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GIMTO Men Digital Quartz Wristwatch Review (Model: GM0201)

GIMTO Men Digital Quartz Wristwatch Review (Model: GM0201)

Hi everyone! Thank you for joining me to a new video by
“Original Video Reviews” As you can see we have here
a new package And as always
We’re gonna find out TOGETHER What’s inside
And how to use this thing So let’s not waste any time
Let me grab the Swiss knife Here is the Swiss knife… And we’re going to
Un-package this thing! Well guys and girls
Especially the girls… I have the pleasure
To introduce to you This digital-quartz dual display wristwatch
By a brand called “GIMTO” I hope I pronounced it properly… The specific model of this wristwatch
Is GM0201 And if you will check the link
In the description to this video You will see that the seller offers it
With either leather strap like I chose That gives this watch an elegant look Or a nylon strap
Which gives this wristwatch a more sport-military look The watch has a rounded dial
Made from stainless steel The dial diameter is 45 mm
And it is 1.4 cm thick The dial window is made out of hardlex crystal The leather strap seems decent
It is 2.2 mm thick and it has a steel buckle on it’s tip The watch has 4 buttons – 2 from each side
And this bulky jog I will explain about the buttons
In several moments The watch itself weighs 105 grams I can say that the measurements & the materials
That are used in this watch gives it presence But an elegant one
Thanks to the design which personally I really like The 4 buttons controls the digital display
And features in this watch The upper-left button enables the light display
Which is in green color And you will be able to notice it
When it’s dark It will last for 3 seconds
Every time you press it The lower-left button is switching between
the different modes in this watch The upper right button
Is a “Start” button The lower-right button
Is a “Reset” button Which is protected by a metal part
That is connected to this huge jog In order to press the reset button
You need to release the jog And when you totally remove the jog
It reveals the crown that operates the analog display Let’s discuss now about the analog display There are no digits on the analog display
Only stiches The big ones represent the hours
Medium represent the minutes And small ones – I hope you can notice them
Represent the seconds In addition the outer dial which is in black
Shows the Tachymeter I might sound not so cleaver right now
But I wasn’t familiar with the term “Tachymeter” And from the brief homework that I did
because I cannot believe I did not know that a Tachymeter measures the speed of movement
Over a distance The watch has 3 hands
That represents the hours, the minutes & the seconds And for me It seems
That they might glow at dark Let’s discuss now about the digital display
Which is shown in 4 different places The time is shown on the right side The date & the daily alarm
Are shown at the bottom The display on the left side
It says “1/100 SEC” Which is supposed to be 10 milliseconds It flashes every 2 or 3 seconds
And I will appreciate if you can comment on this video And explain to me
What it is supposed to represent exactly And the top of the display
Shows the day of the week The wristwatch comes
With a brief user manual As always I urge you to read the user manual But I know that the majority of the people
Who are gonna purchase this watch Will not read the user manual So the OVR guy
Which is me… Did the dirty job for you
And here’s what I think that you should know about it If you press the (C) button
You will see when the alarm was set If you press the (D) button
Which is also the “Start” button It will show you the current date If you press (C) & the (D) buttons
At the same time You will enable or stop the alarm
You see that at the bottom half of the lower display If you press the mode button once
You will enable the chronograph Which is basically the stopwatch feature This button will start & stop the count
And this one will reset it If you press twice on the “Mode” button
You will switch to the setup of the daily alarm The daily alarm has a “Snooze mode”
Which can bother you every 5 minutes And if you press the “Mode” button
3 consecutive times It will take you to the setup of the time
on this wristwatch Starting with minutes The hours Days And month of the year While adjusting the hour
You can pick between 12 hours & 24 hours display Additional note about this wristwatch
Is that thanks to the online store I learnt that this watch is water resistant
Up to 3 bars Which are 30 meters I can tell you that this watch
Is very convenient to wear Personally I think it looks great And gives the feeling
Of a much more expansive watch that it is Usually I don’t like big buttons like this one
But the fact that it operates as a cover To the crown that controls
The analog display in this watch Makes it unique I think that the user manual could include
some more relevant information about this watch Such as what means the digital display on the left What type of leather is the band made of And if the watch is water resistant But I think that the real question about this watch
Is how much time it’s gonna last How durable it’s gonna be Because I think
Personally of course That it looks great
And you can get it for a great price Well guys and girls
Especially the girls This was my video review
About the Gimto GM0201 dual display wristwatch For further information about this device
Please check the description to this video If you still have any questions about it
Please comment on this video And I will do my best
To come up with an answer If this video review was helpful
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To follow “Original Video Reviews” I would like to thank you for watching
Another great video by “Original Video Reviews” Until next time
Bye bye…

Reader Comments

  1. i have a problem with this watch, when the clock is excatly 12:00 or 13:00 or whatever this watch make a sound one time to tell that the clock is full, so how can i stop that sound to turn it off.Thankyou

  2. Hello my friend. I love your video. I've got the same watch. Do you know how to switch from 12h to 24h format? I don't want to use "am" and "pm". Maybe you could help me, before I getting crazy? ๐Ÿ™‚

    kind regards

  3. I just bought a similar watch from Amazon. I mean. The watch looks exactly the same just a different name. It'll get here on Monday. You earned yourself a new subscriber! Good job on the review.

