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Go Inside LMTD Supply, a Slept-On Gem in the Tri-State Area | Open the Box

Go Inside LMTD Supply, a Slept-On Gem in the Tri-State Area | Open the Box

I think just a reading hot damn no you could either we'll cut that part out you good actually we're going to keep that in what's going on world brand new episode of open the boxes there on your screen I'm your host George killed and I'm here with Willie of limited supply what's going on man gentlemen pleasure to have you now take me back to that first day that the shop opened was it like a bad house in here did you had to kind of grow into that a lot of friends and family show support you know so we got a lot of people that came through for spread around pretty fast traffic started picking up a lot in store and we're doing a lot of online before and now we can't even put stuff online because it sells it's been three years as you can see we just redid the store so everything here is built from the ground up all of this wasn't here when we first started it was literally just a show my brother did the whole space him and one other guy initially I wanted it to be white box because I wanted people to focus on just the shoes in the product the wood behind the grass that was his idea what is the significance of the name limited supply and then what is your background with sneakers so limited supply actually started in 2013 we were selling shoes at sneaker con other sneaker events online I was interested since I was a little kid you know the user story couldn't afford him back then had my first job went crazy my favorite shoes the black Simon threes I just started like going to the forums ISS was big back then Nike talked it all snowball from that after high school I didn't really know what I wanted to do I decided to try to sell my collection and from that I thought it was just like a phase but then onine came around and the Year Space Jam release came and I had to do it I think if it wasn't for that I don't think this would happen to be honest with you we both live in college town I live in Austin obviously UT is there but what do the Rutgers students get they tend to go for the babe and the supreme I just felt like we could do a lot more with them and that's something I want to do in 2019 that's a goal of mine to really hammer down on being more community-based Rutgers right there so I gotta take advantage of it give me some of the rare shoes that have been on these sales you mentioned of Bruce Lee Cobra file so I'm like what three years late yeah a little bit of everything to be honest with you a lot of older retros you know stuff like cool grade fours do the right thing three stuff like that older as beast-like Huff's we even had a 1985 Chicago one go out the door 300 bucks we try to price everything so he can go you know we're just trying to keep a flow of things there's some ones up there that caught my eye when I first walked in here so basically is a oh gee and ninety-four retro 94 Rodgers I should mind the 85 was kind of like gifted to us it's just something that you know to catch people's eyes for them to see and appreciate like the history of the the Jordan the Jordan one that started it all and who knows without that shoe you know who probably wouldn't be here so Willie describe the process of limited supply and and how you guys go about just doing business we're a buy sell trade company people bring us stuff all the time we take a look at it we appraise it you know see what we can sell it for and base that off there a lot of people come in actually and trade up for things which is what we like because it gives us a chance to be fair when pricing things out but we're also expanding as far as trying to take in stuff from people out of town because a lot of people hit us up like yo I can't come to the store I'm from here kind of a expand about some of these prices Willie's being modest so we have a little bit of everything on the shows as an MD model for example we're selling it for 60 bucks it goes for retail 180 nobody's buying this shoe for 180 but for 60 bucks I mean you can't go wrong we try to do things a little bit different here we don't just try to stock like you know the hype stuff like we said whether you're shopping for the two thousand dollar pair of shoes or the fifty dollar pair of shoes we want to cater to everyone really and we relaunch the website to some of these stuff you might see on the website a lot of the pre-owned stuff we're working on getting it on the website just because it's so so fast right right and then I always love seeing different methods you know you guys have like the used worn stuff kind of facing the wall yes so everything brand new is facing this way everything pre-owned is facing the the way we don't want to mix in the new with the pre no yeah but usually this is the kind of stuff that just flies now clothing wise it is limited supply about what we have here well we have a little bit of bait supreme over here we try to carry a little bit of everything antisocial also but we're really big on the vintage stuff right now we really try to like carry a lot of good pieces for early ninety stuff this is all the stuff that I like a person