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Girls Try Army Outfield | ZULA Tries | EP 12

Girls Try Army Outfield | ZULA Tries | EP 12

Hi! So what do you know about the army? Nothing much eh…
Really? Ya, except like guys just slave 2 years of their lives ah. That’s it, pretty much. I mean, I know some things here and there- because last time my boyfriend went through NS,
so I went through with him. Then it’s like BMT,
the 3 months phase. After that, he POP then ‘wooo’. Then you have to wake up very early
to go for the parade right? Have you considered going to the army before? Uh… So today for ZULA Tries,
you guys will be going outfield. Huh? As in…
This is the worst ZULA Tries ever. Are we actually going to the camp?
What’s happening? Oh my God! Wa…
Knock it down Leah. God, I can’t even walk from Boon Keng MRT
to the office without dying. Maybe we have to hide in the bush and then,
hold a gun. Do you think they’ll actually give us guns?
No. I’ll shoot myself in the head. Oh God…
Oh! Oh my God!
FML! He really bring the field packs for us eh! Are you ready? No, I’m not ready at all!
I will try my best. Ok, let’s go. Hello recruits. Oh my God! Welcome to the jungle. He literally came out of the bushes. I’m a bit scared.
Ya… I wouldn’t have seen you inside there. So are you ready to uh…
I don’t know, to learn something? Am I ready to do this?
Yeah… I don’t think I’m ready to do this. Ok come, let’s go. Oh no. Ok guys, so welcome to the jungle. And today, I’m going to be passing on
some of my soldiering skills to you all. So this is going to be a little watered down version
of what we do in the army, ok? Today, what we’ll be doing first- we’ll be pitching our basha tents. Oh wow.
Ok. Then after that, I’m going to teach you all a little bit on simple Fire and Movement. And the very last one,
you will be cooking your meals. Oh my God, yay! Is it cook Maggi?
Yum! We shall see, ya? For now, I’m just going to present to you all something that is very essential to all our soldiers. We call it our wives,
you have to protect it with your lives- and that is your rifle. So because obviously we couldn’t get the…
what we get in NS- which is the SAR 21. My favourite.
We’re going to give you this uh… Alphahawk. Here’s your rifle. Is that the actual name? Oh my God.
This is the AccuStrike Alphahawk. Oh my God, yay!
Protect it with your life. Yas sir.
My new boyfriend. Alright girls,
so first order of business- we’re going to start our training proper, and the first thing you gotta do is to
‘camo’ (camouflage) on. Oh man.
Oh my. I don’t have to put this on my lap like a child.
Ya, put everything down first. Put your stuff down first, faster! Oh my God, hurry hurry!
What’s happening? Oh my God, it’s gross. Oh I don’t want to, Oh God…
this is literally so freaking disgusting. Do it Leah! What is it?
Oh my God. Pretend you’re washing your face with water. That’s disgusting. That’s exactly how you do it. This will keep you alive.
This is… Oh God… Ugh… It’s was the most traumatising experience of my life. So dramatic!
No lah, no lah. No, it’s like a piece of goop. And then you’re just wiping
crap all over your face. It felt like paint lah,
cause it’s the consistency of paint. Then you’re very scared to even put it on your face
in the first place. Cause it’s like… you know we’re used to putting, foundation and makeup right?
Ya. But this is like… Nobody do foundation like that then
they just “piak…” This feels like a mask.
Don’t do it like a mask! I am doing it like a mask. Put it like you’re washing your face with water.
Ok, ok. So now what you all want to do right,
is you all want to draw 3 stripes. Right eyebrow…
The rain is pouring on us. Then come down…
Wait! Right eyebrow, like that! To above your cheekbone. What I wanted to do- you said right eyebrow,
I was going to do this. Ya.
Put an X across my face. I feel like I got sh*t all over my eye. Once you all are done, stand up. When we’re outfield like this,
discipline is very important. So you all got to put ‘camo’ on quickly.
Ok. You all are taking too long. So we failed. What you’re going to do now right, is- you’re going to use the removal wipes. And you all are going to ‘camo’ off. And then, you’re going to ‘camo’ on again. What? Oh my God. The moment John said, “Ok, you all were taking too long, so remove your ‘camo’ now.” I was like…
FML… What if I don’t fully open? Ugh. Wow! It’s actually really easy to remove eh. Wa! This is very good eh!
Wow! My face is clean!
Ya. Ok! Actually, I don’t think it’s very difficult
to remove the ‘camo’ eh. How about you?
Ya, it wasn’t at all. I used the cleansing wipes and I just… It was gone… like that eh. Actually using the cleansing wipes right,
I was pretty surprised. Because it was really easy to remove
and it was super moisturising after. Because you know the ‘camo’ feels a bit
dry and tacky right? So after you remove like, “Wa!” Like refreshed, you know what I mean? Ya, I really like how it was very
gentle on your skin. It didn’t have that weird, stingy sensation
some cleansing wipes have? Oh my God, that’s damn true.
Ya. Ok! So now that you all have your ‘camo’ off, you’re going to ‘camo’ on again. Ok, go!
Go! ‘Camo’ on. Ya, pretty good, ok!
Yeah! So now, what we’re going to do- we’re going to start out with a few exercises first. Ok. A few warm up exercises and then after that, we’re going to pitch our tents. Ready?
Sure! Fantastic, let’s go.
Nice. Ok! So now that you all are sufficiently warmed up,
‘camo’ on- It’s raining now right? What do you all think you all need?
Umbrellas. No, you all need to have shelter… when it’s raining.
Ok. So it’s perfect, you all are going to have to learn how to build
a basha tent. The first thing we got to do with our basha is- we got to find a place where it’s nice to build. So hey, this is a nice place. That’s a great place.
Wow. The first things first- what you have in your basha kit would be a few things. Two basha poles. 1 roof. There are 6 pegs for you to hold down your basha. And comms cord. Ok.
For you to tie everything down. Alright, sounds great. The first thing that you all got to do is
to secure the centre portions of your basha. So this will be your anchor point. Can I have the cord please?
Comms cord? And the knife.
The knife. Do not play with knives, children. Usually I give it a bit more leeway. Ok? Alright.
I’m proud of you John. Then now right,
you all will have to do opposite corners first. Ok. Is it straight now?
Ya. Wa, sh*t.
Can? It broke! I’ve never felt more ‘guniang’ (girly)
