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Going to a Thrift Store in Montreal

Going to a Thrift Store in Montreal

yo today we're doing a little trip to the thrift store and especially going for some shirts as always because I have this shirt collection here of like different riffed store shirts there's a lot of just like nice vintage looking shirts different colors I'm always looking for a couple more for my collection a lot of those are actually from like and we bought some in Palm Desert for example when we went on vacation because the nicest places to find things like that is like remote places my if you go to like thrift stores in LA you usually won't find things that good because well a lot of people go there and a lot of people know what to look for at a thrift store but when you go to a place like Palm Desert like let's say old people could could bring their and Ralph Lauren stuff there and nobody would buy it because they don't know what to look for so you end up buying like a shirt that is usually a hundred bucks for just like 5 to 10 it's nice and it looks it has that vintage look like when you go in a store and you buy a new shirt you don't get that washed out vintage look and with these shirts they already have that and you get them for such a cheap price so you can with jacket case wallet here and a grocery shopping back and we're ready to go or we go to the thrift store I have to pick up my girl from work she's actually going with me and get in the bus I sold my Gorillapod and I'm gonna give that to the guy I'm gonna meet up with the guy in Montreal at a metro station and give it to him look who's here also another thing that's good about buying shirts in the thrift store and clothes in general is your don't contribute to the overproduction economy system and all of that because you're using secondhand things that's also one of the reasons why well this jacket here it is here and so here in Montreux it gets really cold in the winter like – 25 – 30 yeah Celsius so you need big jackets and the jackets with feathers are usually the warmest but it's not vegan but this jacket has feathers and I could justify it because it's secondhand right so you know contribute to the brand itself yeah I don't contribute to the methods and the brand using the methods because I buy the a jacket that someone else already wore in a way that makes sense you're not buy a new feather but it's already like there exactly did that make sense and it's a fad for who are the real oh geez who remember platform back in a day probably only people from my girl from know North America not just Montreal weren't the only ratchets out there time we're going to this station where I'm meeting with the guy later heard the gorillapod once you show me a smile one thing that's different here than in LA is you definitely get a lot more weird looks from carrying a camera around with you because I know a everyone's kind of just used to everybody's an influencer there yeah that's sick oh the shuttle maybe has for the wedding we're at the place and it looks a little weird here what is that place there shot to boutique because I need a wedding outfit so we're gonna have a look there because the wedding outfit in a thrift store might not be that suitable let's go there yeah we have to meet with a guy at 6:00 it's in 30 minutes let's go here okay so we'll go shop for wedding outfits first then meet the guy and then go to a thrift store so this is Lucia – ladies and gentlemen on suppo what is it it's like all this stuff that didn't sell terrible I haven't seen it yet of course why is the women's section always three times as big as the men's section everywhere so this entire room here this huge room it's all women's stuff and then they have a men's section here which looks tiny tiny this store was not a success unfortunately well I got a hide yeah I need to go to a specific place that can tell me what I need for my body size and type and you're very picky you want something like very specific yeah I don't just take anything and we're about to arrive at our thrift store of choice aka the closest one which is velocity value at that big stores and yes massive size of the store Wow Bahamas wooden mug oh this cat I want that on my desk it's kind of one of those items that you would read about in a book that kind of like brings bad luck or something oh it's better no I don't want it anymore because it scares me go back where you came from all of a sudden it'll probably appear on my desk when I'm at home oh this is definitely great for school when you need a calculator imagine you're having an exam your finals are something and you're pulling this out of your backpack this one is this one is even better I wonder if these still run not only do you pull this out of your pocket but also you have to plug it in first who like where's the next power outlet during your exam she's already on it I also want to see if they have some nice coats maybe hearing not bad also not my favorite and usually what I have to do is actually go through every one of them so I can see the brand properly feel the material so I found this nice and simple black shirt don't really have a black one in my collection yet and here's a shirt bike guess which is a good friend $13.99 it's probably eighty or a hundred in the store so I think people already took all the good stuff away this place here is way too busy I found this one it's tell me he'll figure but it has this weird is like green accents everywhere but it has this cool embroidery which is nice I found one Mars that I wanted to try I'm going to the fitting rooms now seeing if I like them it's nice that I have peace you know yes this one could be a nice addition to the collection it's like a nice hi yes that's when I need it even just to throw it over like black t-shirts like my merch perfect such a nice fit imagine shopping with this on the decks nice and loose fit I know it's gonna be hard to decide I really like that one this one is 10 this one is only 450 so that's definitely a yes and then this one is probably like 10 is well that one for sure hundred percent this one so it's a tough one it's a tough decision after a while I get so tired of going through every single shirt I got the black shirt and Andy found like they were extra-large jeans but I have a friend who can sue so so I'm gonna make it my side like I said before thrift shopping is the best in places where nobody really goes like Palm Desert we found so much good stuff there they have a book born to hear both barn is a place where you can like they have like bulk stuff and you can fill it into bags as much as you need and then you pay by weight so welcome to this Canadian experience I don't know if there's something like that in the US I haven't really seen that in Europe I also haven't really seen those bulk stores so for all the Europeans watching this is how bulk stores look so you want to wash yourself just scored 50% off on my favorite cereal brand we got a decent amount of find a lot of sales stuff here 75% on vegan mac and cheese just because it runs out soon vegan cookies 50 person we have everything natural things oh boy such perfection and beauty if you liked the video like it subscribe to the channel and listen to my music yes goodbye

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  1. Yo Infekt!
    Unser Gespräch beim Meet and Greet (Rampage), das Foto, einfach der Moment/die Erinnerung an sich haben mich krass motiviert, meine eigene Karriere jetzt ernsthaft anzupacken.
    Wollte einfach mal 'Danke' sagen. ✌️

  2. Ayyyyyy infekt, dude the alien technology ep WAS SICK AS HELL,Your songs are insane and crazy keep making more, and my Dj name is $kelovvvton btw but anyways I love you’re tracks.

  3. Hey Infekt I met you awhile back in Salt lake city we chilled at triple threat!!! My buddy is Colby, aka Cub Chunes How do I get ahold of you!?

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