where you know what I mean so that's why I try to like bring it through here a lot of World Cup ninety-four stuff I'm big on just the colors it's been picking up a lot to be honest we've seen a lot of traffic come down for more of like the vintage pieces rather than like the supreme abate you know with the renovations and stuff we just kind of wanted to bring a little bit of everything no class and new jerseys in that stuff in Jersey Nets oh you know what's crazy that that's kind of stuff actually goes pretty fast just because we're here you know you see a lot of vintage Nike a lot of vintage sports stuff with the vintage stuff it's just that the thrill of the hunt you know I was talking to you about like yeah back in like oh seven it wasn't as easy to get sneakers like it is today so I just finished showing you some of the irregular pieces now one of my employees like he's gonna show you some of them they're really limited the blood yeah correct so I'm gonna stuff we keep in the back or next door all right I will you just told us about the ones that stare at you when you walk in but what are some of the other rare pieces that we could find in limited supply okay so right now on our countertop we have the skater dies and we try to keep a well-rounded selection of ESPYs you know you got that moon-landing MMX ones the bin nine you got the old one breads Yeezys metallic gold ones Miami night LeBron's can't really see these anywhere Kanye West basis I know these are definitely a classic pristine condition size 13 you know I know you say you wear size 12 but yeah you might add 11 through 13 okay okay and then got the Shanghai five these you don't really come by often last but not least you got LeBrons Oh actually hold on we got about these in here 94 cements this is our babe collection you got the classic you know all six bases these ones right here probably might be my favorite the chompers call us chompers initially we actually had about I think 10 to 15 pairs okay and then right now this is just a remaining of what we have left off when we did put them out we put them out for like a buck 150 I think and they were flying out the door like hotcakes to be honest shot – Timmy actually a prayer works what's rare in here we got all of our bow goes and a couple of North Face pieces that we got from our homie Mike over I copped this yellow and purple one from 2003 you don't see that color anywhere and I think majorities piece is hard to find it's hard to come by and we also got a couple of keys over there too as well you might give this jagged back yeah I got you no problem to take home okay now I got you can take a look at this is actually joining a flight jacket you know I think it's probably one of the dopest jackets we have in here we actually came across a bunch of vintage Nike gear from the 70s 80s the tags man it's all history right there for limited supply you do a lot of the buying and you told me you always in Houston right so kind of talking about that process of you going down to Houston kind of scouring Houston and coming back up here with Jim's the first time I went out there you know the whole goal was to hit fifth stores you know find a couple of pieces and I bumped into this one guy he was selling like Carhartt working progress clothing and you know he was like oh well my brother has a storage somewhere in Houston she'd go hit him up so the same day I went down there you know he had a lot of like curated Nike pieces and I was interested few hours later fast forward we got a head up in our DMS it was the guy I met at the flea market he said hey he's still in town you know you could come to our warehouse I ended up walking into the warehouse and all I saw was piles and mountains of clothes and I was just so amazed and astounded I kept a good relationship with them to come back down there again you know to do the same process so now every time I go out to Houston I go to brother stores support them cop a few pieces I hit the warehouse now Willie told us from the perspective of an owner with Rutgers right there but you actually go to Rutgers from a student aspect what does it mean to have limited supply right here right by the University this story is probably like the coolest store around it's not like a regular Foot Locker or a regular you know kicks us or something like that I think just a selection in general it makes it stand out alone the implementation of clothing with the supreme gear and the high gear makes it 10 times better Willie tell me and tell everyone viewing where can they find limited supply limited supply is located on 279 George Street New Brunswick Instagram is at limited supply limited underscore supply

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  1. Nice store I wish he had one in NapTown like this store, there's a consignment shoe store here and they don't even to buy sale and trade it's weak, the other store that did do buy, sell and trade the Fed's shut it down because they were pushing that dog food out of the store smh

  2. Not only are sneakers and street wear played out, even consignment and resell shops are played out lol. This is hilarious. I never thought it would go this far.

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