than I have ever felt in my entire life. Because John was like, “Kick it in with your boots.” And then I was like, “What if it drives into my shoe, and then, I become disabled. Then I got no feet.” Oh my God, like I said, being dramatic. Sometimes when you… pitch your basha or any tent for that matter, you got be careful about rocks and stuff like that… It’s semi up anyway. This is how we pitch a basha…-ish. Look scared. Look scared. This is wretched 101. We did it. Awesome! Ok, so shall we move on to our next exercise? Yes.
Let’s go! Ok, great. So we’re going to move to the next part, which arguably [is] the most important part in the army- and that is how you engage your enemy. We call it ‘fire and movement’. So when you all encounter enemy or hear a gunshot, you all got to shout, “Contacted.” Contacted.
Ok? And everyone has to echo “contacted” if you hear it, just so that everyone knows and knows what to do. Who wants to be the IC? I can be the IC. Ok, so Leah will be the IC. She just like…
You’ll be the man, ok? You are the eyes,
you are the brain of the operation, you have to identify the enemy. Ok, can.
Can ah? Right, right.
Shall we try? You all ready? So… rifles ready… walking, walking- Contacted! Contacted!
Contacted! Go!
Bang, bang, bang! Group!
Group! Straight ahead!
Straight ahead! 50!
50! Tree!
Tree! Enemy behind tree!
Enemy behind tree! Regular!
Regular! Fire!
Fire! Bang, bang, bang! IC advance!
IC advance! Cover me!
Bang, bang, bang! Man advance!
Bang, bang, bang! On!
Bang, bang, bang! IC advance!
IC advance! Bang, bang, bang! On!
On! Man forward!
Bang, bang, bang! On!
Bang! Enemy overrun!
Enemy overrun! Run! Is that better? Oh my God.
Better? I struggled. Alright girls, so that was a good attempt
at fire and movement. I tried.
Thanks, thanks, thanks. I hope you have a new respect for soldiers at war.
I do, a lot. I think that we understood the
fire and movement drills better. And we understand the concept of it. So it’s like… basically during war, this is the practice all the soldiers have to go through. I liked it because it really emphasises teamwork.
Ya, ya, ya. And it really like… you need to have trust
in your Commander or your friend. Because they are both right? If not, that’s it leh. Really eh, that’s it. You die. Alright.
Ok. Shall we move on to the next segment? Yes! The next segment is arguably one of the best parts about being outfield. Oh really?
Ya, and that’s getting to cook. This is one of the privileges that we have outfield. And one of the only few privileges we have
when we’re at war lah. Because normally, you make sure that the area is safe then you start a fire- if not people can see your fire. So now we get to cook! Yay!
Ok! This is our makeshift stove. We’ll put the mess tin on top and then, we’ll put a piece of solid fuel below. Ok.
Ok? Whoever is handling the solid fuel,
do not handle the food. Right, so I’ll handle the food. Because the solid fuel is chemicals and it’s toxic. Wow!
That’s wonderful. This looks like soap. I don’t think you’ll need so much water to boil Maggi. Oh! It’s heating up, it’s heating up! The smell is kind of gross actually.
Ya, don’t sniff. I need to breathe the air on this side, like… It’s a very toxic smell.
Ya, it was like… I still tolerated the solid fuel smell because, it meant that we would have a hot meal. Ya, that’s true. And when it was raining the whole day- we’re cold,
we’re wet, we’re miserable and in my case,
super itchy. You just want to eat something.
Ya. What are you doing? I have problems ok? Since I was young,
I don’t know how to open things. So I’ll just pass it to the nearest
available person. Our producers have blessed us with Indomie. Usually is Maggi soup right?
Ya. I think it’s almost ready.
Ya, ok. How do we put out the fire John?
Pull up the [mess tin]. Pour more, pour more, pour more… yes. Put it out, put it out. I think you should pour more.
Is it out already? That’s great.
Are you ready? I’m going to…
Don’t pour out the… What are you eating? Bibimbap. What? Why are you eating Bibimbap?
And we have to eat noodles. I got instructor privileges. Walao eh! Oh no, eat first, eat first. 爱情 (Love). Eh, quite shiok sia. Eh, really quite nice leh…
some more it’s hot. I also felt that the Maggi Mee tasted sweeter. Because… You just hungry lah.
No! We cooked it you know? With that…
You mean you never cook Maggi Mee at home? No, with love. Friendship love.
Alright, bye. Exiting this convo. Ok girls, good job. So we have come to the end of
our mini outfield exercise. I hope you all learnt a little something. And had a good experience and understanding
of what our soldiers do. Ya.
Ya? And to all our soldiers out there right, I hope that with this,
people will understand better what we are up to lah. Yes.
True. So uh… Ya, I’m going to go home- find your own way home, bye! What? Ok… Bye John.
Bye. Ok, let’s go. Ok. I think my overall experience was quite eye opening. I feel that this entire thing was, something I wouldn’t have gotten a chance to do,
aside from now. So I’m very grateful for someone like John- coming in to teach us how the whole
experience being outfield is like. Because I think for most girls,
we wouldn’t ever go through this in our lives. My experience here was actually really good. Even though it rained. And I was lying in grass. And mud. And water. And just not doing things that I can do. My favourite part of the day is now,
where I can take off my ‘camo’- No, I’m just kidding. Oh, when we’re doing the fire and movement,
oh my God. Actually the fire and movement was damn intense. It makes you realise the amount of trust
these boys have for each other. And the teamwork especially. MI think the most difficult part of the day was the whole… keeping your moral up- to keep your spirits up and to be happy…
and just do it lah. And just you know…
not be a mood dampener, in a sense. But that’s because I had my friends with me. Overall, what I would have to say to people
who are still going through army now- I’m not someone who had experienced
the entire thing and… I can definitely say, as a girl, I would understand the whole
army boyfriend situation now. Cause it’s like… can you imagine you go to the army. Then, you just experience all this. All you want to do is call your girlfriend so like… I mean, it’s something that… is to be respected, I think. When you don’t really understand, girlfriends lah especially, how much they go through. And how much energy they’re putting in to… to… just spend time with you lah. So thank you Bifesta for making this video possible. If you guys want to know more about their products, you can check out the links
in our description box down below. And as always, remember to Like, Share and Subscribe. Bye!

