to meet Hannah to tell us I stop monkeying around when it comes to a diet hannah has worked here at zookeeper and animal nutritionist for the past four years my job here is mostly to look after the primates so all the monkeys and the Apes hey Hannah prepares peanuts and mealworms for the squirrel monkeys the chimps get fresh papaya the mama sets banana and probably the silverback gorilla enjoys a sumptuous spread of seeds fennel and curly kale like most of her charges Hannah doesn’t eat meat but she’s not looking after herself half as well as the monkeys and it’s beginning to show up recently and got a gluten and dairy intolerance so every day at work I basically have the same thing it’s either gluten-free pasta with pesto or a baked potato pather and baked potatoes every day Hannah’s clearly not getting enough variety in her restricted diet and I think her main problem is lack of protein good morning how are you I’m very well thank you like a blown-up version of Angel world Thompson diet is crucial vegetable intake vitamin C you know protein yeah and that balance is the most important part when was the last time you sat down to a really good piece of meat good good three three and a half years ago any reason I think having started at the zoo you kind of start to get a different outlook on on the way on how animals are treated all sort of meat that you eat I’ve always been I was always careful about what meat oh yeah so you woody meat if it was you know yeah probably really organic absolutely Bobby the silverback gorilla is the great example of what a healthy balanced diet can do for you Bobby there we go somebody’s he’s only sweet tea now fruit tea I’m surprised he’s not a old gray it’s lunchtime for Bobby and the other animals so Hannah and I are off to make it it’s like a prep room for restaurant frizzy lettuce cabbage lemon peel allspice this is a joke isn’t it avocados we serve any other colors as well that’s good for them you know obviously essential fatty acid how would you like you turn into a guacamole guacamole you make guacamole from as well and have a cart of prawns avocado crab or spinach chicory fricassee iceberg fennel spinach broccoli we’ve got michelin-starred monkeys I’m stuck here you are yes not looking after yourself the grid is getting baby Jim lettuce absolutely yes you are baby gem lettuce now one of the shortage for the restaurants I’m gonna cook Hannah a deliciously healthy dish using the same ingredients she feeds Bobby the gourmet gorilla with no dairy or gluten just shows that all the stuff you work your way down there yeah can be equally as exciting for you first up coleslaw don’t lose any nutrients through cooking raw is more celeriac carrots and cabbage are all packed with vitamins and fiber and give the dish a delicious crunch I love the smoky bitterness of chicory and it’s very low in cholesterol maybe a quick vinaigrette so 2/3 olive oil 1/3 the sesame seed oil yeah do it myself poppy seeds just the tablespoon makes a great contribution to your daily calcium needs lemon juice and parsley help the digestion of proteins and fats it also tastes great and then vinaigrette within three or four minutes the seasonings gonna start breaking down because though and now for my wild card Hannah’s fed up with her unbalanced boring gluten-free diet she may not have eaten meat for three years but now she thinks she’s ready to give it another go so I’m thrown in at the deep end with a delicious protein rich State and I see the kind of beef it’s reared in oh sure yeah it’s fed on grass in the summer Swedes and turnip in the winter so it’s a proper organic beef when I did eat me over to try and eat organic I don’t like the way no I was a mass-produced you know stand strong on that one nor do i how’d you like your beef how’d you like it cooked medium yeah yeah fine sure we’ll cook it okay for the dressing Sherlock I believe that good quality lean meat is a key part of a healthy diet so I’m hoping this dish will help Hanna back on the road to recovery hello thanks a delicious tarragon dressing should make her first finish taking years a little easier to deal with a spicy marinade tiger we just cut once give it a stir and add to the steaks delicious I want to do a spoon that over says the beef starts to cool down we absorbed all that amazing flavor finally finish the costal with coriander and is ready to go those media I can’t believe you can put so much different flavors and tastes just into coleslaw I haven’t quite managed to take on the beef you put the most amazing energy into looking after these animals so you need protein yeah Celie a good bit of salmon do you think someone was performing just not quite ready for the for the red meat don’t you worry about that Holly to physical and mental limits I’m dying to find out what fuel actually keeps them going look at them they look absolutely hard-as-nails

Reader Comments

  1. Love the fact that Ramsay was respectful towards her. Obviously she needs protein but maybe can she get some vegetal proteins instead of animal proteins. Anyway, love that respect that was showed.

  2. Ricardo Milos turns straight people gay

    Gordon Ramsay turns Vegans into normal functioning human beings

  3. To be Honest I think she would of just been okay with your piece of meat very small, soft & aged like a Motherfucker … The red meat was probably to rushed for her to try after all she was a vege for 4 years but well worth the try. Another one bites the dust Gordan.

  4. Why not mealworms like the monkeys get? More protein than beef and also better in animal treatment and for the environment

  5. As soon as I seen the gorilla throw the grass, I went straight to the comment section and I was not disappointed

  6. Lame should've made her a vegan best dinner she ever had.

    Steak is poo
    She didn't even eat it. XD
    Should've did a bite
    Then go back to vegetarian.
    Salmon though yum.
    I'm a vegan like diet but I eat fish
    Since I gotten sick from a disease… 🙁 I'm dying.

  7. 0:20 why does it look like the middle monkey in the back is wanking…

    I really have no life i know

  8. I can totally sympathize with being a vegan…but did Hannah really refuse a steak cooked by GORDON RAMSAY?!?!

  9. Cooking competition between…


    Please present your dishes!

    Gordan: *presents a well made and healthy coleslaw*

    Gorilla: 3:59

  10. I'm sorry but any person that treats animals better than Humans is mentally sick.


  11. When the food quality of this zoo is better food than my home, school and any restaurants I have gon so far

  12. I wonder how long has that gorilla have been learning to flip grass since he can’t get his hands on plastic bottles. He’s been waiting his lifetime for this moment to be on Gordon’s show

  13. Fucking brings gordon to cook her steak saying I'm ready to eat meat

    Then refuses to eat once cooked.


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