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Golden Gummy Challenge Season 2, Demo Dude, and Gummy Soldiers | A.T. #123

Golden Gummy Challenge Season 2, Demo Dude, and Gummy Soldiers | A.T. #123

Hello, welcome to Awesome Time! This is a show where
I tell you about all of the new things at Vat19. And stick around, we’re doing
a golden gummy challenge. And, we’ve lost
all our sponsors! [MUSIC PLAYING] This is episode 123. As always, remember to subscribe
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here, so that you can get a coupon off your next order. And quick announcement,
our social media giveaways are now every Monday. They used to be Friday,
now they’re Monday. Not Friday, Monday. All right, the
first product up– the first product up is
this 5 foot beach ball. Those of you who are
huge fans of Vat19 know that we also sell
a 9 foot beach ball. So this is maybe a little
bit more manageable. This sucker is perfect for
concerts, picnics, the beach. It’s sturdy! It’s pretty sturdy. What did I just break? Oh, it’s just my phone. OK, no big deal. All right, Eric, I’m
going to throw it to you! Ready to catch? Yeah, you got it. This is a terrible idea. Yeah, the ceiling’s
not very tall in here. It’s hard to get it to you. [MUSIC PLAYING] That’s the 5 foot
giant beach ball. Get yours now at Vat19. All right, hit me with
your next product! This is the lollipopter. It’s a kinetic sculpture. It is very beautiful. There’s 40 colorful
pieces in here. It’s kind of like
a fidget sculpture, actually, because
it can change shape when you roll it in your hands. Look at that. How fun is that? Lollipopter, lollipopter,
ooh, lolli– lollipopter. Got a little base here. Just keep it on your desk. Cool, cool, fidget sculpture. All right, get yours now, Vat19. OK, Cameron, toss
me the Tiki Toss! All right, there it is. This is the Table Top Tiki Toss. This thing’s pretty cool,
because it collapses and un-collapses pretty easily. So, take this guy up. Your goal is to toss this guy,
and get him to hook on to here. I think I should just
practice for a little bit, get kind of good at this. No reason, it’s just fun. I’m just getting a
feel for it, Eric! The Tiki Toss is today’s
golden gummy challenge! Cut that out, Cameron! Bring in Eric! No, let’s not bring in Eric yet. Let’s just get a feel
for it a little bit more. This is this episode’s
golden gummy challenge. Come on in here, Eric, and
let’s play a little Tiki Toss. This is a new season of
the golden gummy challenge! Season 2. Zero, zero. Where’s my plaque? Oh, it’s– yeah,
it’s still in the– Plaque next time! It’s still in the mail. I haven’t ordered it. You ready to play
some Tiki Toss? I guess so. I saw you got a lot of
practice there, so– Sure did, should go to
whoever hooks one first, wins? Yeah. No biting, no hitting,
just Tiki Tossing. It’s just tossing. I can’t do that to yours. No. Three, two, one. Is there a strategy to this? Oh! I almost did it on accident. Oh! That’s so cool, Kara. Stop with your wailing. Stop trying to win? Ow! Ow! Ah! Ha-ha-ha! Almost on. I’m going to explode
if this thing goes on. My arm is getting tired. You are a baby. Boom-shacka-lacka! Boom-shacka-lacka! I hate you! I hate him! I hate him! Dang it! Good job, Eric, good job. You got it, you’ve got it. The freak-out on set, we’ll
leak that to the press. It’s like he never left. All right, let’s
see what we got. Loser enjoys 30 seconds
with the shock ball? Kara, if you’re
looking for more ideas for the box of punishment,
when I was a camper, we used to take crawfish
and put them on our nipples as punishment. Every time you talk about
your camp, it freaks me out. Dang it, I hate this right now. Make sure it goes on. You ready? Mm-hmm. Dang you. I think it’s on. OK. Is it going? I’m sweating a lot. Don’t like this. Come on, shock ball! It keeps going. What are we at? How many seconds? 15. 15? OK. All right. OK. It taking its time? It’s silent right now. Come on, shock ball. It’s silent. Come on, shock ball. Do your thing! Where are we at? How many seconds left? Is she like lying? Oh, it’s going again! All right, all
right, get it off! Oh I definitely don’t
recommend taping a shock ball to your hand. All right, next product,
toss it in– he’ll be all right, it’ll be all
right, it’ll be all right. I love a fun mug here at Vat19. And this is for you
golf fans out there. This is the teatime mug. It’s a 16 ounce ceramic mug,
green inside, and this golf ball-dimpled texture. All right, come on
in here, Demo Dude! [MUSIC PLAYING] I say D– D? Give me an E! Oh, E. Give me an M! M. Give me an O! O. Demo Dude! All right, you
ready to demo this? Demo! Now he spilled some of that
while drinking from his mug. All right, thanks Demo Dude! Candy, candy, candy! All right, yes! We have new gummy. This is a 5 pound bulk
bag of gummy army men. That guy’s got a
bazooka of flavor. What’s this guy? Is this guy about to throw– I think this guy’s about
to throw a grenade. This guy just has
his army-issued– I don’t know what they
issue in the army, m-16? All right, here’s the
fourth and final guy. He’s actually on the ground. He’d be like this. Yeah. Four opponents. This gummy is made in America. Delicious green apple. Play time. You guys are both
the same color here. I guess we got some
friendly fire going on– lava grenade. Oh, my leg! Oh, God, the humanity! Fire back. [GUNSHOT SOUNDS] Oh, the whole upper half
of my torso got shot off! Fun to play with
your gummy food. Perfect for eating and
snacking and playing. Yummy! Get them now at You about 200 per bag. Next up is Vat19 slap bracelet. I love a good old-fashioned
slap bracelet. Beautiful orange color. I put it on upside down. Boom! Right? Vat19. It’s shamelessly promoting. I feel like that’s OK, though,
because it looks so good. The best thing about
the Vat19 slap bracelet is it is integral to
the Vat19 handshake. And to prove that, I’m
going to bring Eric in here, we’re going to show you
the Vat19 handshake. Slap me! We gotta show them the Vat19
handshake first, right? OK, so roll that clip. One, two, three. Pound it! One, two, three. OK, and then– tapped it. Almost there! One, two, three. Yeah! We did it! See ya! See ya! It’s just– it’s unreal. How did he get the hook on? It’s just– he’s
just not coordinated. It’s just, it’s insane! How did he get that on there? I suggest you buy several. Anyway, that’s the
Vat19 slap bracelet. Get yours now and I think we’ve reached the
end, and it’s about time to wrap this thing up. But before we do that,
it’s time for some fan art. [MUSIC PLAYING] Thank you all so
much for the fan art. I got one more to show you
that I thought was super cool. Someone gave this
to us on a tour. It’s a picture frame with gummy
bears all on the outside of it. And it says, welcome to
fabulous Vat19 on there in the style of
the Las Vegas sign, because they were
from Las Vegas. So if you all want to
send us some fan art, we would love to have it. Here’s our address. And we’ll show it in a future
episode of Awesome Time, and then put it up on
the wall back there. All right, time to
wrap this thing up. As always, thank you
so much for watching. Check out the videos around
me here, they’re amazing. Don’t forget to follow
us on social media. We do giveaways every
Monday, so there’s no reason not to follow us. Thank you for watching. Thank you for subscribing,
and we’ll see you next time. Bye.

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