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  1. Fun fact! Camo on 6 days better than not washing face for 6 days! Go ask your boyfriends if they remember getting any pimples during field camp to verify 😂

  2. May i know what's the point of having 2 different channels if zula is just gonna recycle the same ideas/concepts from thesmartlocal's channel? There's literally no difference in video concept between 'zula tries' and 'singaporeans try' aside from the cast -.-

  3. omg, I don't think I've seen this theme before. so interesting!! Hope they can come up with another video talking about a diff aspect of army life.

  4. Oh my, im very very impressed w the girls and john for teaching them proper. Camo on camo off hehe at least he was strict about it and was able to show what made outfield difficult and the girls were patient and understanding and never gave up!!! Nice!!

  5. This is what happened in my school camp. We did the outfield cooking and my sec 2s did everything right except one minor detail: light the bloody fire

  6. good experience for the girls… the home sickness, the complete darkness when night falls, the pitching and tearing of basha over and over again after a 20-30km of route march to the camping site, the god damn rain which leaves everyone soaked and wet and cold on day 1, the digging of the damn hole and having to endure the cold in the night when it pours and ur hole becomes a mini mud spa, and the constant PT tekan to break you down, the crawling through the mud, the constant ARTY ARTY shit which makes everyone prone down or get into their hole, when one guys fails to do so, the whole lot gets whacked and of course, the digging your own shit hole to pass motion. Nah, not much people wants to do cooking as we literally just want to sit there and zone out after everything. Mostly ate biscuits and rations pack straight from the packet. I had a great outfield.

  7. no so sure about now but few years back, we only had tissue or water to remove the camos, so it took more effort than wet-wipes. It's a good and bad thing about the camo being easy to remove, bad when we had to have camo on for the few days (whole day during exercise or most of the 7days during outfield) and we are to make sure our camos are on proper all the time as sweat does "wash" it off a little and any spots not covered by camo = tekan.

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