  4. Thanks so much! I just bought pretty much the same watch (a chinese copy tbh) and the alarm was driving me crazy. I can now disable thanks to you. I'm subscribing!

  5. I'm sorry when I said analog, what I really mean is the hands. Hour and min hands. when I screw the big junk it doesn't turn anything. Plz help.

  6. what is the full Name of this watch and how water proof is it exactly… could I swim with it or just resistant to very small amounts of water exposure?

  7. Mine was sold on under the "Biden" name, also listed as Ohsen, and a few other names. The manufacture clearly sell ""Lots" of this model to customized with the Seller's name. But to keep it short it is nothing more than a cheap Generic Watch. Which I bought for Yard Work, and Bike Riding. Clearly you wouldn't be running a Chain Saw, Wood Chipper, or a Tiller with a $500.00 Watch? This is the type that you toss out when the batteries die. It's a Two-Battery Watch which is really a pain to change for the Analog Battery Section. The Digital Battery is fairly straightforward, and easy. Also there is no instructions sent what-so-ever. So if you are not mechanically gifted. This watch may not be the best buy for you. However, this video is great to provide instructions on a few areas, that are hard to figure out for some. Thanks!

  8. Hi there, this review is very professional. Its helpful and vividly depict the watch. Thanks a lot for that… But something's bothering me (as same as you) what for is the tiny gauge counting for 1/100 sec?

  9. Hey dear +Ma leSS!

    I write to you separately from your comment because I cannot reply to your ogirinal message (YouTube bug…?!).

    ๐Ÿ˜Š Thank you very much for your kind words ๐Ÿ˜Š

    ๐Ÿ˜ขUnfortunately I still dont have an answer to this one… ๐Ÿ˜ข

    I guess I have to learn to live with that until someone else will step up…

    Best regards,

    OVR Guy

    I invite you to:
    – Subscribe "Original Video Reviews" YouTube channel –
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  10. Thanks for the full description of functions! Without you I would have never found out that the function to go from 12 to 24 hours format was in the time adjustment mode by keep pressing the button from PM hours in to 24 hours!!!!
    By the way….love the watch!!!!!

  11. thank u so mcuh fot that review… ive broight one from ali express an it didnt come with any instructions… so thanks… i love this watch…

  12. Thank you so much for the neat explanation. bought this watch today from amazon and had a difficult time setting up the date. Your video made it so simple. ๐Ÿ™‚ : ) Keep up the good work.

  13. hii jusy had the biden b0031 watch given to me on the watch its got the day sec wish flashes and the digital time on the right and at the bottn its got date/alarm but dont she the date on it is it post to be like that or is the date post to show on ot yours kevin

  14. Thank you think i know how to operate the watch now. Did not understand the instructions as my Mandarin is rather rusty.Thanks Great video.

  15. Hello thanks for uploading this video however I have a question after every hour the watch made a beep sound how to activate it ?

  16. Hi, does anybody come to know about this 1/100 sec feature? What is it? I didn't understand yet also how can we check date?

  17. What about the infamous question… does the analog stays synced with the digital watch? or does it loose a second each day as usual?


    First, I want to compliment the person who made and posted this video. It's the best one I could find. I just wanted to address this hourly chime setting as it is a real game changer.

    Holding the D button (lower right), press the B button. You will notice that on the weekdays display, all the days will either be black (on) or transparent (off). Each time the B button is pressed with the D button held, the whole circle of day indicators will either go on or off. Transparent indicates that the hourly chimes are off. All black means that the hourly chime is on. One you have toggled these to the desired state, release the D button. The previously selected day of week should go back to black with the rest turned off. It is that simple.

    I had to figure this out because I want to wear this watch to bed and use the light function (button A) to see the time if I wake up at night. The printed instructions to this watch are badly translated English and make almost no sense.

    I believe the 1/100 second indicator is non-functional. That's why the watch is so cheap. So, if you can put up with the blinking 1/100 second indicator, it's a pretty handsome and functional watch for a few bucks. The analog part of the watch does NOT control any of the chimes and it is not synchronized with the digital part.

  19. Hi..thanks for this video.. really helpful..however I have a problem.

    The date/month is not syncing with the day.. for eg..if the date is 28/12/2018, its Friday..however the display is showing it as Sunday…please help

  20. I received mine yesterday, and I regret buying this piece of junk. It is a glued watch, so bad quality it fall apart right under your nose. One dollar for it is expensive.

  21. I got thesame watch as yours, but there is a big problem..when I shake my hand with the watch sometimes, the digital features to fix it sir?? Thank you..๐Ÿ™‚

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