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Get Body Armour while you still can

Get Body Armour while you still can

okay so this is just going to be another video basically urging people to go if they're in the UK especially to actually go and buy a stamp vest or a Kevlar vest just simply because I think it is getting to the point now where you've probably ought to have one simply due to the police not really doing their job properly of catching criminals for the most part obviously it's just a generalization or making valves if you look at what's going on in London some of the other big cities you do start to think what they actually doing so I said what I've suggested several times before and I'm still going to recommend is getting the old police vest like I've got here front and back Kevlar vest normally level two vests with a snap proof protection on each other vest know if you've seen all my other videos on it I've shown you the sort of stuff that's in there it's like a chainmail like riveted chainmail it's basically put in front of the Kevlar plate the Kevlar plate or panel does a good job of stopping bullets and potentially some sort of knife blows the chainmail does a very good job of stopping knife blows so where you can bind them together they give you a very good level of protection now a vest like this would actually protect you from pistol crossbows full-size crossbows bows and knives as well as some handguns the reason it stops bows and arrows and everything there's a lot of people don't think Kevlar County's the actual chainmail level when you have that combined with Kevlar it does become very good so unless somebody's actually using a bodkin or a proper are missing I'm a piercing point with a bow or a crossbow it's not really going to get through on these vests at all and if you're wearing other clothing with it you know that's going to reduce the chance even more and of course you can get level free a Kevlar vest which about in the level two ones but a bit bulkier a bit heavier but this isn't really particularly heavy I think it's maybe between one and two kilos shorted out you're suppose shoulders and your weight so um you know not much is you'll and so if you want a vest like this you can spend a lot of money and buy a brand new one again it depends how much you should think you're getting out of it but I think for most people what you'd actually want to do is go on eBay in this probably few other places you can buy these and you get the ex-police ones like this is because basically with Kevlar there's a health and safety aspect to it a bit like with masks well once they get beyond a certain amount of years they're not allowed police use anymore so what ends up happening is they end up selling them and then just buying new vests in and overtime vest technology improves so some of the liners are a bit more breathable some of them you know sit a bit more snuggly or a bit more comfortable but nothing really that should mean that vest won't protect you now one thing to note with these vests if I can like camera down this you will see that it kind of stops a bit short now part that it's just my shirt being baggy but this particular vest stops about here on my chest so it doesn't cover quite all of my belly important to know is some police vests they got rid of only came to about here no designed to give you more mobility well obviously it meant you could get shanked in your stomach or you got so um they've obviously changed that over time you made them longer but what you can also do is buy one for somebody of a slightly taller size and yourself assuming shoulder wise it's not going to be too big if you get one that's just a little bit extra in length it's not going to matter now I wouldn't publicly wear this on top of what I'm wearing like now what I'd actually do red when I used to wear one to work was to have a vest or a t-shirt on and then I'd have a coat on over the top of the Kevlar vest the reason being that so a passerby you might look a bit chubbier than usual cause unless they know you probably they wouldn't real even realize that at all especially in the winter you know you can have a fleece over at any sort of coat nobody can tell you've got it on underneath it it all protects you because I had a few weird comments some people say oh you look like a drug dealer if you've got chemist I don't think anybody's you know wanting to protect themselves from being stabbed or shot isn't actually a drug dealer but there you go I don't think you're a hard man for not wanting to have a vest on then get stabbed I don't think you're very hard when you're dead for me stabbed in the chest several times to be honest no but there you go that's the mentality some people have so yeah as I said these are basically just a completely passive defense item they you know there is no way these are an offensive thing I know in some countries actually ban civilians from owning a vest like this another option if you're interested is old military flak jackets although the problem of a lot of those others I've seen I looked on ebay lots of them are solved without liners so you'd actually have to try on down the liner in although which you know like Topher Kevlar panels fits it properly if you're going to do that it depends if it's ballistic nylon or Kevlar 4c Kevlar is better it's what succeeded at ballistic nylon but again it depends for example with Kevlar s as far as I'm aware the ratings go a then the number and then an a again so level to a at level two level three a and then in fairly little free I don't think you can get level free vests aren't really really bulky you can also get Kevlar vests again this is if you want to spend more money that are designed to look like very slim fitting kind of clothes again that you're gonna have to pay more for it as police budgets wouldn't cover anything like that for these budgets have a kind of very versatile strong ones that would you know go over the top of your regular clothes like this one does so I said it will protect you from knife blades due to the kind of chain mail on it like if I feel on there I can actually feel the texture of the chainmail under this you can definitely feel that if you actually feel inside the thing Kevlar can degrade if it gets wet but I've noticed with these vests they actually keep the Kevlar panels in a waterproof bag so how simple or fixed I mean if you look at my other videos you can see just how tough some of the panels are in these vests so you know I would have good confidence wearing this obviously the vest does not protect areas it does not cover so this particular vest would not cover my neck from being stabbed or slashed or my arms you know anything like that just a point now some people seem to forget that and then say oh but you recommended a vest that didn't protect people's neck the thing is if you were being attacked you're gonna even run away or fight back I'm not gonna just keep letting somebody stab you till they get a lucky hit but the point is if somebody's cooking pulls out a knife and whacks it into your chest the vest should save your life so I said I was recommending these now more than ever in a sense because of the UK violent crime rate going up and it seems you know less and less being done about it so apologies if you're in the police and you actually do do a proper good job but you know just due to all of the social media policing and whatever else it seems that you know police resources could certainly be spent in a better way I'm sure if you're honest cop you'd actually believe in that as well so there we go the ex police vests are very good and said they can protect you from lots of historians obviously not rifle rounds or anything like that probably buckshot from a shotgun I'd imagine certainly birdshot and as I said just like knives and blades and things like that so they're well worth getting especially the second-hand police ones that you end up being about 30 to 40 pounds online if that saves your life that's a very good deal in my opinion you

Reader Comments

  1. Saw it on amazon, do we need a licence in the UK to buy them? it is scary to see what's happening, considering buying one for when out.

  2. hey man, can you tell me pls, what is that type of "accessories attachment" or whatever that is on the left and on the right side of your shoulders. thx

  3. Lol people saying you look like a drug dealer wearing a built proof vest, that was before mass immigration from third world countries. Everyone I know pretty much wears them now in the UK especially when going to London, Birmingham, Hull etc.

  4. Police do their job?
    Why when they can be government funded thugs for a small donation to the party from your corporations funds?
    sadly I am not even joking, Police in Lancashire are being used as guards at the fracking site and are attacking protesters for no actual reason, whilst criminals get away with whatever they like.

  5. I live in Kent and lots of Londoners are here now and stabbings and drugs are rising by the day so ime getting a specialised Kevlar vest that's very good and very thin to protect me from 9mm and knives it'll cost a few hundred but that's a small price if it saves you life

  6. My type of armor I need police riot gear a gas mask which I have and a really good riot shield that can take bullets to it and some weapons

  7. Picked up an almost new-condition grade IIA full torso Kevlar vest, ex-police. Also can fit plates (which I possess) but is kind of un-necessary.

  8. A word of caution, kevlar has a limited lifespan, typically 5 to 7 years after which the kevlar weave starts to come apart meaning it's less effective at stopping threats. If you seriously think you'll need the protection a vest offers (security worker/door supervisor etc…) I would never buy second hand. If you buy new you know you can trust the integrity of the kevlar. Alternatively you can get polycarbonate vests which don't deteriorate and also protect from blunt force trauma

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