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German Sniper Sleeping Bag & Wild Camping

German Sniper Sleeping Bag & Wild Camping

hey guys welcome to glee tent on this episode I want to do some bushcrafting with some friends actually some family there they are oh there's the Sun finally oh yeah winds picking up it's trying to rain on us hopefully this will blow over and we'll have a good clear night stay tuned we got a lot of wind so we're betting down the hatches and getting ready what we've got FARC sleeping bag jacket ring – all in one real good warm zipper here so on the inside on the liner what this is for so you can take it from being a sleeping bag that's all seeing the cold weather jacket on a side note this is the only sleeping bag and shelter that Nathan brought that's cool so yeah the other yeah and yeah it's got the hooks no he gives you a a Jackson well it's camping that is cool and then great stop let back down climb inside that's awesome yeah that's cool thank you what's the inside say oh it is German it that's awesome Chico he'll save easy boy if he's poisoned si yeah there's a centipede he's gonna be fun in there are you just because I don't believe him to be poisonous little never seen a red belly like that I can't remember what this hard the bills everybody sleep later I found out it was reported we had wind gusts up to 45 to 50 miles per hour it's next morning we're out and join the fire and waiting on the Seneca oh here it goes again yeah this is gunpowder logs

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  1. Back in the '70's in my first REI catalog I remember seeing something similar to this. It was down insulated and used in mountaineering.

  2. There is nothing sniper about this sleeping bag! It was army issue back in the 1970's and 80's and was commonly known as the "NATO sleeping bag" in Europe. Compared to the typical army issue sleeping bags back then this was a huge step forward, but it wasn't really all that great either. The fact that you could put your boots out the bottom of the bag, strap the bottom part around your waist to prevent it from flapping around, and put your arms into the sleeves, meant that it could be converted into a kind of over coat, which was very useful in the cold weather. However, it was not particularly warm, and with the outer cover on it would often trap loads of condensation between inner and outer bag, resulting in a wet sleeping bag. In the mid to late 80's new, and much better sleeping systems were introduced in most European armed forces, and that became a rapid end to the so-called "NATO sleeping bag". They can still be found in some army surplus stores, or occasionally on eBay etc. but they are more curious than they are effective.

  3. Used this sleeping bag for a time found it a bit cold ,just don't go to sleep with your arms in the sleeves.

  4. I have no idea why people rave about these bags. They were one of the worst designs ever! Loads of places the cold and water could get in, your hands were cold and the hood was next to useless. My understanding from speaking to German troops is that the bag was designed for the crew of armoured vehicles so they could drive in them. With the hatches open in winter, the insides of the vehicles got very cold. Never meant to be "slept in" outside. I actually ended up getting one in exchange for a combat jacket and I used it for fishing. Never again!

  5. If it was a sniper bag, wouldn't it be a lot quieter? They were made for tank crews, as others have pointed out. It's why there are ear holes in the hood for headphones.

  6. Man your are Happy to get one of them.
    I got the premodel.
    Very simulier like yours.
    Greetings form Germany.

  7. I bought one for 30 euros. good as new. the two straps left and right on the leg part go around your waist like a belt. that not only keeps the leg part up so you can use the thing as a jacket but it also makes the jacket fit better. another tip is there are two straps at the back of your head. if you hook them up with the metal rings at the front of the hood you can stuff the excess hood material under and make a perfect hood that fits really neat. this thing is the perfect sleeping bag/emergency winter jacket/rain coat

  8. They stopped making this bag 1975. I used it while with the German Mountain Division (Einzelkaempfer) in snow holes and igloos. The gear was too expensive to manufacture and due to the now outdated (but still good) materials a little heavy and the outer shell too noisy. However, the bag will be available again in a matter of months and built with new materials. Price range will be appr. $ 200.00 – 250.00 It will be a "Zero C Module". If you want to know more, please contact me. If you, or someone you know wants a "piece of the action" and promote it within hunting or military groups, please let me know. In fact, 600 US Army personnel were overwhelmingly positive, about 200 want to buy right now. Those 1969 "testers" I provided to soldiers never came back. Good !

  9. That sleeping bag is actually for the German armour vehicle crews although it is often wrongly represented as a sniper bag.

  10. thank you for sharing the german sniper sleeping bag, very cool stuff! I am going to subscribe and explore your channel…would you mind subbing to my channel? I just started and it would be super appreciated  . keep up the good work my friend!

  11. Use to have one of these years ago, bought from major surplus & survival in the Y2k days. Found them to be good down to about 45F, even 40-ish with a poncho liner inside it but felt like a walking potato chip bag when moving around. Could never understand calling it a sniper bag when it was so loud.

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