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German Military Tent

German Military Tent

all right got a quick update video on the German military ten I've got a couple of family members come to stay so I offered to sleep in the garden so what I thought I'd do is just show you it set up properly so as you can see when you've got a hammer to hit these poles in you can pulley Sybase out a lot tighter so that's just a better look at the tent and as you can maybe see there's a lot more room inside now so if you think about buying one this is what actually looks like another thing this tent comes with is this cord which you can toy around one pole just to make it actually a little bit secure so just a better look at the tent and give you a people are born one I'll definitely commend there you can buy one from prep ashot UK

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  1. Was thinking of buying one, good review. just couldn't decide between test or tarp.
    Preppershop uk is where i get a lot of kit form.
    Thanks Man
    ATB Del

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