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God of War’s New Weapon: The Leviathan Axe | PS4

God of War’s New Weapon: The Leviathan Axe | PS4

This God of War game is definitely a fresh
start for the team. Everything about this game
has been new from the get-go. Also, we got a new
camera perspective; we’ve got a new
narrative; we’ve got Atreus; a new mythology. And we knew we had to
change the weapon as well. We had to bring
something new to the table. The Blades are extremely iconic. Everybody expects this;
everybody knows this. There’s not a lot you can do
new with it without going super
extreme, right? So to make a nice big change, I think will have a greater
weight, a greater impact. Cory, with his original pitch
for the new God of War game, he always pictured
him with this axe. That’s really the
only note we had is, okay, he’s going to have an axe. And basically with that, we had to decide, well, what can
be special about this axe. And as we previewed animations
and did a lot of tests, there was always this animation
of Kratos throwing the axe that seemed like it would be
cool but it would be like, well, he’s going to
throw his weapon away. What use is that going to be?
Is this going to be gone? You’re gonna have
to go pick it up. Until, you know, one of our
designers, Vincent Napoli, came up with the idea of what if
he called it back. So we prototyped that. We had him throw the
axe out, call it back. And it immediately kind of
worked very well with the camera perspective;
how to deal with enemies; pinpointing targets on them;
tripping them, again; aim for the leg. So all the ideas kind of started
to spearhead themselves right after that decision was made. That axe you got, you
got to handle her special. Brok and Sindri, the two dwarven
blacksmiths that you meet throughout the game are
able to modify the axe, sort of size of the axe
head as well as the handles. Each of these sort of additions
adds access to different skills, different moves. Early on when we
first started designing, we almost look at it as a
car that you’re upgrading it. So all the parts come out,
and you can swap and add on different things, the specials. Traditionally in
the previous games, these would be like
your L1 specials, right, the special moves
that you’re able to do? You’re able to mix and match. So you can say,
“I really like this move. I want to put that move in.” As you collect
different ones, you can say, “I really like this one. This is
the only one I want to use,” or “Ooh, no.
Now I’m going to swap this out.” So one attack might just be a
giant frost wave that doesn’t do a lot of damage but
does slow them down and make them easier to fight. Another one might have Kratos just spinning rapidly
with his axe, very close-range, multi-hit,
high damage. Depending on if you like
being up close to enemies or far range, basically there’s
a runic attack for you.

Reader Comments

  1. Ok, after seeing the little blue midget dudes, I know this game is going to be legendary in terms of character design. I mean, who has little blue midget dudes in their game? lol

  2. No more blades,well that's ok.The axe is pretty good.Smooth movements and execellent combat manoeuver. that's awesome I'll tell Sony this ,i know you guys are professionals but it's not really necessary to display the enemy's HP.GOW has always been unique.The HP enemy display makes it look Final fantasy or dynasty warriors.

  3. I sure hope there are more weapons and abilities (magic) because Im already bored of the axe and the game is not even out yet.

  4. I guess I'll be skipping this one too. I sure will be glad when they stop using the Dark Souls template. I think that camera angle is just stupid. I also skipped Assassin's Creed Origins for this same reason, smh…

  5. The reason I love the old God of war is because of the fast fighting style and different weapon but I'm not seeing it here.

  6. People who say this gow is great clearly are not too familiar with the franchise.this isn't even gow anymore literally everything has changed in this game I don't recognize this game as a gow game.they could at least make more weapons….BTW that shield is pathetic.

  7. I bought the PS3 just for God of War 3 alone. Now I'm going to have to get the PS4 just for this game too…. mutherPHUK!!

  8. Stop hyping your game. It looks generic. Cant you just let us the players choose if its good or not? Stop telling everybody that the medicore gfx are amazing. Looks just like any other game.

  9. "Guys guys guys…what if…bear with me…what if the axe right? it came back?" collective gasp

  10. The thing is about the God of War series is the hack and slash not the Swing and Throw but whatever, I'm so hyped that I can imagine I can chop the enemy's head off one by one!

  11. So..The Leviathan Axe is a homage to the Jbarnjörn (Thor's enchanted Axe)..imagine Mjolnir VS Leviathan Axe

  12. I loved god of war when I heard there was another one coming I was really excited. But I don't have PS4 so pls can you try to make a pc version

  13. To be honest those twin Blades were pretty OP I mean close to Long range attacks along with grapple and magic and b

  14. To be honest those twin Blades were pretty OP I mean close to Long range attacks along with grapple and magic and block magic along with the Golden Fleece before hahaha

  15. All these niggas saying omg this game is amazing everything about it is so good yet no one played it yet no one even was close to beating the game yet bunch of idiots in the chat

  16. Just PERFECT.I'm a really huge fan of this series.i remember when i was a little bit smaller i was playing Ghost of Sparta and it was noice.


    The Blades of Chaos do indeed return, as the game has been released, someone released a clip on Youtube showing a scene where Kratos gets them back.

  18. This game looks so lit but I hope Xbox fans don’t get mad when they can’t play a game like this on there console like they did with Spider-man 2018 but some Xbox fans probably don’t even know that kratos is a PlayStation character

  19. Its wierd cause the people getting interviewed are not looking towards me (the camera)and its annoying. but if they did it would still annoy me.

  20. Spoilers!

    I honestly think I prefer the Leviathan Axe over the Blades Of Chaos, there's just something more appealing about what is essentially a fantasy version of a Fireman's axe over a pair knives on chains (I'm not saying those knives are bad of course)

  21. If anyone thinks this game wasn't a masterpiece then you're either a moron, bad at it, or salty you couldn't play it because you had an xbox

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