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German World War 2 Uniforms: Real, Repair, Reproduction | Collector's & History Corner

German World War 2 Uniforms: Real, Repair, Reproduction | Collector's & History Corner

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  1. Funny how americans, which helped so hard to destroy the germans system and germany, are so fascinated by and think they know everything about the germans and thier military at that timWhat a joke.

  2. I have some 75 year old u.s. uniforms..kept in fresh moth balls, there fragil, german uniforms are at best 99% fake, a jacket was not much of a war trophy..and hats after 75 years look like faded moth eaten rags..most of that stuff is what I call movie prop wear..

  3. One of my most prized possessions is an ss smock in palmentarn, there's a little hole on the upper right sleeve that had been patched with teleminetico cloth on the fall side even using green and brown yarn in an attempt to make it not stick out too much.
    That's a level of detail you won't see on fakes.

  4. Firstly, the third uniform is with Azerbaijani 🇦🇿 patch. Don’t mess us with russians. We were a part of USSR, we were soviets, not russians!
    Azerbaijani Legion was fighting for freedom. They wanted to gain independence. That was the idea, we did not want to be a part of USSR, we wanted to become a normal democratic country.
    Interesting fact – 80% of USSR military vehicles and machines were running on Azerbaijani petrol, Azerbaijani oil.
    Second of all, you are a collectioner, and you are calling soviets russians. That is a mistake that people are doing a lot. Saying that russians were fighting the germans, it is not right to say like this. Soviets were fighting, and soviet consisted of Russians, azerbaijanis, Georgians and etc.

  5. Die Originalen Uniformen zurück nach Deutschland wo sie hingehören !!!!!! Elenden klauschweine. -.-

  6. TERRIBLE video coverage. The camera angle is so bad on this video, it basically made the entire video & learning experience worthless, as you cant even see a thing he's talking about. Especially when he's describing the insignia… he just ends up standing in the way & blocking the view. Should've just taken the normal approach & just filmed from the front.

  7. I was an avid collector of authentic Nazi memorabilia for more than 30 years. I had a vast collection. A mini museum I guess you could say. Including 4 Original Knights Cross's. I've sold it all off over the last few years except for a few small pieces. I still have original SS and NSDAP CuffLinks, and a few flags. Sad to say, I regret it immensely now. Don't sell your collections. because you will spend the money , and your collection will be gone too.

  8. When I was in my late teenage years, I got a Luftwaffe greatcoat for the winter, I wanted a British greatcoat but it was five pounds more.

  9. I've been collecting German uniforms for 2 years now. I've bought and sold very many of them. I still learned alot from this video. Thank you!

  10. Its always a risky business what comes to clothing, it can be faked on so many different levels and the copycats are getting better every year. The trade on German medals is a bit less risk-free than with the uniforms but of course very finely made forgeries are discovered in that field too.

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