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  1. You DO NOT need to CHANGE the Hammer Strut from the E2 type Grips to put Regular Grips and the Frame does have the holes for the screws to go in and they are threaded!

  2. The difference between made in Germany and made in W.Germany is a W stamped into the frame. They were both made in the same factory by the same employees. My 228 is a '97 with made in Germany on the barrel, slide, and frame along with German proof marks. It is extremely reliable and accurately spits a devastating rate of fire at the target. I am at about 10,000 rounds to two failures so IMO made in Germany is better than made in USA. When your made in USA Sig is 22 yrs old with a 10,000 – 2 record I will reconsider.

  3. Isn’t it called E2 grips? Not E3. I’m pretty positive on this. And why on earth would anyone use a trigger lock on a gun? That’s a handicapped gun. If you have kids teach them to never play with guns. That’s exactly how I was raised and it all worked out fine. Trigger locks should be thrown away.

  4. The grips on the new gun are known as E2 grips. The hammer strut has to be changed on the West German gun and then the E2 grips can be fitted to the German gun. The West German gun has a stamped carbon steel slide with a pinned in breech block. The slide on the American gun is milled from a solid piece of stainless steel.

  5. I have a p220 stamped West Germany. It's two tone and the slide is nickel. It was a had me down that I received when I 16.

  6. Why do some americans still think their Sig comes from West-Germany? West-Germany is gone from 1989…Do you can confirm your sig is from before 1989? I have a new p226 LDC stainless from Germany…but I also want a West-German p226.

  7. Browning Arms was the first to import the p220 prior to SS getting import license to handle import themselves. On one side it says Sis Sauer Systems made in West Germany and the other says Browning Arms they imported about 2000 of them in 77-78-79 and then Sig took over. Just a little Sig history…

  8. Good to go.. (suggestion use better lighting and a blue cloth underneath helps with you-tube visual acuity for the viewer)
    overall good review of these pistols u covered the bases.
    heck yeah…..

  9. Same sear spring pin issue on my German SIG P226 less than 1 year old!  And the recoil spring broke just this week.  Not impressed…BTW the colour on the spring identifies the weight, see Brownells for the various weights.

  10. Important. Please respond HIGH CALIBER : First, please clarify that this is a German and NOT a West German P226. Finally, can you please comment on the video during 13:37–13:38? The area of the slide (just forward of the slide catch cut out) has some wear just above your index finger. This is closer to the outside edge that looks like it was ground down, correct? On the one I've seen in person, I thought the damage might have came from the actual slide catch itself, or the take down lever, or the frame, but it doesn't seem possible because the parts mentioned don't have any damage to them. I cannot figure why this area on the outside edge of the slide could have this kind of excessive wear that the West German P226's don't seem to have. This area appears as though it shouldn't be touched by anything during cycling. What are your thoughts? Anyone?

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